Who is Las Vegas Rapper Direxta?

Who is Las Vegas Rapper Direxta?

Las Vegas is most commonly known for its tourist attractions and luxurious casinos. Rapper Direxta wants to add his name to the list of Las Vegas is known for. Originally from New York the Direxta claims Las Vegas as his own. The young west coast rapper grew up in LV and he loves it all the same.

As you can imagine, Las Vegas isn’t the easiest city to start a rap career in. With so much going on in one cities it’s hard to focus on artists in the city and follow their careers. That hasn’t stopped Direxta from growing his fan though. He recently dropped a song with international artist Lady Leshur, and he’s been dropping a lot of singles lately.

To top that off he recently released his EP Project “Splash”, which has been doing very well for the LV artist. He was able to get his music out to his fans, and grow on his already loyal fanbase. Don’t forget to check out Direxta latest project, because if you haven’t got it yet… he’s up next.

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