Yui Stonewell is an Indie-Pop artiste from Tokyo who uses her talents to offer therapy for those in need of healing. Her music, while soulful and positive, has depth that all can find relatable. She and her producer/brother Tak have collaborated since early 2020 to release an EP and 9 singles. ‘Not Here To Save The World’ is her latest single which she hopes will have a healing effect on her audience.

The song starts with a cool guitar rhythm that sounds familiar yet brand new as it hits that sweet spot every couple bars. Her light and refreshing vocals are introduced and we start to hear the depth in the lyrics. She speaks of the everyday struggle mankind faces to survive, and what we can do to endure these challenges while maintaining our focus. The chorus, seasoned with bright synths and warm melodies, makes it clear that it’s a happy song in spite of it all. Yui Stonewell knows that her words and melodies alone can’t make the world a better place, but it can bring it one step closer. 

Yui Stonewell’s ‘Not Here To Save The World’ is now available on all major streaming platforms. 

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