Instagram and Messenger could before long follow WhatsApp in presenting encrypted messaging as part of Facebook’s plan to bring together its application empire. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is including an additional layer of privacy on iOS with help for Touch ID and Face ID.

The update (variant 2.19.20) enables clients to lock their messages behind their iPhone’s biometric authentication highlights. You can switch it on by heading in to settings, choosing Account, Privacy and “enable Lock Screen.” You’ll at that point have the capacity to set a period limit promptly, after a minute, 15 minutes or 60 minutes.

It’s critical to take note of that the new feature doesn’t work on a per-chat basis and rather locks up the whole application. Notices will in any case show up on the screen on the off chance that you have them turned on, enabling you to snappy answer to messages.

You’ll likewise still have the capacity to answer calls. Touch ID is accessible on the iPhone 5S and past, while Face ID is accessible on the iPhone X and later.

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