Wofret: Innovative E-Commerce Application

Wofret: Innovative E-Commerce Application

The ultimate in online shopping with Wofret! Above all, customer satisfaction is aimed!

Yunus Emre Kelkitli, who was born in Trabzon in 1985, moves to England to establish his future and to receive language education. After completing his language training in 2006, he returned to Turkey and fulfilled his military service. He develops himself by jumping into many fields such as internet cafe management, computer repair and social media method.

He returns to England in 2011 and establishes his own brand. Its brand named Natorheal has the first Turkish food patent. While achieving great success in a short time, he establishes his own software company. It started with a large team of 112 people, and its team has grown to reach 243 people. Kelkitli, who will bring him to even greater heights with his new project, is working hard with his teammates.

In e-commerce, which he thinks will be the profession of the future, Wofret was born by thinking of customer satisfaction above all else. Wofret is the number one e-commerce application in both Turkey and the UK. However, it is a huge trade bridge for these two countries. It prioritizes customer safety, thanks to the cyber security measures it carries out with its teammates.

Wofret, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, constantly renews itself and rises so much that it cannot be compared to other applications. None of the deficiencies found in other online sales and shopping platforms are found in Wofret. Alongside Wofret, there are always new applications to support.

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