Vahid Motaghi talks about John Piper

The 55 rules are summarized in a simple text, from the steps taken by John Piper to where he is now, which, in my opinion, to all traders and traders, almost all or most of them.  They have to go through a stage where they can call themselves traders.

1. Our curiosity leads us to do some basic research and research on the market.

3- We buy one or two books and several reports and magazines.

– Things in the market that seem to be likable encourage you to research.

4 – Superficial interest in the market and trades from time to time and generally losing money and sometimes experiencing random success at this stage.

5. We generally forget our failures and take pride in our successes and encourage and persuade ourselves.

6. We prepare our own charts, which may be larger than usual and have several indicators drawn on them.

– We have developed a way to enter the market and we think that this method has no choice but to succeed!

2- We actively start our transactions.

2. The results warn us that it is not as simple as we think, and there are a few things to keep in mind.

2. We continue to trade faith and produce relatively “bad” results, but not in a way that destroys our interest.

– We still expect good results.

2. The volume of transactions and the amounts involved in them increase.

2. Reading and reading reports continue, but these only lead to more tension.  We still do not know what to ask.

14. Our success score is relatively good, but our lack of trading skills leads to a lack of utilization and a decent profit from the market.

25. Gradually the fear of the market takes over our minds, but we are still in an alley.

26. We trade in the same way as before, and we trade in large numbers and evade the law of grading.  It is only a matter of time.

Make a big profit for yourself and the feeling that everything is going well leads us to overconfidence.

– We make a big loss.  Psychologically, the problem begins to grow.

2. We buy a computer and start looking at other indicators.

– We go to other markets and methods.

2. Finally, we lose all our money.

2. We clearly understand that it is not as simple as we see.

2. It seems that we can not continue in this way.

14. We find that not enough information is enough for those who want to make money in this market.

25. To fill this gap we try to create a reporting system to tell us how things are.

26. We invite an analyst to collaborate.  Note that this is the worst thing you can do and the best thing you can do

Ask a trader for help.

– We continue to trade but at lower levels.

We start the daily reporter which is an immediate success.

2. All this requires a lot of personal research, study and analysis

But it is still not clear to us that trading is a mental matter

And other external categories (including computer methods and agents) and (almost all) irrelevant, unless you are mentally prepared.

2- Fear has taken over us and we still do not have a special way.

We understand that logical trading without a proper method has no result other than failure.

2- You were looking for a method.

The methods available in the market did not suit you and you start designing a special method for yourself.

4 – We start trading with our method, which of course is very difficult.

25. We do not come up with compelling reasons for our trades (something we did before we had the clarity) but we find that we have already looked at it: your inner currents work.

–6 – We understand that the main point in trading is our mind.  Now we can start making real progress

– We start to complete our strategy and trade with a suitable size.

– But we are still scared and this is becoming a big issue.

We have already learned that it is necessary to reduce losses, but we cannot achieve the second part (maintaining the flow of profits) despite fear.

ھ – We continue to trade and hope that it will be good.  Gradually the fear disappears.

40. We get another big blow.

40. We feel bad and think it’s better to give up, or maybe it’s better ھ We gave up the first time and a few years ago when we first got a call.

40. We continue to trade and try to avoid high self-esteem.

Armed with a stress management system, we will soon learn to meditate)

Something that is essential for any trader (and we find that we are always humble and like an empty container.

40. Choose another trader as a guide and he will introduce you to a method

Which is immediately liked by you and the reason is your appropriate (mental) status.

44. We build and develop our own system that leads to better outcomes and our mental state.

Fear is no longer an important issue.

45. We decide to meet with a transactional psychologist

What is

46. ​​We record large profits by allowing ten profits to flow into a transaction.

We do the same thing that every successful trader does.

Can we use this trick again?

40. We begin to move away from fear and reach the pivotal risk stage.

40. We understand that mental state is everything, and having peace of mind is vital, and we reduce the size of our positions again.

40. We spend a few days with our psychologist coach’s trading team.

50. We start making a profit in a sustainable way.

50 – We are a little proud of ourselves again!  But this time we realize that we are wrong and we limit it with a small loss

And we remind ourselves again to stay humble.

50. Sometimes we trade unconsciously.  We are becoming professional in this work.

50. We know we have many challenges ahead, but we can tackle them with confidence.

54. Stopping money becomes an issue.  We really live in a world full of abundance.

55. We find that our lives are enhanced by trading, and we achieve our desires in many areas of life.


Times Realty owner Jason Ng explains how to become a successful realtor

Being honest, sincere and committed to client success are the important values of a successful realtor, according to Jason Ng, a Vancouver-based realtor and the owner of the Times Realty real estate firm. 

Aside from these three values, real estate, according to Jason Ng, is about much more as well – like the ability to work your market and understand what it is that people want whether they’re looking to buy or sell.

Jason Ng credits his father with having that exact innate ability, which allowed him to create a future for his family in Canada. 

Recalling the early days, Ng remembers turning 18 and getting his first car. He learned how to drive and took his parents to and from meetings with clients. This is where Jason Ng built new skills and experiences from an early age and was able to naturally transition into the career path of a realtor. 

Today, Jason Ng operates Times Realty, and has had tremendous success in the Vancouver real estate market. 

“I can say with certainty that I have a number of satisfied clients because I often get referrals.” 

This is one of Jason Ng’s first tips to becoming a successful realtor. Having happy clients is the best way to drum up new business and be able to serve more people in your market who are looking to buy or sell homes. 

The veteran realtor says it’s important to always have the client’s concerns top of mind. For example, if clients have children, having top schools within the vicinity is often important. 

Ng goes on to say that while operating a real estate firm is no easy feat, it certainly helps to have a network of satisfied clients who can spread the word about your business. 

“This matters a lot in the real estate business because a substantial amount of money is involved in buying and selling property and trust is the key to the whole game,” says Ng. 

Ng says that for this reason, trust is a major element in ensuring your success in the real estate sector. He says that if you can build a brand of trust and honesty, you will be able to make more deals because you will get word-of-mouth referrals. 

Another way Jason Ng ensured his success as a realtor is by always keeping the unique needs of his clients in mind. Clients recognize when you remember things about them and make tailored suggestions, and they appreciate that. 

Ng says that understating your clients and showing them that you care goes a long way to ensuring your long-term success as a realtor. 

Jason Ng says that at Times Realty, he does his best to ensure that his clients always make the best choice possible when it comes to the purchase or sale of their home. Part of doing that is honestly and transparently depicting the pros and cons of each decision. 

Ng says that no decision is perfect, so it’s all about weighing out your options and making the best choice for you and your family. 

Some of the information that Jason Ng shares in the general information about each individual property as well as the market analysis. It’s important for a client to be able to envision more than just the immediate decision. 

“Nobody wants to be left with a property that they can’t sell or unload later,” says Ng. 

In addition, Ng mentions that realtors often find selling easier than buying, because selling involves the transaction of a single property, while buying can result in decision fatigue. When people are buying a new property, they often have so many options to choose from. 

One of the primary Jobs of a realtor, according to Jason Ng, is explaining the market conditions to their client. In order to do that, a good realtor must have their finger on the pulse of their neighbourhood. 

“We try to position the property in the current market situation so that we can sell it at the right price.” 

Ng says that he loves his job because he is able to help people make a decision that will impact them and their families for years to come. 

“It makes me happy to see my clients arrive at the best decision.” 


How AppHarvest Is Regrowing Appalachia

AppHarvest CEO and founder Jonathan Webb is on a mission to rebuild the Appalachian region of Kentucky one tomato at a time.

Appalachia has been the heart of Kentucky culture since Daniel Boone first wandered the rural, rolling hills in 1775. By the late 19th century, the mountainous region experienced an economic boom due to the rapid growth of the logging industry. Unfortunately, by 1965 the backcountry of the rugged Blue Ridge Mountains had fallen into such poor economic shape that one in three Appalachians lived in poverty. 

Today AppHarvest founder and CEO Jonathan Webb has high hopes that tomatoes grown with the help of robotics and artificial intelligence at indoor farms are the future of Appalachia’s economy. “We are taking on the monumental task of redefining American agriculture,” says Webb. AppHarvest is simultaneously stimulating the local eastern Kentucky economy.

AppHarvest APPH wants to replace coal mines with high-tech indoor farms.

Since AppHarvest was founded as a public benefit corporation and a certified B Corporation, it’s a for-profit company. That means it has a duty to consider its stakeholders’ best interests. AppHarvest accomplishes this with public-facing goals that include driving environmentalism in agriculture, empowering the Appalachians, and improving the lives of their employees and communities. 

Webb takes that mission very seriously, since his Kentucky roots run deep. “I’m a resident of Kentucky. I graduated from the University of Kentucky’s business school. My grandmother was born and raised in eastern Kentucky. Her home had a dirt floor, and her father died in a coal-mining accident when she was just 3 years old,” he shares. “My father grew up in a children’s home until he was 12. Neither of his parents has a college degree.” 

“I personally believe some of the hardest working men and women in the U.S. are in eastern Kentucky. Jobs in the tobacco and coal industries have disappeared yet no one has said what’s next for this skilled workforce,” laments Webb. Since AppHarvest opened, former coal miners and tobacco farmers have found employment at the technologically advanced indoor farm in Morehead, Kentucky. Webb says, “I couldn’t be more proud of my team and the hard work they are doing.”

AppHarvest is bringing back jobs to the Bluegrass State.

“More than 10,000 people applied for positions at AppHarvest in less than a year,” says Webb. “We hired over 500 of them.” He says that number will grow to more than 1,500 employees by the end of 2022. “Once AppHarvest’s other farms are up and running, including Berea, a 15-acre leafy-green facility, Richmond, a 60-acre tomato facility, and Somerset, a 30-acre strawberry facility, we will be hiring,” says Webb.  

According to Webb, AppHarvest offers entry-level employees a “living wage.” “Workers can earn well over $20 an hour, following a productivity-guided bonus,” he explains. AppHarvest offers “whole family” benefit packages. “That includes health, dental, vision, and life insurance, with 100% of premiums paid for all family members, a 401K match program, shares in the publicly traded company, and monthly CSA [community-supported agriculture] boxes,” Webb says. “We estimate that an entry-level worker earns 71% of Rowan County’s household median income.”

He and the AppHarvest team are especially interested in the next generation of environmentally conscious farmers, which is why AppHarvest plans to open all future indoor farm facilities near colleges and universities across Kentucky. Says Webb, “We hope to attract students and recent graduates with strong engineering skills for our robotics and artificial intelligence needs.”

He’s got the support of Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear. In June 2020, Beshear, a Democrat, announced that AppHarvest facilitated an alliance between Kentucky, the Dutch government, and other organizations to make Kentucky the agricultural technology capital of the United States.

After accruing $1 million in venture capital funding in 2019, AppHarvest donated one-quarter of those funds to education because Webb wants the Morehead indoor farm facility to create a pipeline for eastern Kentuckians to get into jobs in the new agritech industry. 

Why AppHarvest is the future of Appalachian farming. 

Before Morehead was under construction, AppHarvest built a container farm at Shelby County High School and Rowan County Senior High School. Brandy Carver, principal of Rowan County Senior High School, says, “We know AppHarvest is the future of farming for Rowan County because we’re all hills and not a lot of flat land.”

Before AppHarvest, Carver points out, Morehead State University, SRG Global (a plastics factory), and St. Claire Regional Medical Center were the primary industries in the rural area. “AppHarvest, in general, has been a great opportunity for the community here,” Carver says. “For that reason, we do anything we can to help students be more prepared to work there, because we know it’s a viable job opportunity when they leave high school. I know at least six former students who work in just one section of the farm.”  

AppHarvest’s tomatoes have been the star ingredient in Caprese salads and BLTs on dinner tables across Kentucky since hitting the shelves of Kroger and other major retailers. “We have salsa and other direct to consumer products coming to market, all using our tomatoes,” he shares. 

Growing produce so close to the grocery stores is better for the environment and consumers. In the U.S., 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annually—between farm and table. 

This is why on Nov. 11, 2021, Webb’s company launched its Fight the Food Fight campaign. “We’re taking our message directly to the consumer, who is voting with [their] dollar,” says Webb. “ We are asking consumers to take ownership of their purchases by supporting products that promote sustainable farm operations and well-paying jobs in agriculture. We want them to join AppHarvest in our mission to create a more resilient American-owned food system. ”

So what can the average person do to support sustainable agriculture? Webb says, “Consumers can start by being conscious of where their food comes from. And then have those conversations at the breakfast table or during dinner, with their family and friends. Support farmers who don’t use harsh chemical pesticides. Here in 2021, we really need to rethink our food supply and what it’s going to look like in the decades to come.”


Quiana Watson, A True Boss With A Purpose And Passion

A top real estate agent will set and negotiate the best price for your property and help you thoroughly understand the market. They’ll guide you through the process and ultimately help you find the home of your dreams.

This is the story of Quiana Watson, ever since she stepped into this profession, she has gained loads of experience and credibility, which has placed her in the forefront of the industry. The award winning broker has aced as a real estate agent, and CEO, having sold millions of dollars of properties and amassed an impressive social media following organically.

Quiana’s expertise in the field has many looking up to her to find that perfect property of their dreams, along with receiving advice from her about anything and everything related to real estate. Her deep knowledge about real estate has her getting listed amongst the top real estate professionals recognized by the National Association of Realtors.

Quiana’s latest move is Television. She is one of the six successful black females in ‘Ladies who list: Atlanta’ an 8 episode series by OWN that premiered last week.


Jason Hsu explains how you can make your first NFT

NFT, non-fungible tokens, are digital creations, called tokens, which unlike coins are not fungible, that is, they are not all the same, but each of them is unique or rare. The first NFTs were together with the blockchain, but their diffusion has been slow to arrive.

They are specifically tokens that cannot be used for exchanges like other cryptocurrencies, but can represent digital artwork, music tracks and anything else that can be digitized. They allow for secure transactions even if they are anonymous, as the addresses of the seller and buyer are identified in encrypted form.

So we asked Jason Hsu (the cofounder of KryptoGO USA, a SaaS provider for affordable and lightweight KYC/AML solutions)

 How to make your first NFT.

If you want to create an NFT, you don’t need any special knowledge about blockchain or cryptocurrencies, as you just need to set an image, video, audio file or any other type of files, which can present themselves in mp3, mp4, jpeg, bitmap formats, etc. So, for example, you can turn into NFT the unpublished composition of an amateur artist or an artistic photo taken on vacation. For it to be inserted on the blockchain, certifying the IP address of the person who created it, it is necessary to refer to a protocol designed for this purpose. The most widely used is on the Ethereum blockchain and is called ERC-721.

There are several sites specialized in NFT that require that the owner or creator of the NFT has a wallet that can be used with the same system.

 Normally an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-721 is required. Trust Wallet and Coinbase can also be used for this purpose. You must also have a certain amount of Ethereum, at least 100$.

At this point just click on the Create button of sites like Rarible or Opensea and follow the instructions on the screen. Basically you will need to create an account and upload the file. The site will transform the uploaded file into an NFT, which will then be placed on the blockchain, identifying the creator’s address and the identification data of the uploaded file in a cryptographic way.

The transaction will be validated on the blockchain just like when creating cryptocurrency and the file will become a token.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages

For those interested in making money from their digital creations, being able to turn them into NFTs is a definite advantage. The blockchain provides a system to certify the owner in a simple and immediate way, which is much more complex in the real world. In addition, you are faced with an audience of people interested in digital objects, without having to get lost in the midst of so many other traditional type of objects for sale.

From the point of view of an investor,  someone who wants to use NFTs as an investment, as if it were a trading operation, there are advantages and disadvantages compared to cryptocurrencies themselves. The earning potential with NFTs is unpredictable, as the value varies both due to variations in the underlying currency and interest in the digital object. Fluctuations and profit possibilities are amplified.

 On the other hand, an NFT is a unique object, so there is the possibility that it may not meet the public’s preferences and may not be able to be sold or may have to be sold off to recover at least part of the investment.

Moreover, it is not a fractional investment: you have to buy it in its entirety, unlike cryptocurrencies that can be bought for any amount you want. Finally, the choice of the asset to buy is a matter of investor feeling and flair. Since each object is different from the others, one cannot rely on market trends to identify the assets, the time to buy or sell and at what amount. On the other hand, counter-parties will also have no reference points.

A final advantage you may have is that you can transfer ownership of your asset to anyone, even without payment of a fee, as a gift. This allows you to officially transfer a property without legal implications.

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4sythetrading Review: Why this Company is Taking Over the Crypto and Stock trading Space

If your stomach can’t handle the ups and downs of trading cryptocurrencies through places like Coinbase, there’s another way you can earn money without selling the digital currency you already own. Sure, you could invest in non-fungible tokens in the crypto space in hopes that your investment will go up in value, and that play could be something you want to add to your portfolio. But what if you could earn interest on your Bitcoin and USDC and still retain ownership? Companies like 4sythetrading ( ) make earning interest on your cryptocurrencies possible.

What Is 4sythetrading?

Maybe you’ve heard of BlockFi, where you can hold digital currency in a crypto wallet for trading or earning interest. If so, you need to know about 4sythetrading, a similar but smaller and versatile company that provides the same services as the crypto lending giant but with more options.

A couple of entrepreneurs in Singapore and Estonia started the new fintech company to give investors in the cryptocurrency community a means to make money on their investments without trading.

How the 4sythetrading System Works

When you deposit your cryptocurrency into 4sythetrading, the system allocated funds to its different arms using an in house analysis method. Below we talk about Loans, Cryptocurrency mining and Staking which form the core of the 4sythetrading business.


Users on the platform follow in house trading signals ( buy and strong buy Signals ) and earn a profit after 24 hours of holding the positions on the right assets. This technology is referred to Tokenised stock options trading. 4sythetrading is the only company in the industry that has perfected this trading method so far

How to make money on 4sythetrading?

Sign up to their website

Make a bitcoin deposit.

When your deposit reflects.

Proceed to the Signals section, check for the buy and strong buy signals

Proceed to markets to trade the digital asset that matches the signal you analysed.

After 24 hours your capital and profit are returned to your trading wallet. You can restart the process to continue growing your account.

Withdrawals are also made through bitcoin to your bitcoin address which is requested during withdrawals.

4sythetrading is a safe and secure investment platform backed by some of the worlds biggest Firms. It a legit way to earn good income on the side for those new to the cryptocurrency industry.

4sythetrading is now listed among the top automated trading exchange volumes in the world. The CEO Katsumi Han has taken the company to greater heights and more venture capital firms continue to invest in the idea.


Food Boss shares his top bits of advice for aspiring entrepreneur chefs

The celebrity chef talks about what helped him strive for the last three decades.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Frank has used his inherent culinary expertise and infused them with entrepreneurial skills that have been the reason for his success. The Italian chef runs his show called In The Kitchen With Frank across different social media platforms and has gained an ever-growing audience for himself. His entrepreneurial achievements include owning and operating catering venues called Ariana’s Grand and Ariana’s South for the past twenty-five-plus years.

Better known on the internet as Food Boss, Frank has crossed over a million followers on Tik Tok alone and his cooking videos have become viral for several different reasons. It may seem like the chef has a never-ending streak of luck but it is his tried and tested skillset that has helped him in every realm of life. He is with us today and will share his top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs’ chefs who aim to follow in his footsteps.

Always start with what you are best at.

I clearly remember back when I was entering the food business that many other options were also available for me to go into. Some of my friends were going towards automobiles while others were looking to sell real estate. Both of them seemed like good careers to take up for me but I chose what I knew from my birth. It was cooking. I had a knack for making huge feasts for the family and even when friends would come over. This was turned into a living by me when I started my first catering venue Ariana’s.

Constructing a brand must always be the priority.

Most people try to get their hands in everything they can all at once and end up ruining everything. I’m not going to say it’s something bad to be hustling, but it must be done in the right direction. If you have made up your mind about a specific industry and business, just focus on making the brand instead of making yourself famous. In case the brand does not service, you have the chance to start another one. For me, it was when I started my kitchen called Ariana’s. It’s the name of my firstborn daughter. When I moved to the internet, the strategy was the same. The name of the show was In The Kitchen With Frank while I branded myself as Food Boss. Now everyone knows me as Food Boss and the brand has a strong social media presence as well.

Never be afraid of growing on your success

I’m going to be straight on this one, there is a limit to the success you can get from a certain outlet. You must be ready to expand when the right time comes knocking. In my case, it happened twice. First when I got the chance to open the second catering kitchen which I named Ariana’s Grand. Secondly, when I was going to start my online career and post my videos on the internet. Needless to say, you always miss every one of the chances you never take!

Be Open to new ideas and skills

At the start of my career, it was a good option for me to just focus on Italian cuisine and make it the theme of my kitchen. I can’t explain how lucky I am to not take that route. Now the whole world knows that we do not only cook Italian. This would have also affected me when I was going to post my videos online. People would have only known me for being good at Italian food and not as a good chef overall.

Adapt yourself to the changing times

Hard times come and go, but only the tough get through those times. My rule for this is to always adapt to the new normal and build your success from there. When public gatherings got banned, I realized it was a sign for me to find interest in something new. For me, it was In The Kitchen With Frank. It would have been the end of the road for me if I had not found a new thing.

You can have a look at the delicious feasts Frank makes at his home by visiting his Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok accounts. He urges all his viewers to try out his recipes and get in touch with him whenever they need his help or can suggest something even better.


Helpful Tips for Investing in Housing and real estate according to the successful entrepreneur, Reza Jalali

To succeed in the real estate market and make a profit and wealth from investing in this market, having money and capital alone will never be valuable and efficient. Therefore, let us know some information and follow some tips to succeed in this market. It is necessary to read more with the consultants of Farasoo realty Group (MBA Cafe) to induce some samples of methods and tips which will facilitate you to invest in the real estate market.

1- Investing in a recession

The growing realty cycle implies that the customer controls the market, and you will be able to buy the property at a reduced price during a recession to sell it at a high value-added boom. During this era, you will be able to also earn money by renting your property.

2. Do not ignore local research

To buy a property or land, just paying attention to its price can confuse you. You purchase a property for two purposes. Either you wish to sell it later at a higher price; otherwise, you want to rent it. In any case, to attain these goals, you may need a decent market for your property. So before investing, give some thought to the demand situation for getting and renting property therein area, and whether at a price you opt to buy the property, the demand for property therein neighborhood is specified you will, otherwise you may incur a loss.

Try to put the pros and cons of property together, then predict its future. So do not forget that when investing and buying a property, just paying attention to its price is not enough.

In different provinces, the real estate market is local, but in big cities like Tehran, this market is suffering from various issues. Watch out to make sure you are not just buying a property that seems to own an affordable price, and you will determine after the purchase that this property is found in an unfavorable area. Does one have to know what place you are targeting? What makes a decent area?

You need to grasp if you intend to stay your home as a permanent or property, will the investment you make increase? If this home is the property you are renting, it is a good idea to make sure you are buying it in areas with a rising price or constant demand for rent. You will also need to make repairs or alterations after purchasing a home, asking yourself, what does the market have for you when your home renovation is complete? You would like a real estate expert who knows the local market well, who can answer your questions on the property you are buying and address your concerns. Remember, it is crucial to be aware of the local market you intend to invest in for realty. Therefore, it is better to talk to real estate consultants who have been officially and legally active in this field for many years.

Farasoo real estate Advisors can facilitate you along the way; All you must try and register your application with Farasoo Group so that Farasoo Consultants can enable you in this regard.

3- Seek excellent opportunities

One of the factors which will guarantee your profit in land investing is the price you pay to buy a property. In the real estate sector, a decent purchase could be a purchase that is up to the typical cost of the property therein area or maybe less than the usual price. Once you have cash, you may have the facility to form good use of the excellent opportunities within the land sector. Excellent opportunities usually arise at a time when the possessor is in dire need of money and desires to sell their property as soon as possible. In such cases, if you have money, you will profit from those opportunities.


Sergey Tokarev: The past, present, and future of Ukrainian IT sector

Sergey Tokarev, the founder of IT company Roosh and an IT investor, explains the emergence of the Ukrainian IT sector from nothing to something extraordinary. The word ‘startup’ was first mentioned by Forbes in 1976, however, investors in Ukraine never took it seriously as of the 1990s. In the 2000s, the Ukrainian technological ecosystem started using its capabilities in this domain. Before that, the world has already witnessed several startup panics that made billionaires from millionaires and millionaires from billionaires.

The good luck of Ukraine allowed it to overcome these panics without even noticing. In the middle of the 2000s, the Ukrainian developers started working on converting their technological ideas into reality. The Ukrainian technological advancement first came in the form of starting supplying IT specialists to the world. “Then outsourcing companies that developed custom-made products in the United States and Europe began to grow like mushrooms. Ukrainian developers were noticed on the market. We have declared ourselves,” said Sergey Tokarev.

The most important plus of Ukraine in the IT sector is the presence of millions of business-minded people who have creative ideas related to technology. Grammarly, a renowned Ukrainian software company, is one of the best examples in this regard. Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko, the founder of Grammarly, started working on this project back in 2009. In the 12 years, Ukraine has only produced a single such giant having a market capitalization of 13 billion dollars. Why has no other Ukrainian project come into the spotlight in these years?

The Ukrainian IT sector had come a long way ahead after overcoming various crucial challenges. According to Sergey Tokarev, the Ukrainian investors were not interested in startups and IT at all in 2009. The success of Grammarly in the 12 years since its launch has changed the mindset of Ukrainian investors. “In fact, we have switched from industrialization to the space age and overcame two technological paradigms in a few years. We have full-fledged venture funds, and investors are in constant search of their unicorns,” he added.

Ukraine has undoubtedly made huge progress in the field of IT but it is still comparatively behind from the West Coast and other startup markets. In terms of speed, the progress of Ukraine is commendable as compared to various countries. The growth of the Ukrainian IT sector in the twenty years is way faster than other noticeable IT jurisdictions. The foundation has been laid, there is a need for a full-fledged IT ecosystem to build this sector strong and long-lasting. Sergey Tokarev explained that investors should play a role in building the IT structure. He appreciated the announcement of the Mazepa Awards to praise investors by Igor Mazepa, the founder of Concord Capital.

Another key aspect of a successful IT market is the development of top products and a technological community. Ukraine should focus more on modern technological education and access to technology to achieve this goal, according to the Roosh founder. The Kyiv School of Economics is playing a crucial role in this regard. Tokarev said that this SET university would help Ukraine achieve the goal of developing top products and a full-fledged IT culture. 


Sinan Ezam, an Iranian entrepreneur and active in the US Forex market

Sinan Ezam has been involved in the Forex market since 2006 and has been in crypto for nearly three years

Sinan’s description of Forex and Crypto:

What is Forex?

Forex is a Latin term derived from the two words foreign interchange, which implies the exchange of foreign currencies. The simplest definition for the exchange of foreign currencies is that the conversion of one currency into another, many of which are employed to shop for and sell goods or services of companies and governments, travel and shopping expenses of tourists, or investments of people and corporations in the country is employed. Of course, most currency exchanges make a take advantage of the difference between the acquisition and sale price.

In the global currency exchange market, all banks (commercial, central and investment), large financial institutions, multinational corporations, traders, insurance companies, export and import companies, pension funds, speculators and individuals, currencies They trade different currencies like US dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen, etc. Unlike most other financial markets, this market does not have a particular physical location, and banks, institutions, and traders trade one currency against another through the electronic network. Although the character of Forex trading is over the counter, the main foreign exchange trading centers are in London, New York, and Tokyo, respectively, and banks worldwide participate in these trades.

Forex trading is buying one currency and, at the same time, selling another currency. Currencies are traded through a trader or broker in pairs. For instance, Euro and USD (EUR / USD) or British pound and Japanese Yen (GBP / JPY). Forex trading is often summarized in two goals: 1. First, sell at a high rate, then buy at a low rate 2. First, invest at a low rate and sell at a high price.