Instagram is the second most popular social media site on Facebook. Today, it has approximately 900 million users worldwide and is particularly popular among young people.

With such an enormous user base, businesses do not miss the opportunity to showcase their presence on the platform and enhance their brand visibility.

Instagram is a great forum for businesses to promote their name, product and services to a huge audience. This is a key part of their social media marketing strategy.

If you’re a social media executive in the company you ‘re working with, you’d be asked to grow your brand on social media platforms.

And that’s why you’re here; figure out how to increase the company’s Instagram business account followers and increase your user engagement using

It is very likely that you have your own brand and are looking to promote your business on the Instagram platform.

Ok, whatever it is, I’m going to help you with that. In this write-up, I’ve discussed 7 effective ways to get more Instagram followers and increase engagement with your posts. Let’s find out about it.

How do I raise Instagram followers using How to raise the commitment?

If you’ve just made your Instagram business account and want to build a list of your fans, here’s how you can do it. The points mentioned are combined for both, i.e. having more followers on Instagram and through interaction.

1. Optimize the image of the brand

First things, first things! Before you start thinking about growing Instagram likes using Goread, your Instagram profile needs to be perfectly set up. There should be a brand image, an email address, a brand details, a bio website link, etc.

It is very necessary to mention a link because it is the best way for people to check your website and get to know your brand (if it is not popular).

Optimize your profile in the best way possible, so that if someone comes to your page, they will give you a professional look. Try to get the same picture of the profile on all social media platforms. This makes it easy for people to recognize your brand, no matter which platform they use.

2. Start posting periodically

Consistency is the key to success, and it also applies here when we talk about how to get followers to Instagram.

The number of your followers will not increase if you are not consistent with your updates. You need to post on a regular basis. There’s not supposed to be too much gap in your posts. A minimum of one post a day is a must. The more you post, the more commitment you will have.

When the irregularity comes to your posts, you will begin to lose the few followers you earned when you were involved.

3. Focus on the content of quality

When I said in the above section that you need to post frequently, I didn’t mean that you should post anything just for the sake of posting. Tip – I used Goread Views to get more Instagram views quickly in past

The best way to get more followers and increase Instagram engagement is to offer quality content to the viewer.

Think innovative, track current trends, determine what’s going to be viral, and then try to relate it to the brand. You need to think outside the box. It could be time-consuming, but it would be worth it.

That’s why I’ve always said that a social media executive should be someone who has a creative mind and is capable of brainstorming new ideas, and not just someone who’s just posting on social media platforms.

When you demonstrate your creative side by adding a bit of humour, which we can also call memes, people will love it. They will connect with your posts and will not hesitate to click the button below.

4. Comments Engage


Not responding to comments and waiting for the commitment to rise is like expecting to make a mark without writing anything on the exam paper.

Not possible, isn’t it?

I can understand that I can’t respond to too many comments if your brand is famous and has a strong follower base, but you wouldn’t get too many comments at the outset.

And that’s why you need to give value to every comment made by the user on your posts. It shows kindness. When you engage in a discussion, not only does it increase engagement, but people are encouraged to leave a comment more often than not from the next day.

Apart from that, you should also be engaged in the posts of another brand. Brands that are popular and focus on the same niche as yours can help you increase your Instagram followers by interacting with their posts. Many users are sure to notice you in the comments and are likely to give a follow-up.

5. Using hashtags to

Use Hashtags

Instagram, the commitment game is all about hashtags. Plus hashtags are very helpful in getting Instagram followers free of charge.

Instagram Hashtags gives you a wide organic reach and can do wonders for the brand without having to spend on Instagram ads.

But there’s a good way to use hashtags. First, avoid using hashtags that are not relevant. I’ve seen pages that put too many hashtags in the post caption. Don’t ever do that. There is no point in making the posts reach users who are not important to them.

So, find the top and trendy hashtags relevant to your niche and use them accordingly. Set a limit on the hashtags. If there is too much in the number, users can be distracted from the post.

Second, when you use hashtags, mention them after some space, so that they’ll be hidden after the caption. Write your caption, press the enter key a couple of times, and then specify your hashtags.

This way, your hashtags won’t be shown to users unless they tap “read more

6. Find the right time to send mail

Timing plays a crucial role when posting to Instagram. You’re not supposed to post whenever you feel like.

Prepare a schedule for when you’re going to post and what you’re going to post; whether it’s a regular post, a blog, a video, etc.

Commitment would be high when users are most involved. But how are you going to find the perfect time to post? Although there is no fixed time to ensure that it is the best time to get involved, studies have found that 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. were probably the best time to get your articles read.

7. Get Out to Influencers

One of the best ways to get more and more actual Instagram followers is to reach out to Influencers. Influencers can take your brand to a new height by promoting it among their followers.

Please contact any influencer. What they charge depends on how many followers they have and how popular they are on the platform.

Final Perception

Some other strategies to improve engagement and enhance your Instagram followers would include sharing Instagram stories, doing Instagram live, making shoppable posts, running user-generated content promotions, and more. You ‘re going to find a lot of ways over the Internet.

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