Tevin Naidu is an Indian-South African medical practitioner, philosopher and ethicist. He has a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from Stellenbosch University and is pursuing a Master’s in the Philosophy and Ethics of Mental Health via the University of Pretoria. His work focuses on a fascinating range of topics, from schizophrenia’s effect on consciousness, to psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation’s impact on mental health.

Tevin’s academic prowess became abundantly clear during his scholar years. As a student, he continuously achieved “A” aggregates. He even completed his final 3 years of high school with an average of 100% for mathematics. His favourite subject was, of course, mathematics. His childhood dream was to become a physical cosmologist and study the origins of the Universe. He has had a passion for science and mathematics for as long as he can remember. As a child, he was passionately curious. He became his school’s first ever student-teacher, teaching mathematics and physics to other learners during his “lunch-time” and “after-school”.

As he got older, his passion for studying the Universe transitioned to the study of mind. He also realised that a career in medicine would allow him the opportunity to study the brain while effectively helping others for a living. Tevin, with his background in studying the mind and mental, is now set to launch a podcast that addresses many of the trials and tribulations that face humanity. During his time with the South African Military Health Services (a branch of the South African National Defence Force), he became a very active public educator of the community. He provided high-quality, evidence-based lectures on HIV/AIDS & COVID19 to various public sectors: the South African Army Infantry, the South African Police Services, the South African Business Chamber, the South African Correctional Services, the South African Metro/Traffic Police & local radio stations.

His ability to transform complex phenomena into easy-to-understand terminology made his lectures a must see and will most certainly transition well into a podcast format. It will allow listeners from all backgrounds to tune in. Tevin has an incredibly vast vault of knowledge that he has developed and nurtured over the years. His deep understanding of the human condition resulted from his passion for neuroscience, psychology, sociology, linguistics, anthropology and evolutionary biology (to name a few). Tevin’s aim is to make the podcast as relatable as possible while providing as much evidence-based information with unbiased commentary. His incredible depth, wit and intelligence, coupled with his amazing story-telling ability, will make his podcast an enormous success. His charm, charisma and confidence will surely captivate audiences and his amazingly humble and endearing personality will keep them listening!

Website: www.tevinnaidu.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/drtevinnaidu

Twitter: www.twitter.com/TevinNaidu

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/drtevinnaidu

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