Digital strategy and content development assume increasingly important roles in corporate marketing. 

To create content that truly enchants, helps and engages, it is necessary to focus more on people. That is what Naman Singh Pawar, digital marketer, internet marketer and founder of Gleedq, defends. Naman discusses how communication needs to adapt to the moment of the fourth industrial revolution, bringing human beings back as the center of the importance of actions.

Using this idea, Naman Singh discusses practical content development tips that really prioritize people and produce more efficient and creative communication with the public. 

In this article, Naman shares 5 content creation hacks for you to capture the attention and devotion of your audience through digital strategy. Check out!

1st Hack: Stop Talking To Audiences

“When we talk to an audience, we don’t talk to anyone,” said Naman during his discussion. This new industrial revolution, initiated in this century and marked by automation through cyber-physical systems, is possible thanks to the internet of things and cloud computing. What needs to mark the efforts of marketing and communication, in general, is that we need to reinsert humanity in the processes and actions. Let us “stop being an interface and become people again”, as stated by the Young digital entrepreneur.

Therefore, in order to have an excellent content production, we have to stop thinking about the audience and start thinking about people, bringing back the relevance for the human being.

2nd Hack: Getting To Know Who You Talk To

Dialogue with potential customers will only be assertive and effective if we know exactly who we are talking to – their characteristics, their likes, their dislikes and how they interact. 

3rd Hack: Remove Prejudice From Vocabulary

Before manifesting itself in the form of content production, the brand must think about whether its speech can hurt someone and ends up falling into some kind of prejudice such as machismo, racism and homophobia, among others. Two little rules are essential: if you don’t feel comfortable saying something, don’t write it that way; and don’t say in writing what you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying out loud to people.

4th Hack: Think Beyond The Product Sold

Shifting – is the idea of ​​thinking about what the brand can offer besides the product or service produced. It is to understand how to create value for customers, and to see how curating content production can really contribute to their lives and, why not, to a better world. Here, Namn asked a question: of all the material that your company produces, how much of it will be forgotten 5 minutes after its reading? It is something that deserves reflection.

5th Hack: Thinking About New Approaches

We saw that the production of content that engages is the biggest difficulty, today, for content marketing. Thus, reflecting the relevance of the themes presented is increasingly important. Naman believes that relevant content is, above all, what moves a debate, and not just what initiates it. It is what will make the reader share what was said, out loud, with other people, create discussions and provide support for readers to have more in-depth discussions with people.

To check the relevance, when generating the content, it is necessary to ask three “what”: what has already been said on the subject; what is relevant about it; and what your brand has to say differently. If your content is not going to add anything new, you must rethink what to say.

With these five hacks, you can achieve better results with digital marketing, creating content that truly enchants, helps and engages people. 

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