The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center will open its doors to art and culture fans on Friday and provide both domestic and foreign audiences with examples of India’s fine arts, theater, music, and crafts. Children, students, seniors, and those with disabilities will all be able to use the Center for free. The Center contains a 2,000-seat Grand Theatre with the largest proscenium in India surrounding a stage of the highest calibre. Anyone interested in attending can purchase tickets through the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre’s official website,, or through BookMyShow.

A specially planned programme called “Swadesh,” which will include three performances, will commemorate the Center’s opening. Civilization to Nation, India in Fashion, and Sangam/Confluence are all featured in The Great Indian Musical. India in Fashion and Sangam/Confluence are exhibitions of costume art and visual art, respectively, while The Great Indian Musical: Civilisation is a musical theatre production.

“We were keen to create a space for both promoting and celebrating our artistic and cultural heritage in cinema and music, in dance and drama, in literature and folklore, in arts and crafts, in science and spirituality,” Nita Ambani said in a statement regarding the launch of the Center.

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