Taydee Marie is the latest heart stealer of LA:

Taydee Marie is the latest heart stealer of LA:

Taydee Marie is a beautiful, young and multi-talented singer, songwriter, model and actress in LA. Her birthplace is in Searcy, AR. As a child, Her parents were in the Ministry, so they moved a lot, however, Taydee spent most of her days between Arkansas and Missouri. After graduating from high school, Taydee moved to LA, so she could fulfil her dream or goal of becoming a successful singer. 

Taydee has a very soothing voice, it attracts a lot of audiences. Her most favourite thing about her work is songwriting and getting to perform. Her least favourite thing about her work is social media as being an introvert, it is not easy for her to open up in front of countless people. Though she thinks it’s very necessary to reach goals in life and for that one has to come out of their comfort zone in order to explore the world. Taydee Marie’s schedule is very flexible and whatever she does is mostly by appointment.

She wants the world to listen to hear music and to influence the next generations positively. It’s one of her dreams. Her goal is to sell out arenas while continuing to write music for other artists, movies, tv shows, commercials and many more.

About her motivation, Taydee Marie says “I’m motivated by many things. I want to be the best I can possibly be. A huge motivator of mine is honestly my music. It’s the only thing that gets me through all the bad of the entertainment industry.”

One of her biggest achievements as a singer or songwriter till now is that she has successfully released three songs on all the popular music platforms and she is excited for her four more new songs which will be released soon. One of her songs has also been chosen by The Loft Entertainment. As a model, she was selected to walk runways in LA and modelled many renowned brands. She has also worked with Tom Cruise in his film The Maverick where she has got SAG AFTRA qualified. 

Taydee Marie has many more goals she wants to achieve before her retirement and is extremely grateful to the universe for giving her these opportunities. This is why she always maintains a positive attitude as she considers even the hardships to be part of the lessons she must learn. To know more about Taydee Marie, do check out her website:

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