On the off chance that you somehow haven’t heard, BMW at last launched its new high-performance M3 car and M4 car yesterday. The looks are, well, disruptive, yet one thing’s without a doubt: the vehicles will be speedy.

However, BMW understands that for certain individuals, that is insufficient. That is the reason the company’s likewise presented an area of factory-designed M Performance Parts overhauls for the vehicle.

The collection of parts accessible is more wide-extending than on some other vehicle in BMW’s arrangement. Regarding performance updates, M3 and M4 purchasers have some serious kit accessible to them, incorporating a coilover set with physically customizable ride stature and track-explicit brake pads.

On the off chance that you need to add a bit more flair to your M3 or M4’s looks, there are a lot of restorative updates accessible also. Carbon fiber splitters, bumper pieces, diffusers, and even a carbon fiber spoiler are on offer. Inside, things like Alcantara guiding wheels, M-badged entryway projectors, floor mats, door sills, thus significantly more.

There’s likewise two arrangements of produced wheels on offer, one style that estimates 19 inches in front and 20 inches in the rear, and another that estimates 20 inches in front and 21 inches in the rear.

Doubtlessly the most fascinating thing on offer, however, is the “M Performance silencer system.” It’s a titanium exhaust that utilizes an entirely unexpected four-pipe leave design versus the standard framework, and seems as though it came directly off the arrangement of the most recent Fast and Furious movie.

It weighs 11 pounds not exactly the factory item, has ceramic-coated tips, and a fold for modifying volume relying upon whatever drive mode the vehicle is in.

It merits bringing up exactly how insane the remainder of BMW’s Performance Parts-prepared M3 looks. The company distributed a video on its YouTube channel showing off the two-tone creation, furnished with what seems to be each other part the company has on offer. We don’t know whether it makes the M3 look better or more awful, frankly.

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