The Life Of A Fashion Influencer – With AbrahamDailyDosis

The Life Of A Fashion Influencer – With AbrahamDailyDosis

Adegeye is a 24 years old fashion influencer from Vienna. He captures thousands of followers in his frequent posts across his social media platforms.

Sometimes something that can start out as a simple hobby can end up being much more! Abraham started taking photos of his chosen outfit of the day for a regular upload when he was just a school child. But after a while he reached a professional level and soon he gained a strong following as a
fashion influencer.

Often when you reach this point, offers are opened up and Abraham was given the chance to work on campaigns with the likes of Nike, G-star, Vans, Converse, Pacsun and About You to name just a selection. Several of these campaigns have featured on TV, and this includes a campaign that featured Abraham looking at the topics of cyberbullying and diversity, created for the soft drink company Sprite.

Abraham has enjoyed being a part of these opportunities, however, he does not want to leave the more personal level of his modelling career alone. He always wants to continue with what started his modelling career, uploading photos to his social media pages via platforms like Instagram, as well as a
dedicated blog. There are things he is open to doing more of, such as working with more higher end brands and also having more magazine coverage.

He is part of a big worldwide group of fashion influencers doing the same thing, but there is still plenty of room for him and newcomers, because like he says the trick is to stay unique, and if you are doing that it will help you to stand out.

As Abraham points out this is a very modern phenomenon, and he can’t say for sure where it is going to end up long term, but like he also rightly says, social media is not likely to be going anywhere, so there will always be that platform to do what he does. Instead of copying his peers he focuses on being true to himself, allowing people to see a little into his mind and life, promoting uniqueness, with every new upload.. One thing Abraham is keen to point out is that selling is not his main goal, so whilst he may launch a business in the future, his main aim remains to inspire others. It seems like this is a fashion influencer we will be hearing plenty more about in the future.

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