Maruti Suzuki, the biggest automaker in India, has been making progress in improving road safety in recent times. The corporation is constantly trying to make its cars safer than before and is offering more safety features than previously. In this sense, two new, lower-tier Maruti Suzuki Front versions come equipped with six airbags.

New Variants of the Maruti Suzuki Fronx:

Based on the top-tier hatchback Maruti Suzuki Baleno, the Fronx is a crossover coupe. It is a popular option for B-segment cars in India. The Fronx is offered by Maruti Suzuki in five trim levels: Base Sigma, Delta, Delta Plus, Zeta, and the top-tier Alpha.

Maruti Suzuki only provided six airbags as standard equipment on its top-spec Zeta and bottom-spec Zeta trims up until this point. Base Sigma, Delta, and Delta Plus trims were only required by the Indian government to include two airbags.

Maruti Suzuki has now introduced two new models using the Delta Plus trim from Fronx, each of which has six airbags. These new models, known as Delta Plus (O) (MT and AGS), come equipped with two curtain airbags, a driver airbag, a front passenger airbag, and airbags on both the driver’s and front passenger’s sides. Compared to the previous design with just two front airbags, these are excellent enhancements.

The Delta Plus (O) AGS variant is priced at Rs. 9.43 lakh (ex-sh), while the Delta Plus (O) MT variant is priced at Rs. 8.93 lakh (ex-sh). There is a Rs. 15,500 pricing increase for Delta Plus (O) on top of Delta Plus tris. In addition to adding airbags, Maruti Suzuki changed this grade by swapping out the spare wheel with a tire puncture repair kit.

The new Delta Plus (O) model comes with an MT or AGS transmission choice and is limited to the 1.2L K12 4-cylinder NA petrol engine. The 1.0L 3-cyl Booster Jet Turbo petrol engine is also available in the Delta Plus trim, however six airbags are not included in that powertrain option.

A better option than it was before?

With Fronx, Maruti promises increased crash safety, and it has even displayed an internal crash test. Soon to be conducted crash tests, the new Bharat NCAP organization will verify claims.

The new Swift from Maruti Suzuki is equipped with six airbags as standard equipment on all models. Although we would have preferred Fronx to have a similar treatment, that is not yet the case. As a point of reference, Fronx is above Baleno, which is above Swift.

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