What is Brave Browser? – Brave Brower

What is Brave Browser? – Brave Brower

When it comes to web browsers, users have different priorities for choosing a specific web browser. Some go for speedy and fully featured browsers, some look for security and free of cost browsers while some demand anonymity. Security and speed are considered among the most important specs to entitle a browser as home/default. But, whenever, a user is surfing the browser, busy on his heavy official work or enjoying entertaining stuff, being interrupted by long advertisements and pop-ups is quite a normal thing. This is quite an annoying attribute of any browser for those who are expecting long, fast and uninterrupted surfing.

Now just imagine that such a browser exists which offers high-quality surfing with greater speed and efficiency with “No Ads and interruption at all” feature. A browser that loads web pages even faster than the blink of an eye. It sounds heavenly to any tech-smart person. Isn’t it? So, to your pleasure, here’s the good news. You are dreaming absolutely right.

Brave Browser, determined to fulfill your dream of that luxurious internet surfing with no ads or pop-ups, provides you an absolutely ad-free, fast, full-featured browser. The best part about the brave software is that it lets you know how many ads it blocked from a certain site. It also blocks the websites from tracking your data. Since the web-trackers are blocked, nobody dares to access your personal data and hence there will be no sudden pop-ups of ads regarding the stuff you’ve been surfing for or interested in.

Let’s have a formal introduction to this amazing web browser. Being a free and open-source web browser, it was developed and launched by Brave Software, Inc. in January 2016 as a very basic browser with only an ad-blocking feature. 2018 was an important year in the history of the Brave browser as many changes were made in it. It switched to Chromium Browsers projects, had efficient algorithms along with data privacy and trackers–blocking feature. By 2019, it turned out to be a fully-featured cross-platform web browser supported by Android, iOS, Mac, Windows10 as well as Linux. You can directly download brave browser for windows 10 for best web experience.

Another most prominent feature that makes it stand out other browsers is Basic Attention Token (BAT). Most of the tech-smart people keep it as a default browser because they can earn through the Basic Attention Token (BAT) feature. All they need to do is create a wallet at the installation to gain the rewards for surfing this browser. User is also granted with good rewards if they willingly watch advertisements. For this, data history is considered to show the relevant ads but Brave ensures that data is not disclosed to any third-party tracker nor it can leave the browser. Users can withdraw that reward monthly as well as they can contribute their reward to their favorite Website or YouTube channel demanded that the channels are verified by Brave. Brave also lets you earn if you own a verified channel that you manage through your brave Browser.

All these attractive features make this browser worth a try. So what are you waiting for? Now download brave browser latest version of this charming browser and enjoy the endless fastest and secure browsing with a way of earning through very simple ways.

Happy Browsing!!

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