Upasana, the wife of Ram Charan, has made it clear that her birth will take place in India. She said the following.

In spite of previous rumours that the pair intended to give birth in the US, actor Ram Charan and his wife Upasana Konidela are ready to welcome their first child in India. In December 2022, the couple made their first pregnancy public. Upasana recently made it clear that she will give birth in India.

Upasana said in a statement that she was excited about this new stage of her life “A world-class medical OB/GYN team at The Apollo Hospitals, including Dr. Sumana Manohar, Dr. Rooma Sinha, and now Dr. Jennifer Ashton from the Good Morning America Show, will be there to help me deliver our first child in India, where we live. We are expecting many fascinating experiences from this voyage, and we are eager to begin this new stage of our life.”

Shankar and Ram Charan have worked together for the first time. Shankar’s entry into Telugu filmdom will also be made with this project, which is now known as RC 15 and will be translated into three languages. Moreover, Ram Charan is working with director Buchi Babu Sana on a sports-related project.

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