We all know that an altcoin needs to have a big community of holders in order to become a more stable coin. Currently, there are more than 2,000 altcoins. Some of the coins have been successful, while others remained static for several reasons.


Traxalt is a digital currency that creates enormous payment processing. It is available for trading in the digital wallet called bitfollex, where they performed beta testing in 2019. The users of Traxalt have increased day by day since its launch in bitfoliex. It is currently #2 on the stellar blockchain of asset holders. The development of new features at the platform planned this year. The Traxalt block Explorer and Traxalt Platform is a solution that is being created for business owners.

With the aim of strengthening the Traxalt community, bitfollex wallet launched the Referral Program. The approach of this Program is to give rewards to the bitfoliex users in the form of Traxalt token for referring a new user with a personal code, which can be used multiple times. The award will be completed after the new user signup at bitfoliex.com, enters the code, and verifies his or her account. At this point, the new user will also get a Traxalt token as a reward. 

With the development of the blockchain platforms, there has been a significant need to build a proper solution for enterprise-grade transactions. TRAXALT is launching a program to allow high transactions to be hashed and anchored to the blockchain, and then reported and analyzed for business and commercial use. The TRAXALT coins or token is launched as a utility token that has multiple uses. TXT will be used, created, and utilized to ensure platform security, data validity, and growth. It may be used as a unit of exchange between market participants. It is focused on bringing practical decentralized tools for various business and individual users. We’re excited by the opportunity of low fees, increase benefits, and free business and transaction data to the blockchain. We are building a platform that attracts interested market participants.

Traxalt has created a referral program to give free Traxalt currency to helping the community to grow before it hits the public. With this program, you will be able to invite your friends to join bitfoliex exchange and win Traxalt tokens with every referral signup and verifies an account.

By following these steps, you can learn how to get your referral code or to learn how to redeem a friend’s code. By following this procedure, you will get the maximum benefits of this program. 

  • Log in to your verified bitfollex account.
  • Click the option “Referral Program” in the main menu. (Remember to activate your Stellar wallet)
  • You have two options. You can redeem a friend’s code or can create your own code to share with your friends. 
  • Remember that you can only redeem or create a code if your account has been verified through KYC. The verification process will take 24 hours.
  • You have two options to share your code. You can share the link, or you can share the code. Copy the option as per your requirements and send it to all your friends.
  • You can also redeem a friend’s code by typing or pasting the code under the second option. You can only redeem one code from your friend, but you can share your code with everyone. 
  • Win free Traxalt by sharing the Traxalt love and help grow our community

Video on how to verify your account – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiFCNUY9bqc

The Traxalt airdrops are the following:

  • The referring person will receive an airdrop of 0.015 TXT for each new user who registers with bitfoliex and completes the verification process.
  • The referred person will receive an airdrop of 0.035 TXT as an incentive after completing the verification process.

The Traxalt community had an increase of +100K TXT holders during the months that the Referral Program was active. The main goal for the Program is to grow this community even bigger and stronger.

If you want to join the Traxalt community and want to participate in the Referral Program, you can get your referral code by following the step-by-step procedure mention above.

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