Writer & Musician, Brooke Sevigny, Considers It Her Privilege To Help Others Lead Better Life

Writer & Musician, Brooke Sevigny, Considers It Her Privilege To Help Others Lead Better Life

Life hasn’t been easy for musical artist and writer Brooke Sevigny but her understanding of privilege and the spirit to never give up has made her the person she is. Born and raised in Newport Beach California Brooke felt out of place at her local high school so she decided to audition for Charter Arts School.

Brooke flourished in her exams and was accepted for production and design. While she was learning costume design and makeup artistry, she got diagnosed with a genetic lung disorder. She was in 9th grade and her illness exhausted leaving her behind in work from her peers.

Biweekly transfusions became part of her life till the time she reached 16 years of age. She was struggling to find balance in her life. She knew she wouldn’t live out the normal high school experience so she worked harder in school graduating a year early.

Brooke Sevigny realized how she was privileged to have access to good healthcare when she was close to death. This made her decide to use her struggles as a tool to help the deprived ones. After high school, she started working for the same doctor who saved her life.

Working with patients and their families who suffered from various rare diseases, Brooke understood how important genetics are and how evolution plays a vital role in the development of a healthy immune system. But public healthcare does not take into account this anthropological aspect.

Thus, Brooke decided to attend college and study evolutionary anthropology. Her passion for Science have opened doors for her to work on consecutive archeological excavations in Europe and various labs in the Los Angeles area. She studies at Hunter College, New York.

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