Today is the HomePod mini’s official launch day, and as clients who pre-ordered anticipate their gadgets, Apple has likewise begun in-store sales. Clients who couldn’t pre-order can submit a request on Apple’s site or in the Apple Store application and arrange in-store pickup at a nearby retail store.

A quick spot check proposes that most stores around the United States have accessible stock for clients, and in-store pickup might be one of the main approaches to advance HomePod mini‌ ahead of the holidays in case you’re searching for a particular color.

Orders put today for transportation to the home won’t show up until in any event December. For the white ‌HomePod mini‌, requests will interfere with December 2 and December 10, and for the black ‌HomePod mini‌, orders won’t show up until December 16 to December 24.

The ‌HomePod mini‌, priced at $99, is Apple’s new, more modest and more moderate version of the HomePod.

Reviews and first impressions from clients have been to a great extent sure, and the vast majority have praised the sound quality and the little size.

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