GLASHRS: Setting Music Industry On Fire With His Phenomenal Skills

Glashrs is a talented and energetic young artist from Vero Beach, Florida. He was just six years old when he started his musical career. He is a self-employed vocalist, lyricist, and music producer with a growing audience. Glashrs has had a love of music since he was six years old, and he believed that one day he will have his opportunity to make his dreams come true. Fast forward a few years, and he is ready to take on the music industry and show the world what he has to offer, having spent countless hours developing his skill. His real name is Bobby De Mario, and he performs by the stage name glashrs. He is well-known for merging two of the most popular music genres, hip-hop and electronic dance music (EDM), to create beautiful music in society. He must be the rising star of the future because the younger generation loves his songs.

As a result of his talent and high-quality music, Glashrs has established himself as one of his hometown’s most renowned musicians. Falling is his favorite track which he created with his twin sister Cory De Mario. Cory De Mario and Glashrs will once again rule the music industry when they unite on the latest music. He’s an enthusiastic young guy who wants to succeed on his own terms.

“Running” is the young artist’s most recent release, and it showcases his abilities. “Running” is remarkable music that will keep listeners wanting more with each listen. There’s no telling where Glashrs may take this, and with his current momentum, it’ll only be a matter of time before something major comes his way. The song “Running” received a lot of positive feedback and praise. His music is best exemplified by the song ‘Running.’

A fantastic blend of hip-hop and electronic dance music is featured in the song. It’s a relaxing sound to listen to when unwinding in the late winter evenings. For the past three years, Glashrs has worked as a professional musician. Only a few of his songs were released, but three of them were hits: “Running,” “Crazy,” and “Lightning.” He has the talent, ambition, and abilities to compete with the best in the world, and he knows how to create the most attractive melodies in his singing to pleasure the audience. To move out of their comfort zone, he wanted to attempt something new. With a guitar, they essentially broke the rules of mainstream music by combining a dance feel with that hip-hop feel that everyone loves.

Glashrs also releases his new track “Where I Stand” on which he recruited Drew Taylor.“Where I Stand” is a diverse Hip Hop song you can’t get enough of thanks to its infectious upbeat rhythm, understandable lyrics, and the confidence in Drew Taylor’s voice. “Where I Stand” was created in a unique method compared to Drew and Glashrs’ previous achievements.

Glashr’s background showed that he was not only blessed with abilities, but also worked extremely hard to achieve perfection. He proved to the world that a pleasant voice alone is insufficient for a singing career. Many people believe that this is the easiest profession. For such people, Glashrs’ struggles proved that to be the best, you need a lot of practice. He has got appreciation and a prize from a wide variety of professional’s artists and fans. He used to give his fans goose bumps in the beginning.

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Legendary Musician Kevin Von James

Kevin Von James is recognized for his enormous singing capacity in the music business. He is perhaps the best vocalist and not exclusively that he is a blogger, web-based media powerhouse, and YouTuber. He roused in such countless ways to his fans, he is one of the multi-gifted  characters of this age. His tune ‘Venus to Fly’ is earning an excess of fame. He is a legendary craftsman with sure conduct.

He performs at the best of his most significant level. His works consistently roused and  persuaded his fans at the high level stage.

Kevin Von James has a special way of singing and his vocals are exceptionally restrictive and appealing.

His entrancing voice and his heartfelt singing abilities can make anybody frantic. He won a huge number of hearts and get well known all around the nation and furthermore worldwide.

He is one of the unbelievable artists in the music business. His voice and his tunes are very heartfelt that intrigue anyone.

Kevin Von James communicates his sincere feelings through his tunes and this ability is the segment that he becomes perhaps the best artist in the music business. He makes his name also, pictures which cause us to feel glad for him. He is a very multi skilled and flexible vocalist in the music business.

The ‘Venus to fly’ is an extremely charming tune. He shows his adaptability in this tune very well that marks him shocking and restrictive. He is winning a huge number of hearts and his female Following is exceptionally high, in the period of auto-tune, his regular and wonderful voice is sufficient to make any tune.

His commitment is calculable in the music business, being a fanatic of him, guaranteed that his epic vocal abilities will rest to us generally. He has a mystical voice. Without a doubt, his voice makes him unique in relation to other people and he puts his all agonies and feelings at ease.

He has the genuine inclination to sing any melodies especially; he has a fair capacity for that. He prevails in that sort of greatness which marks him multi-skilled in all ways. He sings normally. Each individual is tender with his vocals.

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