In bodybuilding, for having a trained body and being in shape, you should do bodybuilding exercises along with following an appropriate diet. Considering nutrition in bodybuilding can multiplied your progressing rate.

It’s better to say that bodybuilding is not merely a sport, but a lifestyle because it is not only limited to the gym and working out time. People who pursue bodybuilding whether professionally or not, care much about the nutrients they consume and their diet.

Therefore, bodybuilders dream of having a fit and in-shape body, normal weight, and developed muscles.

To do so, during the resting phase, most bodybuilders follow different diets and lifestyles from the typical one in their working out days. Generally, bodybuilding diets have different phases.

For providing a bodybuilding diet, both nutritionists and trainers are usually consulted.  

One of the routines that bodybuilders follow during their exercising period is bulking. At bulking phase which may last for months or even years, bodybuilders aim to extremely grow their muscles up by consuming high-level calories and protein-rich food in addition to making an intensive effort in exercising.

The next phase is losing fat as much as possible, while the muscles they’ve already made must be protected. This level is passed after 12 to 26 weeks along with exerting special variation in diets and bodybuilding programs.

To protect and build muscles, bodybuilders are constantly working out, both resistance and aerobic exercises. Resistance exercises lift the power and size of your muscles. Your muscles’ power is directly related to declining the death rate due to cancer, heart and kidney diseases, and also some other serious diseases.

Aerobic exercises which bodybuilders do regularly to lose their fat, improve the heart health situation, and decrease the diseases related to the heart.

Mahdi Farshidinasab, born on the 31st of July 1986 in Iran, and currently, lives in Australia. 

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