Rare hypercar SSC ultimate aero TT going for auction at Mecum collectors car auction this Saturday August 14th in Monterey

When it comes to supercars and hypercars it is a league of their own.

Most people know about Bugattis Lamborghinis Ferraris Koenigseggs etc but few know of the SSC. Shelby Supercar of North America. .

For most people. Bugatti was the fastest car in the world. Little did they know that in September of 2007 a small north American car manufacturer did broke the Guinness book of record for the fastest production car in the world with a top speed of 257 miles per hour.

This incredible achievement trusted the small Washington base auto manufacturer SSC into a world of hypercars over night .

No wonder the reason why most of the internet users are familia with the successor of the Ultimate aero TT the incredible SSC Tuatara..

In January this year SSC regain their crown by achieving a top average speed of 316 mph. Bravo SSC.

Here is your chance.

On Saturday August 14th at Mecum auction will be auctioning probably the most important SSC ever to be built. SSC ultimate aero TT vin number 001

A link to the auction is here below

Estimated to be circa $600k – $750k this very unique hypercar will be the pride of place in several collection or museum. Haven’t spent most of its displayed life in a museum in Europe This 1183 bhp hypercar is in its original condition..

This is your chance to win a true legend hypercar to be known in existence

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Dedication to passion gave him success not

Leaving behind the darkness, Mr. Chan is not the chairperson and a big-time investor in multiple firms. Let’s learn it from the legend himself.
Mario was born in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 10, he moved to Spain with his mother. Post 12, Mario moved to Mexico to live with his grandparents. It was not easy for him to survive in there with them as this little boy was thrown out of the doors by his own grandparents and not just this, but he was asked to survive it in the dark, alone and without school. With all, he survived it alone, once 17 he moved back to the USA to his father and fate was not in his favor again. As soon as he moved to his father, he got to know about his father’s remarriage and a newly established family. Being from a filthy family, he had to sleep in his father’s garage and with the feeling of being left out. This all made him realize
that being successful and rich is all he needs. The feeling of being young and broke made him promise himself one thing that one day he will be that successful that he will never have to check the tag before paying the bills.
Starting from the beginning and reality, and by stating that it was not easy for a young boy to suffer so hard and falling a million times but still standing resilient is not a cup of everybody’s tea. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, the same way not everyone is blessed with a well-supportive family. Let’s be all eyes and ears for Chan for the rest.

Telling people, your story can change somebody’s story too. This is what Chan is doing for the rest. His words make wonders for others and he’s quite influential and inspirational. The way his journey was a tough part to imagine, similarly, his success made him pay off all the struggle he ever did. His strong step and possession in the market made him quite famous
and built relations with the big names as well.

If he would’ve left hope when he was thrown out or left out or discarded by his own father, he would’ve not realized the importance of life and money. He stood strong and left a mark. Therefore, “never give up on your failures and when stabbed badly, instead make a wish, dream of it hard and work like cats and dogs, you will achieve what you deserve and wish for.

“Don’t waste the pebbles thrown on you, instead collect them all and build an empire of your own.” Sr. ChanContact info:
Instagram handle:


New Lamborghini Huracán STO- Is a Super Trofeo Racer for the Street

The 640 hp variant depends on a couple of the marque’s motorsport models.

The Raging Bull marque has been emerging ready to take care of business in a year that is seen numerous automakers simply attempting to remain in the ring. Today, behind declaring Stephan Winkelmann’s return as CEO, Automobili Lamborghini likewise uncovered the most recent (and reputed to be last) variation in its profoundly fruitful Huracán model line: the new Lamborghini Huracán STO.

The “STO” in the moniker means “Super Trofeo Omolagata” and references Lamborghini’s Super Trofeo race arrangement that offsets the playing field with one model of vehicle, the Huracán Super Trofeo Evo—the layout for this most recent delivery.

A homologated, or road legitimate version of its motorsport sibling, the STO highlights design and execution attributes that have additionally been impacted by the Huracán GT3 Evo, a racer that is procured the checkered banner a consolidated multiple times at the 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring.

The rear-wheel-drive STO shares the equivalent normally suctioned V-10 as Lamborghini’s competition vehicles; for this situation, the motor has been supported to deliver 640 hp, which is around 9 ponies more than the track-roused Huracán Performante.

Greatest force of 417 ft-lbs is conveyed at 6,500 rpm. With a seven-speed double grip transmission in the blend, the STO can hit a maximum velocity of 192 mph, and run from zero to 62 mph in three seconds level.

In spite of the fact that the last exhibition specs are a touch beneath that of the Performante’s figures, the STO can arrive at a full prevent from 62 mph in 98.4 feet—a separation that is 3.3 feet more limited than what’s conceivable in the Performante.

This is expected to a limited extent to Brembo carbon-fired brakes, created for both dashing and street use, which improve in general slowing down productivity and offer 60% more noteworthy pressure protection from those on Huracán archetypes. Moreover, new cooling pipes for the brake calipers relieve overheating.

The STO’s dry weight of just 2,952 pounds—94 pounds lighter than the Performante—is made conceivable by the skeleton and body both being built from aluminum and carbon fiber, with the last containing the hood and 75 percent of the external boards.

To supplement the light-weighting, a large group of streamlined improvements incorporate having the hood, front guard and bumpers joined in one general piece. This component is profited by new motor cooling air pipes on top which increment downforce, just as an upgraded front splitter and underbody. What’s more, the back bumper joins a NACA air admission to additional help engine performance.

Most recognizable visually, in any case, are the STO’s shark-like balance along the back hood and the physically movable rear wing. The blade serves adds steadiness in the turns, where it likewise works to all the more successfully channel air to the wing, which can be set in three situations for fluctuating degrees of impact.

The amount of the streamlined parts means a 53 percent expansion in downforce and a 37 percent improvement in air the board contrasted with the Performante.

The STO, with rear-wheel controlling, has the Evo’s equivalent locally available super-PC based LDVI framework that predicts driver activities dependent on an assortment of data sources and telemetry readings, straightening out each 20 milliseconds.

This presently accompanies three new drive modes: STO, for lively driving under typical conditions; Trofeo, ideal for the track; and Pioggia, which means “rain” and is proposed for low-contact conditions.

The cockpit of the vehicle mirrors the STO’s hustling family with loads of carbon fiber, remembering for the game seats, entryway boards and even the floor mats. There’s additionally a far reaching telemetry show that presents and records all relevant track information, which can be gotten to later by means of a committed application.

Estimating for the Lamborghini Huracán STO starts at $327,838, with first conveyances planned for spring. Regardless of whether this is to be sure the final appearance for the Huracán, a model that has earned numerous Robb Report Car of the Year titles, is yet to be seen—however there’s no motivation to accept that the advancement of new varieties from Sant’Agata Bolognese will slow at any point in the near future.


Xiaomi’s Ninebot GoKart Pro has a ‘Lamborghini’ version

Have you at any point needed a Lamborghini that is moderately simple on the wallet, runs on power, and has seemingly a similar measure of fun factor? As a major aspect of their 10-year anniversary, Xiaomi just delivered an extraordinary release form of their Ninebot GoKart Pro that is an official tie-up with the Italian supercar maker.

The Chinese tech mammoth likewise uncovered the world’s first mass-created straightforward TV in the equivalent week, so they’re essentially on a roll, and that is excluding their cell phones and different contraptions.

While it might not have a similar street nearness as its genuine Lamborghini partner, this particular Ninebot GoKart Pro gladly wears the famous “Giallo Orion” yellow colorway and incorporates the essential stickers and identifications.

The aero and towering back wing loan a very racecar vibe, and the little controlling haggle agreeable (to the extent karts go) seating region look truly cool. Xiaomi claims the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition is fit for conveying a heap up to 100 kg (or around 220 lbs).

Like the current Ninebot GoKart Pro, the Lamborghini Edition is all-electric and highlights a 432Wh battery pack that is useful for around 62 laps of a 400-meter circuit at a maximum velocity of 25 miles for every hour.

Furthermore, the Lamborghini Edition gets LED headlights in “Ice Lake Blue” for visibility, a sound imitating framework that reproduces the sound of Lamborghini motors ( odel not indicated, albeit a V10 or V12 would be epic). Furthermore, uniquely designed tires are standard to take into account simpler floating execution.

No word on when it’ll arrive at the United States, however the normal Ninebot GoKart Pro in a somewhat plain-looking white, has been at a sale for some time now, with Segway getting it.

The Lamborghini Edition of the Ninebot GoKart Pro will launch in China on August 16 and will set buyers back 9,999 Chinese Yuan, the equivalent of $1,479.