He has received wide appreciation from the listeners for his song “Jaan”, which has topped the music charts.

The music world has given us innumerable talented artists who have mastered the craft of music making, enthralling us with their extraordinary work. The kind of impact these artists have made in front of the audiences has turned the fortunes of the music realm. We have one name amongst the current lot of young singers who has taken the art of singing and performing to the next level, he is Thenitishnagar. Though this industry is highly competitive, some like this talented artist have really made an impact and marked their presence felt owing to their extraordinary work which has got them noticed amongst all. He has done extremely well as a singer and music creator, which has won him a huge following. Reaching such dizzying heights of success is indeed a tough job, which is accomplished easily by this young man.

Thenitishnagar has also become a popular digital artist as his music has grabbed enough eyeballs on the internet, making him stand amongst the established singing stars of present time. His song “Jaan” has received an overwhelming response from listeners, which he feels is a huge accomplishment for him, as he has just entered the space which is filled with the best talents. Speaking about the kind of appreciation he has been receiving from the audience, he says, “I’m grateful to people who have recognised my talent and appreciated my work. I want to thank those who believed in me and helped me push through my limits. I want to share my success with all those who have been a part of my journey.”

Thenitishnagar is working on many interesting music projects which would be released soon this year. To stay tuned with his present and future music, visit Spotify here.


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