Why combating the vulnerability of GPS technology is vital to keep malicious actors at bay

The usage of GPS technology has increased over the last few years. It is being used for navigation and timing across many parts of the world on a regular basis.

One cannot undermine the importance of GPS technology at this juncture, since it has almost become an integral part of the critical infrastructure sector.

Earlier, both government and private entities banked on powerful manned vehicles to ensure the protection ofcritical infrastructure from external sources.

However, the scenario has changed completely, as GPS technology has become cheaper and smarter. It is a necessity for many sectors and the revolution of this technology has undoubtedly turned the tables around.

Like any other technology, GPS technology also comes with its limitations. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to receive GPS signals underground. They are more vulnerable and the unethical actors are always looking to jam or spoofthese signals during the completion of a mission. Thus, it is no secret that GPS technology needs to be secured with robust measures.

At this juncture, many Artificial intelligences backed companies are coming up with innovative solutions to bridge the gap. For instance, Israel-based Infinidome has developed GPSdome,which is one of the very few products that serves both government and private entities.

It has helped various firms spanning across industries,including maritime, drones, critical infrastructure, defence and autonomous vehicles.

Infinidome is capable of protecting GPS-based vehicles or devicesfrom malicious actors. With GPSdome, the enterprises can ensure completion of critical missionswithout any interference.

It is one of the best products developed by Infinidome, which is known for having a strong network of partners and investors.The firm recently attracted investment from Rajat Khare-led Boundary Holding, one of the leading global investment companies. 

Nowadays, it is difficult to envision certain devices without GPS technology. From cars to planes, smartphones to wristwatches, many companies are integratingthistechnology into several products.

However, one cannot undermine the vulnerabilities that come with such technology. Thus, it is important for the new-age tech-based firms to develop holistic solutions and pave the way for a comprehensive growth of GPS technology.