Work From Home Made Fun With Valyou Furniture’s Limited Edition Modern Industrial Desk

With the work from home trend catching steam, Americans have been looking to convert spaces in their homes as their office! If you have been someone who was looking to buy an office desk (or even a regular desk) but wanted to experience something unique, your time is now.

If you are a vintage lover, Valyou Furniture has a host of exciting and eye-catching furniture products for you. The all-new industrial design desk from Valyou Furniture is the talk of the town.

Valyou Furniture has a special spin-off brand that serves the needs of vintage-lovers. It’s called Foundry. Foundry is known for its detailed craftsmanship and curated premium materials. It is something that’s evident in the vintage-inspired Bernz Desk.

Perfect for your home and office needs, the Bernz Desk offers plenty of storage capacity. It is made of durable steel that gives your office space a classy finish. It is 30.5 inch in height and 25 inch in length.

Valyou Furniture follows an easy-return policy through which you can return the product without any hassle within 14 days. On top of that, the customer support is available to all Valyou customers round the clock. The bernz Desk comes with a 12 month warranty period as well.

Currently out of stock, the Bernz Desk is priced at $999! This furniture possession offers a sense of pride to Americans. Many await for Bernz Desk to be re-stocked but since it’s a limited edition product exclusively available at Valyou Furniture’s website, it’s tough to say when it comes back! Keep an eye at the official website.