After a prolonged opening weekend, Thalapathy Vijay emerged victorious in the initial round of the highly charged Varisu vs. Thunivu match. Ajith Kumar started to fall behind after gaining the lead on the first day in Tamil Nadu. Due to the Pongal holidays, both movies are having a great time. Let’s see where they stand after the first Monday at the box office!

Both movies were released on January 11th, or last Wednesday. Both movies were anticipated to do well despite the conflict because the Pongal season is reputed to be a lucrative one in Kollywood, and that’s exactly what has transpired so far. Tamil Nadu had a public holiday yesterday, and as a result, a double-digit score was recorded.

Regarding the combined global earnings of the two movies, Varisu has amassed a staggering 168.83 crores gross, including 120.83 crores from India and 48 crores from outside. Thunivu, on the other hand, has so far made a respectable total of 123.50 crores gross, comprising 32 crores gross from outside and 91.50 crores gross from India.

In Tamil Nadu, today is a public holiday, hence each film should earn at least 10 crores in nett revenue in India.

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