You may realize that in addition to your muscles’ shape, one side is stronger than the other and you can move weights easier with that side. This can have various reasons; inappropriate sports movements or the superiority of one side that leads you to use it more during the day. Another reason for this unevenness is the injuries one might have gone through. For instance, you have your leg broken, and during the muscles’ recovery period when your muscles asymmetrically grow, you can heal your nervous weaknesses by locally focusing on the muscles of your broken side.  

Moreover, you can reduce the speed of sports movements. Although the appearance of your body seems to be even, the inner parts can be different. Most of your vital organs such as heart, stomach, spleen, and pancreas are asymmetrically located left. In addition, the gallbladder and most of the liver are on the right side, and even your lungs are different; the left lung has two lobes, and the right lung has three lobes.

If we zoom in, we will see that the main structure of the cells, nucleic acids, proteins, and sugar are naturally asymmetric. Proteins have a complex and uneven shape, and they determine the movement of the cells and the coronas’ spin direction. These biomolecules have a special feature called “Chirality” which means that molecules and their symmetry are not equal, such as your right and left hands that look similar, however, you cannot put on the right glove for the left hand!  

This lack of symmetry in molecular scales indicates the unevenness of the cells, fetus, and eventually, the humans’ organs. Concentrating on the muscles of the front body is another reason for the asymmetrical muscle growth of bodybuilders that makes front muscles stronger. This issue leads to serious problems such as the bad shape of the muscles, front-oriented shoulder growth, tension in shoulder and neck muscles, perturbation in walking, and unfit appearance. Many of the upper body problems arise from the imbalance in power of shoulder rotator shoulders’ muscles. This situation can cause direct hurts due to the compensatory activities of the trapezius muscle because, in this way of exercising, trapezius muscles bear more pressure.

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