Tesla will uncover the Model Y one week from now

Tesla will uncover the Model Y one week from now

The Model Y, Tesla’s progressively moderate SUV dependent on the Model 3 stage, will be uncovered at a March 14 event in Los Angeles, Elon Musk declared on Twitter on Sunday.

In the wake of presenting the Model S in 2012, Tesla modified the vehicle into a SUV form factor and sold it as the Model X beginning in 2015. Tesla is adopting a similar essential strategy with the Model Y: it will look a great deal like a Model 3, yet will have a bigger body and roomier inside.

“Model Y, being an SUV, is about 10% bigger than Model 3, so will cost about 10% more & have slightly less range for same battery,” Musk tweeted.

The Model 3 begins at $35,000, yet can cost more than $60,000 if a long-extend battery, Autopilot technology, and other high-end options are chosen.

While the Model X depended on the Model S, Tesla rolled out some critical improvements. The most attractive was the X’s falcon-wing rear doors, which swooped upwards as opposed to swinging to the side. While the falcon-wing doors helped the X emerge from the group, they were mind boggling and tormented with issues amid the Model X’s initial months.

So it’s not astounding that Tesla has chosen not to put falcon-wing doors on the Model Y, which is intended to be more reasonable than the Model X. The new SUV will have “normal” doors, Musk says.

Notwithstanding the Model Y, Tesla fans have likewise been restlessly sitting tight for news about the organization’s prospective pickup truck. Musk says that won’t be appeared one week from now’s occasion. Rather, the truck will be uncovered at a different occasion not long from now.

“Personally, I’m most excited by the Tesla Truck,” Musk writes. “Maybe it will be too futuristic for most people, but I love it.”

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