Unleashing his reach across multiple sectors is entrepreneur Akshay Aggarwal

Unleashing his reach across multiple sectors is entrepreneur Akshay Aggarwal

There’s always more to achieve as the sky is the limit, says the young businessman who has business interests in multiple niches.

Conquering distinct territories at a young age is indeed a feat which only a few are able to accomplish, including Akshay Aggarwal, son of Anil Parkash Aggarwal, who has taken over the reins of his family business and scaling it manifold into multiple streams, all attaining success, one after the other. At 30, he has achieved the kind of accomplished much more which many his age can only dream of, all thanks to his astute business sense, which has been one of the major reasons for him attaining glory at a fast pace across various industries. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the quest of doing something out of the domain didn’t arise, and he was constantly focussing on taking charge of the family’s business on completing his education, which he pursued from the UK in 2012, attaining double major in international business, in M.Sc. and MBA both. That was the start of his entrepreneurial career, which he handled with much care, treading every path carefully and accomplishing milestones which otherwise seemed impossible.

The family’s core business which goes by the name ‘Viney Corporation Limited’, majorly into auto components, has been in existence since past 30 years, with his father having brought the brand to such soaring heights of success within a span of three decades. So much that Akshay is amongst the highest taxpayers in the capital, Delhi, from where the business family hails. The company has expanded its operations across the globe with plants in India, Italy, and Romania. Their shareholding in Kafila Forge Limited, which manufactures forged and machined auto components established in 1995, is also at the maximum. Under the leadership of Akshay, who has charted out a step-by-step plan for further expansion, the company has established a pan-India distribution network, supplying products to OEM’s & Export customers. Having taken his core businesses to optimum levels of success since he joined the team in 2016, Akshay has now diversified into various sectors like entertainment, NBFC, distillery and oil and gas pipelines and education.

Talking about the expansive business that they have built since the past few decades Akshay says, “My father has been passionate about taking the business to the next level since the day he forayed into the entrepreneurial space, he has been foremost in stepping into any venture that shows the slightest of potential to scale manifold, the reason for his investments in the entertainment zone which came out with distinct ventures like The Grub Fest, which was one of the most successful ventures of his outside his domain of knowledge.” The family also owns a film production house named ‘Yellow Ant Productions’, which has been brought into existence by Akshay and his cousin Anant. The film company has many interesting projects lined up, one being a rom-com with actor Pulkit Samrat and many more Bollywood biggies, the shooting of which commences soon.

There are a host of other businesses which the family has undertaken successfully which include an NBFC – Mayuri Fincap, Gwalior Distilleries Ltd, AEPL Pvt Ltd and franchisees of Shri Ram Global Pre School and The Wonderland School. The rate with which the companies are growing under his leadership, it won’t surprise us if he is soon featured amongst the Forbes Billionaire list in the near future.

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