The music world introduces a new music sensation – Thenitishnagar.

He has received wide appreciation from the listeners for his song “Jaan”, which has topped the music charts.

The music world has given us innumerable talented artists who have mastered the craft of music making, enthralling us with their extraordinary work. The kind of impact these artists have made in front of the audiences has turned the fortunes of the music realm. We have one name amongst the current lot of young singers who has taken the art of singing and performing to the next level, he is Thenitishnagar. Though this industry is highly competitive, some like this talented artist have really made an impact and marked their presence felt owing to their extraordinary work which has got them noticed amongst all. He has done extremely well as a singer and music creator, which has won him a huge following. Reaching such dizzying heights of success is indeed a tough job, which is accomplished easily by this young man.

Thenitishnagar has also become a popular digital artist as his music has grabbed enough eyeballs on the internet, making him stand amongst the established singing stars of present time. His song “Jaan” has received an overwhelming response from listeners, which he feels is a huge accomplishment for him, as he has just entered the space which is filled with the best talents. Speaking about the kind of appreciation he has been receiving from the audience, he says, “I’m grateful to people who have recognised my talent and appreciated my work. I want to thank those who believed in me and helped me push through my limits. I want to share my success with all those who have been a part of my journey.”

Thenitishnagar is working on many interesting music projects which would be released soon this year. To stay tuned with his present and future music, visit Spotify here.


Interview with Pouria Bashari a.k.a “Godpoori” or “Poori”; Famous Iranian and Turkish rapper and music producer

Pouria Bashari a.k.a “Godpoori” or “Poori” is a new phenomenon of the Iranian-Turkish hip hop scene that has been able to impress a large audience in recent years and attract the attention of many people.He is one of the most creative Persian and Turkish rap artists.
Today we arranged to have an interview with him;

  • Who pushed you more to the work?
  • There where many people who motivated me,but my team and my family were the ones who always stayed and helped me.Each of them did not let me ever be disappointed.
  • Celebrities talk a lot about the difference between life before and after fame, what do you think?
  • In my opinion if you remember your past, you can try harder for your future,but at the same time you shouldn’t think about its negative points.
  • How influential do you think you were on your peers’ music?
  • I don’t know if I was influential in their music or not,but I proved to some extent that you can be one of the top artists without being signed by anybody.
  • What inspires your music?
  • It depends,sometimes the conditions of the time and sometimes the dreams that I think about them make up my music.
  • Talk about growing up and the conditious of your childhood.
  • I didn’t have many important events as a child,but since I can remember life has ups and downs. I have done a lot of work since I was a teenager and I will still do it if necessary. Different experiences in different jobs have always helped me in my work.
  • A question that has occupide my mind is how do you always look calm and cool?
  • I think from the age of sixteen or seventeen when I worked for an advertising company and interacted with a lot of people on a daily basist,it has taken root in my subconscious.
  • How do you calm down when you are very nervous,does music help you?
  • I try to talk with my close friends.Music is 100% effective and it makes that bad feeling go away and also I make beats ot write poems next to it.
  • You are very influential in the city you live in,do you feel it?
  • Yes,about nine years ago I held one of the biggest rap meetings,now I think I became the besr artist in my city and my provice because we made our city be mentioned more than ever and the rest of the artists in my city have the opportunity to show themselves.
  • When drill music became very popular,you were one of the first rappers to sing in both Persian and Turkish,tell about your experience.
  • I liked to test myself more.I don’t consider myself just as a rapper,I’m completely flexible and I can perform any style I have in my mind on my music.
  • Finally I want to know in which market whould you like to work in the future?
  • I’m very interested in the European market in general and I also like the Turkish and German markets because of kind of music that is going on in their market.
  • What is your advertising platform for publishing your music?
  • I usually post my music on the official platforms of the world, and most of my followers follow my Instagram
    my Instagram address is: @Godpoori.

DJ Cassie turning up the heat in Dubai

Belarus originally gave birth to Hip-Hop DJ & Music Producer DJ Cassie, also known as ‘Hanna Ipatava’ before emerging on the scene in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where she started making a name for herself!

Early in her career, she would start DJ-into for his friends and family events to gain confidence & get comfortable with being the life of the party.

Understanding the demand for this, DJ Cassie started presenting in many events as well. Not knowing she would utilize her own services someday, she tirelessly built a system that is now implementing for her own success.

Now she hopes to capitalize on the momentum she gained with her albums and rise through the music business ranks.

With getting immense recognition in her career so far, DJ Cassie has her eyes on achieving something bigger. Her goal is to expand her audio all over the world and become a platinum producer. Committed to achieving this goal, DJ Cassie says “music is her lifelong experience” as there goes a lot to understand different sub-genres of music.

While most artists struggle with answers on how to get going, DJ Cassie is a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry. With these attributes, she will have no problem getting her name out to the masses.  

Follow her on IG @djanecassie or visit her website to know more.


Rahill Mehta’s seamless transition as a music producer and dancer make him a favourite choice among everyone

The screen time of users in the last few years has drastically increased. Thanks to smart devices and the ever-changing trends of social media. We all have witnessed how social media apps have flourished and have become the ideal content creation platform. It has given birth to an array of content creators and influencers who are raking in the great moolah. But what does it take to be a successful name on the internet? The answer is simple – artistic flair and creativity. Making the most of it is Rahill Mehta, fondly known as Dancing DJ by everyone.

Rahill needs no formal introduction. The creative potential that this young lad possesses justifies the same. His versatile skills have built his reputation as an affluent Bollywood DJ, dancer and music producer. While Rahill Mehta has enthralled the crowd in India’s leading clubs and events, he has even created a fandom of his own on Instagram. In a time where the world was falling apart because of the pandemic, Dancing DJ brought everyone closer by redefining music in a quirky way.

Keeping the users hooked to the unique Bollywood mixes, Rahill’s created versions are no less than any masterpiece. Be it Shah Rukh Khan’s chartbuster song ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ or Salman Khan’s iconic ‘O O Jaane Jaana’, he is giving the music a new meaning by inculcating modern tunes and renditions. Well, his rich taste in music and those super co-ordinated dance moves has made this supremely talented guy a cynosure to all eyes.

There’s no doubt in the fact that Rahill Mehta is class beyond comparison. Moreover, he is India’s first dancing DJ and probably one of the finest artists in the country. Rahill who got introduced to the stage as a dancer at an age of 6 learnt dancing under the coveted Shiamak Davar. Taking dance and DJing hand in hand, Rahill Mehta’s creativity is one of a kind in today’s competitive environment.

With an experience of doing TV commercials and brand shoots, Rahill Mehta is currently ruling the roost as a true Instagram sensation. Sharing his joy about the same, he revealed, “It is the quality of content that I completely focus on. I understood that good numbers will eventually follow with the quality of work I do. And it feels surreal to get thousands of message requests, DMs from my followers. They have kept me sane and motivated throughout this journey.” If you love music and dance equally, you must check out this bundle of talent’s Instagram page – ‘@rahillmehta_’.


Brian Young and his Unconventional Music is Giving New Trends to the Music Industry

Brian sets a great example of a young music sensation with his fresh & quirky music.

What would be a world like without music? Well, like a body without a soul. And, since we are aware of this fact, we also know how much dependent we are as humans on music for many reasons in life. Every individual in this world has his/her own particular reason for listening to particular tunes & songs. It is like a soul food which can transport an individual to a different world altogether & make them feel alive, even amidst a stressful life. That is how powerful music is. With the emergence of many different styles of music, we also come across a lot many talented artists in the world that serve their music to the audiences in their own unique style. One such unconventional young guy who eats, sleeps, drinks music is Brian Young from Baltimore, Maryland.

This 25 year old young gun of the music industry is an upcoming music producer who is popularly known for his producer tag called “Shout Out Young”. Brian is amongst the very few people from his city who started out with producing music from a very young age. So far, he has produced music for several artists not only from his city but also from many other different states. What’s even more interesting & special about Brian is that he is a self-taught pianist. Many even after learning an art can fail to impress the audiences, but Brian stands out amongst the rest because of his strong inclination towards music & his passion that has made what he is today.

He innovatively uses his piano skills to create different styles of melodies so engaging & tuneful that it can fit any rapper style. Brian is known for providing upbeat music & beats to local rappers in Baltimore, where he grew up. He helped all those local talents who at that point did not have beats to use & Brian with his music skills helped them by making custom beats for them that could easily fit their style.

Born on May 1, 1995, in Baltimore, this under 30 music producer is here to stay for long in the music industry because of his creative touch on music & also for the melodies he produces that never fail to hit the right chords with the audiences.

Brian is already a famous name in his city & is gradually increasing his fan base in other parts of the world as well. He is already known popularly by his producer name ‘shout out young’. He also hopes to work with many other prominent artists & producers of the music industry in the coming years.