The asteroid 2010 FR will land on Earth today

The asteroid 2010 FR will land on Earth today

A giant asteroid called 2010 FR will fly pass the earth today. The asteroid is huge, supposed to be about double the size of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. NASA is following the space rock as it flies by the Earth, yet it has almost a zero percent possibility of hitting the earth.

NASA anticipates that 2010 FR should pass by our planet a good ways off of 4.6 million miles. That is around multiple times the good ways from the earth to the moon.

The physical dimensions of the asteroid are around 886 feet high and basically the equivalent in width. 2020 FR is named an Apollo class space rock since it crosses the way of Earth’s circle.

Other than being an enormous asteroid, it’s additionally voyaging very quick at 14 kilometers for each second.

Researchers are accepting the open door to contemplate the space rock as it zipps past our planet. The Virtual Telescope Project will be taking pictures of the space rock.

Taking pictures of a asteroid the still exceptionally a long way from our planet is a troublesome activity. The Virtual Telescope Project says that photographs it has taken were snapped under not exactly ideal conditions. The picture shows the space rock when it was about 7.8 million kilometers from Earth.

The space rock is considered “potentially hazardous” in light of the fact that while it will go a long way from Earth today, it could crash into the planet eventually. As space rocks make their regularly long circles, associations with the sun or different planets could change their orbit.

Any asteroid with a base orbit intersection distance of 0.05 AU or less is considered possibly unsafe.

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