Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ were obviously endeavors at snatching back a colossal piece of the tablet market pie yet soon Apple attempts to bite back.

Cupertino is relied upon to report a couple of new records, maybe over its whole iPad line, however insights regarding the up and coming tablets aren’t as strong as those for the iPhone 12.

Indeed, some appear to be clashing with one another now, similar to these insights regarding a less expensive iPad with costly features.

There is still some disagreement on what iPad models will be declared in the coming months, at any rate beside an iPad Pro and an iPad Mini.

Specifically, some accept a 10.8-inch iPad will be coming while others put the size at 11 inches. And afterward there’s difference on an iPad Air 4 or a less expensive new iPad.

iPad Air 4 rumors a week ago highlighted another plan that took after iPad Pros while as yet holding non-Pro features. In particular, that implies as yet having Touch ID, yet one that has been moved to the force button at the top. Apple may have at any rate conceded to give the following iPad Air a USB-C port.

Presently 91mobiles has come out with data and schematics about a less expensive iPad model, one with a 10.8-inch screen. Curiously, the site additionally asserts that this one has Face ID rather than Touch ID, a somewhat astounding point of interest if true considering its normal sticker price. A USB-C port additionally recommends that Apple may at last be going all out on USB-C for its iPad line.

Now, neither the iPad Air leak, which as far as anyone knows originated from a client manual, nor these 2020 iPad schematics can be fully trusted. Bits of gossip about Apple’s next records are as yet thin right now however we anticipate that them should get as we draw nearer to their introduction.

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