Windows 7 still runs on at least 100 million PCs

Windows 7 still runs on at least 100 million PCs

Windows 7 seems to in any case be running on at least 100 million machines, regardless of Microsoft finishing support for the operating system a year back. ZDNet has been analyzing the extent of PCs actually running Windows 7 across different analytics reports. While every information source stakes Windows 7 at various rates of piece of the overall industry, most concur that the OS actually compensates for around 20% of PCs.

Microsoft has said for quite a long time that there are 1.5 billion clients of Windows across different forms around the world. It’s hard to get an accurate number of Windows 7 clients attributable to the various techniques utilized by analytics companies, yet it’s at any rate 100 million.

In the event that you drop Microsoft’s estimate of 1.5 billion clients of Windows to simply a billion (there are 1 billion active Windows 10 clients), at that point Windows 7 is as yet on an enormous measure of PCs. In all actuality, it could in any case be being used by in excess of 200 million gadgets around the world.

Support for Windows 7 finished in January 2020, almost 11 years after the OS first dispatched with its “I’m a PC, and Windows 7 was my idea” marketing campaign. It immediately turned into a hugely well known version of Windows, particularly with organizations. It was obvious from taking a gander at the piece of the overall industry of the operating system a year ago that it would require a year or two to get Windows 7 immovably under 10% piece of the overall industry.

It might take much more for Windows 7 to at last disappear, particularly following a year when many have gone to PCs for far off working and home schooling. Microsoft announced an expansion in PC interest and utilization because of the pandemic. All things considered, part of that PC use likewise came from family units cleaning off old PCs and laptops they haven’t utilized regularly, and a portion of these gadgets could in any case be running Windows 7.

It’s clear that the pandemic has additionally impacted the PC market over the previous year. We’re actually looking out for PC gauges from Gartner and IDC, yet a few analysts accept we might have seen almost 300 million PCs dispatched in 2020 alone. That would be a huge change for the PC market, after PCs saw a first year of development since 2011 during 2019. That development was helped before the finish of Windows 7 support, and most analysts didn’t anticipate that the market should become significantly further all through 2020.

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