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“TheSignatures” is known as the star Artist in the Entertainment Industry, here’s why

When we talk about entertainment in India, we think of Bollywood celebrities.

Bollywood celebrities have fandom like no other, on the globe. The craziness and madness are mind-blowing. But with craziness and madness comes the wish to work with them or at least for them.

TheSignatures’s name has become synonymous with the title of star Artist in the entertainment industry. Well, Daksh Sharma is living his dreams by doing both.

 He is working with many famous stars and celebrities on a daily basis. Moreover, the highlight is that he is just twenty-five years of age (as in 2022) . At this age when kids try to figure out their normal life, Daksh has already achieved so much. Daksh has founded three companies under him and he is the CEO of them and one of the famous band name is TheSignatures. TheSignatures is not only a Band, its also the artist name of Daksh Sharma. Daksh is the first Artist in the entertainment industry who has made a prominent name for himself in the world of multimedia. He is the founder of three companies, he has set a record by working with innumerable famous and popular celebrities, influencers, and artists. He is definitely extraordinarily talented and experienced at a young age. God has his blessings on him and he is surely going to make his friends, family, loyal fans and for that matter every Indian proud of his impeccable caliber.


“ScrilltownMO” Let’s take a closer look at the Music Entrepreneur and CEO who represents “music, fashion, & hustle”

In a world full of music, money, and mayhem, comes a MAN with a history of music, money, and mayhem. ScrilltownMO or better known as Feddie Scrillz (in his music days), is on a mission to bring new music from coast to coast, along with having a “hustler’s ambition and entrepreneur spirit”.

Quote: ScrilltownMO in the studio, where the creativity begins.

After a 15-year hiatus from music, ScrilltownMO is now climbing the ladder back to the top “one single at a time”. In 2020, he co-authored an Amazon #1 Best-Seller titled, “Yes I Can”, started his own signature clothing line and shoe company called Scrilltown Clothing Co & Apparel, and released over 7 different musical projects. He also managed to secure distribution deals with The Orchard (a division of Sony Music), Ingrooves (UMG), and Symphonic Distribution. In 2021, ScrilltownMO teamed up with Dogface Music and Amada Records for the “Red Devil” compilation project (which succeeded to hit #25 on the Top 25 Billboard Charts). In the last two and half years, ScrilltownMO has had a total of over 1 Million digital streams worldwide.  Since signing a label distribution deal (ScrilltownMO Music/Symphonic), He has surpassed 500,000 digital streams (with the re-release EP of “Street Music & Meditation’‘, and 11 other musical projects) and has also contributed to 6 music videos with over 200K views worldwide. ScrilltownMO has a successful videocast called “Welcome to Scrilltown Talk”, and also owns and operates a licensed internet radio station called “Scrilltown Radio” (on LIVE365). ScrilltownMO is the true definition of “grind, hustle, money motivation, and staying TRUE”.

So if you were to ask “what’s new for ScrilltownMO ” this season, he would tell you; “making my brand- ScrilltownMO LLC into a one-stop shop”. With ScrilltownMO Management & Consulting, ScrilltownMO Music/Publishing, Scrilltown Clothing Co & Apparel, Scrilltown Radio, and Welcome to Scrilltown Talk, “staying busy” is most definitely an understatement. Just since Christmas alone ScrilltownMO Music has released musical projects: “Grind Hard or Go Home” (the mixtape), “M-Strange” (self-titled), “City Boy Country Girl” (Griff Galexxzee), “You Do The Math” (Square Rootz), “Chivalry’s Back” (Pennhouse), “You Might Get Shot” (Music Video by Square Rootz), and “Hypnotized” (Becky Raisman)”, just to start off the winter season.

When he’s not dealing with the next new music project, designing the latest shoe, creating one of the 8 new mix shows on his radio station, or interviewing a celebrity or entertainer as a guest on his videocast, he’s managing some of the hottest up and coming musicians from all across the globe.

The multi-talented model, dancer, singer-songwriter extraordinaire “Daffie Doc” is by way of Paris, France and she is taking the world by storm with her energetic dance moves, beautiful voice, and trendy social media videos.

Sacramento’s own producer, singer-songwriter, rapper, and engineer “Exurt Beatz” is not only the man behind several hits from ScrilltownMO Music, but he’s also one-half of the lyrically driven hip-hop group “Square Rootz”.

Lastly, there’s the New Orleans born, St. Charles Parish raised trapper “Cee Glizzy BigSteppa”, who has his debut project on the way that features an all-star cast of Multi-Platinum and Award-Winning beat makers and producers, along with some of the most popular, trending, and viral influential artists from across the worldwide web.

While given no reason to slow down now, ScrilltownMO is continuing to keep the momentum going with “music, fashion, and hustle.” Check out all of ScrilltownMO-related brands, music, and entertainment on all media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, where @scrilltownmobiz will have you laughing out loud with his weekly shorts and reels.


Company Name: ScrilltownMO Management & Consulting
Name: ScrilltownMO LLC
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Country: United States


IceWataRock: An Emerging Star In The Music World

IceWataRock is an emerging star in the music world. His real name is Lance Smith, and he has recently got fame due to his reality based music rap music.

About IceWataRock

IceWataRock is an American rapper and songwriter. He was born and raised in Inglewood,

California, where he was exposed to street life and culture at an early age. As he got older, he would use those lessons in life and combine them with his love for music. He first adopted the stage name SRock1500, but that name would change as he gained more notoriety.

His childhood was rough growing up surrounded with gang violence, which affected his family. However, his life changed when he became a rapper. Later on, an artist Slim400 gave him the opportunity to express himself creatively. This was his life’s turning point.

Music Career

Lance Smith’s music career started out not on stage with a mic and a crowd cheering for him, but in the church with his mother.

Since connecting with rapper IceWataRock, Slim400 has signed him to his new record label,

IceWata Records. The first single he dropped was named Nothing But Bloods, with Slim400.

This song is available everywhere on all streaming platforms and has a music video on YouTube.

He followed up with another song named Off The Porch with Slim400 and another music artist Desert Baby. Lance has also released a self produced song named Pray For Me that features Jdiggs. You can find all 3 bangers across streaming platforms and on YouTube.

Recently he has released a new collaboration album, Squad Full Of Generals! It features

IceWataRock, Slim400, Keda Ru, Desert Baby, and Big Quis.

The album was released all across all streaming platforms on the internet. It’s available through Spotify and other music streaming platforms, and it’s Lance’s most diverse work yet. The album has a little bit of everything: hip-hop, pop, soul, etc.; Every track and collaboration on the album displays the range of the star-studded label.

The latest album from IceWataRock, titled Top Side, was released on Spotify a few weeks ago. It’s a super diverse album and features some great collaborations. With collaborations from Slim400, DWflame, Baldacci, Meek Blood and Lil Blood and more.

What’s Most Appreciable About IceWataRock?

What made him stand out from the crowd was not just his talent but also his drive to be the best at what he did. He couldn’t just be another rapper; he wanted to be known as the best.

When most people think of IceWataRock, they see a talented rapper who’s trying to make it big. But his drive to be the best at what he does is what sets him apart from the crowd.

He had a rough childhood as he was born on the streets of Inglewood and lived there his whole life. In his childhood, he got into street life culture and then started rapping in the music industry. Now IceWataRock is a successful musician, and he loves to give back to his community.



No one was certain what will happen in 2020 especially because of the coronavirus pandemic which has encompassed the whole world.  But because of the lockdown around the world, we have found many of the new sensations in the music industry which has amazed us. Similar kids have been seen by finding a new rapper in the music industry named MC David J. 

The singer has become popular by releasing the music album named “Ever Since”. The music album is for all ages and it has 12 tracks the people can enjoy.  “You Know” Is the First track of the music album and it is the most popular in the world. In the music, he has told the people his journey and how he became a rapper and that is why the people are in love with this music track and till now they have got around 2 lakh views. 

If you want to know about this rather than he is from Georgia America. In 2016 he went into the music industry and since then he has been doing the tasks to make a mark in the music industry. Many fans are in love with this rapper and that is why he is generating new music by the day for the fans. He is the executive producer, Self-proclaimed rapper, and if people want to listen to him then they can connect with him on the YouTube channel. 

At the young age of 25, this rapper belongs to Atlanta and he is planning to show his excellence in the future in the music world. In his path, he has seen many problems but that didn’t stop him. Music was always his passion and he made new melodies and new tones to make a mark in the music world. If you want to listen to his song then you can connect with him on Spotify. His music is available without any trouble.  You can also listen to him on the YouTube channel where he has uploaded many of the music tracks. 

Since social media is very popular today and there are many music personnel who have an account on social media this rapper has also made an account on Instagram where you can connect with him.   You can ask him the questions without any hesitation and he will be more than happy to reply to your queries. On Instagram, he will also be so very happy to tell you about his music struggle and how he came here.

During the coronavirus pandemic, there have not been many diseases from the music industry and also from the movie industry but still, you can listen to the album that was released in 2020 where he has showcased his struggle and also the music and melodies he has created have been very amazing.  He has also created the software by which he can make his new beats which will be mesmerizing for the fans.


Kentucky Artist Moneymadejrr creating big waves in the rap music industry

‘My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die’ – Bob Marley

Moneymadejrr is the hottest mexican coming out of Louisville Kentucky. He is only 19 and has already gained a lot of attention throughout his city. The Spanish Label CEO Jimmy Humilde contacted him saying he wanted a zoom call with the artist and there is a lot going on in discussion.

He randomly stumbled upon rap music during college when he met a guy who encouraged him to write a song and try out rap. However, music was not at all random to Moneymadejrr, also known as Elean. When Elean was 7 or 8 years old he didn’t know life would lead him to the path of music. He would always sing, but never imagined he would be a rapper until high school.

Moneymadejrr is rising to the top with offers from major labels. He specially gained attention when he dropped his record “Proud Mexican”. He recently teamed up with Cash Rick who nails his feature on “Pain”, one of Elean’s new songs, perfectly with his smooth melodic flow. His release “Pain” is a single that captures a deep essence of Elean’s experiences in life, how he feels about life and about his never give up attitude to whatever life throws at him.

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“Are.O” (FKA- RockstarRican) Is Gaining Widespread Attention Threw Music

Artist Are.O (FKA- RockstarRican) constantly thrives towards improvement and making his soundscape a refined version of his inner mind. Working out of his bedroom, his journey as an artist picked up pace over the past year and has succeeded in garnering widespread audiences. His EP titled “Extraterrestrial” has gained over 150k+ streams on various platforms collectively and paves the way for yet another successful venture in his career. His upcoming collaboration work with “Felie540” is in the works as he emerges as one of the most promising artists in the scope of hip hop and rap to have come out of Richmond,Va right now. Follow him on all of his social sites to keep up with new music releases in the future