We may get to hear several success stories in our daily lives, but how many of the times do we hear success stories about people who started everything from scratch and then went ahead to taste massive success? For some people, destiny also plays a huge part in turning their lives and landing them on the road to success. However, it is also essential to understand that everything becomes possible when consistent efforts and hard work are combined for reaching the goals in life. The field of music is no behind, which is filled with innumerable young talents who make sure to serve listeners with something new every day. Adapting consistently to the changing times of the music industry and moving ahead with his passion and determination is one such young musical artist named Ibrahim Khalil.

Born on the 5th of May in the year 2000 in Al Hasaka, Ibrahim discovered his passion for music during the early years of childhood. Being promoted, sustained, and motivated altogether, Ibrahim took this fortuitous advantage to convert his love for music into reality.

In 2012, Ibrahim shifted with his family to Germany and completed his school from Lollar, near Giessen, and also graduated. Nonetheless, the interesting facet in this regard is, he never quit pursuing music and his passion for achieving his dreams. Even in late 2012, he baffled everyone by launching his first song entitled «Beje Beje». After the amazement of the first creation, he further released more songs named «Heyo», «Bvnm», which have already struck bars.

Needless to say, Ibrahim Khalil is one of the most wonderful songwriters whose work has also been viewed in Yazidi music. Apart from that, Ibrahim is also a member of Yazidi popular music. The name and fame he got throughout, made Ibrahim featured in various magazines naming Naska Musik and ProClip. He was also interviewed for various TV shows and was named “Most Sought-After Artist” of the current times.

As he takes on the music world with his captivating voice, he has been making his mind to make tracks on love and also about mother. He will be standing on the front, and we all will be getting a chance to mesmerise ourselves in the tunes of such a talented charisma, a singer, a songwriter and a heart stealer, Ibrahim Khalil.

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