Meet the Instagram AR filter creator, Hari Tahov changing the way brands, influencers and everyday users interact in the social media app.

At only 22 years young, Hari moved to Los Angeles from Bulgaria to continue his successful career as a fashion model and designer. Not content with modeling and acting, Hari spends his days designing AR filters for Instagram. His sought after filters are already being used by brands and celebrities and he hopes to grow his AR expertise to applications across multiple industries.

From Bulgaria to Hollywood’s red carpets and now in the palm of our hand, AR filter creator Hari Tahov shares his story.

When and how did you become AR Filter creator?

Few months before graduating Los Angeles Film School I noticed around Vidcon 2019 that many influencers had filters and that made me research AR Filters which got me started to create. I studied adobe creative cloud in college for my producer studies which made it really easy for me to get started.

What inspires you to create AR Filters?

I’m a film maker and having to work with an augmented reality where anything is possible is inspirational by itself. When you know you can create anything the only boundaries are the code and your imagination.

What kind of filters have you created and is there something specific that you have created that you haven’t seen from other creators?

I have created every type of filter like color gradings, 3D objects, game filters, branded filters, interactive filters and more. My most famous filter is “NARUTO EYES” which got popular amongst the Comic-Con community and all Naruto fans like me. I am also the first creator online to create an AR Rick and Morty Filter game two weeks before the fourth season aired on Cartoon Network [Adult Swim].

What is your favorite filter from your library?

My favorite filter is “FRIES” and I created it for my weird obsession with fries. I just love french fries. “COLOR AESTHETICS” is my fave that I use every day. It got millions of impressions becouse it has six color gradings everyone loves, but “NARUTO EYES” is popular as well as it was the first filter to allow you to switch between five character’s eye colors in the slider menu.

Have you collaborated or work with any celebrities or brands?

Yes, when I graduated Los Angeles Film School I started collaborating with brands and celebrities on their own branded AR Filter Designs. I’ve worked with brands and celebrities like MENAGERIÉ, Cocabee, Olivia Quido, KUST, Shaka Strong, Urbana Chappa, Daved Munoz, Herbarium, Buddhabeanscoffee, and others. I got a lot of work when quarantine began and it’s been a joy getting to be creative with so many artists.

What do you think is the future of AR Filters?

AR Filters can be much more than masks, colors or 3D shapes. Through filters we can tell a brands story, create an immersive AR game contest, promote a certain product, or bring imagination to life. I believe there will be games and color gradings we have yet to imagine that will blur the lines of Augmented Reality and the real world.

Do you think AR Filters in the fashion Industry will eliminate the need for in person shopping?

AR Filters can help brands tell their story, or incorporate their products into filters. I think people who can not afford or carry the products would love using them as AR 3D Filters. I think this is more environmentally friendly approach to change makeup, accessories, and clothes without harming the environment. I think many brands are realizing this so having filters to test the products or to use them would solidify their decision if they want to buy it forever or just to save it as filter.

Are you working on any filters now that we can be on the lookout for?

Right now I’m developing more color gradings that are beyond this world, but that’s not everything. I’m in the process of creating 3D fashion filters that no one has done before. I hope everyone can use them soon.

What’s next for Hari Tahov?

I’m a filmmaker and a creator so I want to bring out more filters that will allow people to create. There are so much wonderful brands, organizations, and individuals who need filters so I would love to collaborate and help everyone tell their story through AR Filters.

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