Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen, who are now going through a divorce, have been in the news since since she travelled to Kolkata for his cousin’s wedding and even danced with him.

Rajeev Sen posted images of his family celebrating Charu’s birthday with their daughter Zianna on his Instagram account today in honour of Charu’s birthday.

Rajeev penned a caption for Charu wishing her a happy birthday using those adorable family photos and a handful of romantic shots. “Happy Birthday Charu, wishing you tonnes of love, good health, and happiness always,” he wrote.

But, Charu announced that their divorce processes would soon start in an exclusive interview with the Bombay Times. We haven’t changed our decision to separate, she stated. We have completed the counselling and are now in the six-month cooling-off phase, which lasts until June. She loves that Rajeev is giving Ziana his undivided attention. “I am delighted that we have gotten along, says Charu. He is making an effort.

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