Zachary Tarnopol, famously known as Poke, is the young man and mind behind the exponential rise of his firm Poke Media LLC

Zachary Tarnopol, famously known as Poke, is the young man and mind behind the exponential rise of his firm Poke Media LLC

He creates one of a kind games and video content that promise to entertain as well as teach kids of the new generation.

It seems the world is not enough for all the kids and youngsters out there; since they are the ones who always keep trying to explore new things and create something out of it so splendid that it attracts the maximum attention of the world. The world of digital media and platforms is one such vertical that has been disrupted by many talented young minds, who with their skills have taken each step forward to move mountains in the industry and offer something that influences many in ways more than one. Leading ahead in this list of young entrepreneurs, influencers and video content creators is Zachary Tarnopol, famously known as Poke, who with his firm Poke Media LLC has changed the face of the online platforms for the better.

Poke hails from Chicago, Illinois and was born on April 13, 1998. Little did he know as a kid that his affinity for YouTube would eventually land up in making a career in the same and at such a level, that it would give him recognition like no other in the industry. It is his determination and passion that made all this possible for him. It was 10 years ago that Poke began to put himself in front of the camera and create one of a kind content on a consistent basis to influence all his audiences. He is also a popular Roblox content creator who has so far earned millions of followers. It is a game creation system that Poke has utilized to his utmost potentials and capabilities to create video content that stands apart from others and influences more people.

With his perseverance and consistency, Poke has earned about 4.54 Million YouTube Subscribers with providing entertainment as well as contents on real-life experiments and pranks, etc. that cling his subscribers to the screen. His firm Poke Media LLC has become one of the fastest-growing firms in recent times, all thanks to Poke’s hard work and his creativity to optimize the digital mediums and create real-life content and gaming that aims to teach the next generation lessons, making them learn many more essential things through the video content medium.

Poke feels that he has the power to teach the kids something great and influence the young minds in a positive way. His notable works also include Poke as Bacon Soldier in the famous movie ‘The Last Guest’. He has also been the man behind hit music videos like SeeDeng, Ant, and Poke – PRESTONPLAYZ ROBLOX (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) which earned 18 million + viral music video views as well as 325,000 likes.

Poke’s success can also be estimated by his growing family of subscribers on YouTube, where he has gained 1 Billion + YouTube video views and nearly 4.54 million subscribers. His accounts on Instagram ( and YouTube ( are verified and the followers are only increasing each passing day. Besides this, he is verified on other social media platforms like Twitch and Roblox, and TikTok as well.

Poke is also the creative mind and producer of an Amazon Prime Video Series that is successful with 248 Episodes (total of 36 seasons.).

Poke has in a very short passage of time, made a name for himself as an international gamer, video and content creator who is tapping each and every aspect of the digital mediums and is creating unique contents that promise to entertain as well as teach useful lessons to the next generation of kids, also keeping in mind the entertainment quotient.

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