Keala Kanae, the entrepreneur who has succeeded in the pandemic

As a business leader with years of experience in online marketing, sales funnels, and affiliate marketing, Keala Kanae has been able to overcome the business challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic with a series of skills and aptitudes that he believes are fundamental to being a successful entrepreneur.

He is the CEO and founder of Inspirean, a company that helps its clients to become better leaders of themselves and their businesses through our two-pronged approach focusing on both skillset (marketing, sales, operations) and mindset (leadership, self-mastery).

With this company, Keala innovates its working methods just two years before the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, foresaw a future of more decentralized work environments and virtual teams that resulted in the closing of their physical offices to make the transition to an online modality. “Because of that, we were very well prepared for the pandemic because we had been managing our team virtually for over a year and a half by that point”, said Keala.

For him, these types of difficult situations forge in him a character and a mind required to achieve big ambitions as an entrepreneur. That’s why he believes that the adaptation to the struggle and the preparation for chaos is crucial to building a prosperous business. He learned that when he went through a difficult partnership breakup which led to eventually buying out his partner and rebranding the company in 2018.

“It’s the reason I can help our clients see fast growth while also seeing the potential pitfalls and obstacles ahead long before they’re a threat to the business and begin planning and/or adjusting accordingly”, explained Keala.

Also, Keala considers that other skills can help an entrepreneur to succeed in critical scenarios, such as the learning to interpret and appreciate the data, where a good analysis of a company’s statistics derive to meaningful decisions with measurable outcomes, the identifying when to get comfortable to do nothing because it is important to stop the progress as the situation is unclear, and the preparation for difficult situations with effective investment in the work teams.

The entrepreneur’s future is uncertain and their livelihood is constantly threatened by economic factors, competitors, technology changes, internal power struggles, organizational changes, market conditions, and more. For this reason, Keala assures that a businessman has to be a ‘Great Leader’ and must adapt to the constant innovations in their skills such as leadership, team building, culture building, and how to be both an effective war-time CEO and Peace-time CEO.

“Great leaders are those who can stay calm during the storm; remain poised, not poisoned, and convey confidence in adversity. They take none of the credit but all of the blame as they empower their teams to do what needs to be done regardless of the hours, circumstances, or workloads needed to achieve critical outcomes”, added Keala, who understands that combining a professional experience of various industries and businesses could assure a successful development in any venture.

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Top 5 Emergency Help to Watch Out From Towing and Roadside Assistance Service Providers

Every one of us wants to enjoy a hassle-free ride while driving through the streets of Los Angeles, but some engine or tyre-related problems may hamper our journey right in the middle of the road. What should we do then? Issues like a flat tyre may arise anytime when you are on a desolate road with no people around. 

You need not worry. Call Towing & roadside assistance services in Los Angeles, CA, to get immediate help and relief. The company has been in roadside assistance since 2013. Whenever you need any help right in the middle of the road at night or midnight—Los Angeles Towing is always ready to help you immediately without any delay. 

Mechanical Problems 

These are the most common problems that drivers face while driving. A jump start is essential when a car encounters a flat battery problem. If the car still doesn’t start, you need to replace it. However, the vehicle must be first inspected by an expert roadside assistance service provider first. 

Emergency Towing Services 

If a car can’t move further, you need a towing facility. Only professional roadside assistance companies with years of experience in this field should handle such problems. The exact charge for hiring towing services vary from company to company based on size, weight, and time needed for completing the towing operation. 

Towing means helping the vehicle to reach the nearest service centre for further investigation of the problem and getting the same resolved at the earliest. 

Urgent Tire Change 

When you go for a long drive, problems like tyre puncture or tyre bursting are quite common. Depending upon the conditions of the road, surface, and weather, such problems can arise anytime. You can get immediate help by calling a towing service provider. They can either replace the tyre or get the same fixed—if the tyre-related problem is manageable. 

Accidental Car Lock 

Many times, car owners accidentally get their car locked automatically, with the vehicle key remaining inside. You can’t unlock it without professional help. Get expert assistance from Los Angeles roadside assistance service providers to get relief from the same. 

Emergency Gas Fuelling

Imagine you are going on a long drive with your family, but your car suddenly runs out of fuel. It is one of the most common problems that people face in the middle of the road. In such a situation, you need to hire an emergency service that can provide you with emergency gas fuelling service to help your vehicle reach a nearby petrol pump or fuel station and get its fuel requirement fulfilled. 

Many of these problems are vehicle specific. Be specific and give as much information about your vehicle as possible to the emergency roadside assistance service provider.  Starting from towing services, type of tyres your vehicle uses, to emergency gas/ oil fuelling services—Los Angeles towing offers you with all necessary emergency services whenever you need at any time of the day or night. 

It’s always better to do some online research about some of the nearest roadside assistance service providers who can turn up in time when you need them the most. 

In Conclusion 

You can shortlist emergency roadside assistance firms based on their years of experience, professional expertise, online reviews posted by customers, types of services they provide, their ability to manage multiple vehicle models, availability of the advanced equipment and tools.   

If you are looking for a reliable 24×7 emergency roadside assistance service provider, Los Angeles towing is the best option for you. It offers affordable emergency services throughout the day or night. Please call (323) 203-0388 for further information or to know more about their services and prices.


How to Find Discounts on smartphones When Shop Online?

Smartphones are a great tool to use for staying connected with friends and family, but they can get expensive if you do not find discounts on smartphones. There is so much choice when it comes to the phones that are available, and it can be quite confusing trying to find the best deals. You need to make sure that you are getting the best deal for your money. With online discounts on smartphones, you can find great savings and save a lot of money. Here is how to find discounts and save money when you buy a smartphone.

When you are looking for online discounts on smartphones you need to think about where you will be buying them. This means finding out where the stores are that sell these phones. You can choose to buy from online stores, brick-and-mortar stores, or online shopping malls. If you are buying from an online store then there is more chance that you will boost mobile black Friday deals and discounts. This is because they will have lower overheads than most other stores. They also do not have to pay the high price tags that are characteristic of many stores.

Find Online Discount:

One of the advantages of buying a phone online is that you are more likely to find an online discount than you would get from a local store. One reason why you will find an online discount is that these stores do not have as many overhead costs. They do not have a large inventory and they don’t have a large sales force working for them. This means that they can offer phones online at a discount. However, this online discount on smartphones won’t last long.

Free Shipping and Save Money:

If you want to buy cheap smartphones online then you will need to find an online store that has a good online discount and offers free shipping. You should be able to find all the models that you want to buy, even those that are not available for free online. If you buy from a reputable online store then you should be able to save money.

The other thing to look for in online stores is whether they have free shipping options. Some people will purchase a phone online only to find that they cannot take it home. If this happens then you can return it to the online store and get a discount.

Convenient for Anyone:

There are several different reasons why people buy smartphones online. For some people, it is a matter of convenience. They can buy a phone and download the operating system, install the application, and get started using it straight away. For others, it is a matter of saving money.

As we have mentioned before, some people will buy their handsets online as a way of saving money. The biggest advantage of buying these types of phones online is that you will know that you are getting the real deal. These devices are manufactured by many different manufacturers and are sold online at reduced prices. This means that online stores can offer great savings on them compared to brick and mortar stores.


In conclusion, if you want the latest smartphones online, you need to search around. Compare the different online stores and the price listings to find the best one. Once you have found the best one then make sure that you make your purchase within a short space of time. It is easy to become disheartened if you wait too long to buy your device and you could end up paying a lot more than you wanted to.


Top 50 Anthony Ejefoh Motivational Quotes

Anthony Ejefoh is a Nigerian Author and internet entrepreneur. He is the chairman, president, and founder of Bstock01 Media. 

Anthony Ejefoh is a prominent Nigerian media magnate. We also find him as a successful entrepreneur. 

In the profession, Anthony Ejefoh has achieved miraculous success. Currently, Anthony Ejefoh is one of the most influential people in Africa. Anthony likewise wins our respect due to his high human quality. He constantly motivates individuals to accomplish their goals. If you look at Anthony Ejefoh’s quotes, you will find them highly motivational for those who suffer from a lack of confidence. He motivates us to make our failure the source of strength.

“the only person who knows your path to greatness is you.”

“I won’t give up . I refuse to give in.”

“learning from other people’s mistakes is foolish because they’re too busy making new ones.”

“I am a failure but I refuse to quit.”

“true friends are those who rid us of life’s burdens.”

“we are responsible for what happens to us, not what happens to others.”

“don’t limit me because of my disabilities – let my abilities exceed your expectations.”

“my dream for life is that the world may be filled with light, love and understanding.”

“without knowledge, wisdom cannot be obtained”

“surround yourself with people who make you feel safe.”

“Rich People don’t need motivational quotes.”

“Keep going no matter what anyone does or says to hold you back because one day when it’s all over, they’ll be asking how did they forget about this great thing that happened.”

“You can’t be a bird, then cry about not being able to fly.”

“Don’t be pushed by your problems, swim in them.”

“People will act like they understand you until they know you don’t understand yourself.”

“Falling down is the first step towards coming back stronger.”

“A failure is not a reason to stop. It’s a reason to start again, and harder.”

“start today so that everything works out tomorrow.”

“don’t get mad at your failures, get up and do it again tomorrow.”

“success is not about wealth or fame, it’s about making a difference in other people’s lives every single day of our lives.”

“you will always find something good to say about yourself if you are looking for something bad.”

“I won’t give up until I have proved myself.”

“Sometimes what others say about us matters the most.”

“We are not there yet, but we’re almost there.”

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Speculation sales Market thunders back,New York City

New York City investment deals became animated in the second quarter, recovering from a unexpected misfortune in the first.
Around 454 transactions were completed from April to June, amounting to $5.3 billion. The dollar volume almost significantly increased the primary quarter absolute, as per Ariel Property Advisors’ quarterly investment sales report.
It also doubled the dollar volume of a year prior, however was as yet far shy of 2019’s second quarter when bargains worth almost $10 billion were closed.
Commercial real estate normally expect three to a half year to close, so the subsequent quarter results mirror a pandemic recuperation that started recently, said Ariel’s leader, Shimon Shkury.
“There’s still a lot of room to improve,” Shkury said. “Be that as it may, the bob back has been vigorous in the course of recent months.”
With more individuals who had deserted during the pandemic presently getting back to New York City, market-rate rental condos are flourishing once more, giving financial backers trust later on,they said.
Multifamily exchange volume in the second quarter was $1.67 billion, a more number of than twice the volume of a year prior.
Major deals included Stonehenge Partners’ $134.5 million securing of a 68-unit, white-block high rise at 920 Park Avenue on the Upper East Side from a private family. The arrangement shut in April.
Another nine-figure bargain happened in the Bronx: In June, Blackshore Realty sold a 15-high rise portfolio with 769 units to Neighborhood Restore Housing Development Fund for $122 million, concurring Ariel.
The portfolio included 2290 and 2344 Davidson Avenue in University Heights; 1805 and 1815 University Avenue in Morris Heights; 373 East 188th Street in Fordham; 1245 Findlay Avenue in Concourse Village; 1206 Westchester Avenue in Foxhurst; 1410 and 1454 Grand Concourse and 1575 Townsend Avenue in Mount Eden; 1097 and 1177 Walton Avenue in Concourse; 1857 and 1881 Walton Avenue in Mount Hope; and 2160 Walton Avenue in Fordham.
The workplace area recorded $974 million in deals, significantly increasing the volume of a year prior. The complete figure was supported by two significant Manhattan exchanges that shut in June.
One was SL Green Realty’s $325 million offer of 635-641 Sixth Avenue in Chelsea to Spear Street Capital. The 267,000-square-foot building was renovated in 2015 with new lobby, lifts and a penthouse roof offering open air convenience and occasion space. The biggest occupant, software company Infor, as of late recharged its 90,000-square-foot rent.
“The world of offices really depends on location and quality,” Shkury said. “The buildings that are being built right now, like One Vanderbilt and buildings in Hudson Yards and World Trade Center, will benefit from their quality.”
Northwood Investors also finalized on a negotiation to acquire a pair of structures at 520 and 524-528 Broadway in Soho from the Propp family for $323.5 million.


Dom Singh explains 3 tricks for women to have that perfect summer body!

Assuming that you’re a woman attempting to build up muscle quickly , these easy tips are able to take you to your targets. Due to the fact that acquiring lean muscle mass quickly demands adjustments to both your exercise and diet regimen, take into consideration a resistance workouts program which works all your primary muscle groups as well as a diet plan which results in muscle building. Dom Singh states that many of his female clients are first hestitant to come forward, however, whenever they get in the groove of things, they drop size and shape instantly! Dom Singh provides online training, targeting south Asians. He states, for ladies, there are 3 tricks!

  1. Tailor Your Training

Weight training boosts women’s bodies to generate more significant quantities of these particular two hormones, enabling you to acquire muscle mass a lot more quickly in comparison to various other forms of workout. You have to pick a training to alter to your body.

  1. Its quality over quantity when it comes to reps!

This particular workout consists of utilizing reasonably heavy weights and also carrying out sets of two to eight repetitions. A shorter amount of reps by having a heavier weight improves both the quantity as well as size of the muscle threads, bring about even more lean physical body mass. This forces the muscles to the point of fatigue boosts testosterone release and also raises microtrauma of the muscle threads. Microtrauma entails small rips in the muscle cells, and your body system is going to react by fixing and switching out the ruined fibers with stronger as well as larger tissue.

  1. Use Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy

By having sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, you take part in cycle workouts with 12 to 15 reps per workout and a minute or less of relaxation in between sets. Select three or four workouts and do them back-to-back. A number of the more reliable workouts consist of incline dumbbell chest press and also chest fly, bench dips as well as dumbbell side raises. This particular form of workouts does not trigger muscle exhaustion, yet rather boosts the body system to generate a lot more growth hormonal agent for muscle building.


A study of music therapy from the point of view of Ehsan Neyzan, a popular Iranian singer and musician

Ehsan Neyzan recently gave a lecture on the role of music in the treatment of diseases and maintaining physical and psychological health in one of his music therapy workshops. In the following, we will read a part of Ehsan’s speeches.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a form of art therapy that uses music to improve and maintain the physical, psychological, and social health of individuals, and includes a wide range of activities, including listening to music, singing, and playing a musical instrument. This type of treatment is performed by a trained specialist and is often used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, medical centers and sanatoriums.

History of music therapy

This treatment emerged as a profession in the twentieth century after World War I and World War II. After the war, both amateur and professional musicians attended veterans’ hospitals to help veterans with physical and mental injuries. The effect of music on patients’ physical and emotional responses made doctors and nurses want to hire musicians, and thus began training in this type of treatment. Music has been used for centuries as a therapeutic tool and has been shown to affect many areas of the brain, including those involved in emotions, cognition, emotion and movement.

This fact, combined with the fascinating nature of music and the variety of forms of music, makes music very effective in treating a wide range of physical and mental problems, including depression, anxiety and high blood pressure. Early music is defined as “an interpersonal process in which the therapist uses music and all aspects of it to help improve, restore, or maintain the health of patients.” Music is very complex and should not be confused with “music medicine”. Musical medicine is performed by medical professionals or health services, but it is done by trained people. “Music medicine” usually involves passively listening to music pre-recorded by medical personnel.

Many people can use this treatment. The diverse nature of music suggests that it can be used to treat anxiety both physically and mentally. In some cases, the use of music can be effective in cases where other treatments have not worked, because in some cases music therapy can lead to responses that other therapies have no effect on. This process can be effective in cases where people have difficulty expressing their emotions orally. Because music can evoke positive emotions and stimulate reward centers in the brain.


Emerging as one of the finest talents in entrepreneurship is a man of honor and courage – Jorgedian Dihigo Caro

Jorgedian Dihigo Caro, AKA ‘JDC’ uses his experience, quality, consistency and overall learning what the customers really need and demand and implements the plan accordingly.

Many people dream of becoming entrepreneurs someday. But realising that there are other aspects that needs to be taken into consideration. Moreover, we need to ask ourselves if we are ready to take the challenge to the outside world. Because, not many people have the vision, innovation and creativity to become a successful entrepreneur.

Every individual must have a positive attitude and accept the responsibility, have discipline to meet their goals, and take action when the opportunity presents itself. One such name in the entrepreneurial world is that of Jorgedian Dihigo Caro, a Cuban entrepreneur. A name who has created wonders since past decades in the business world in Cuba and UAE.

Coming from humble beginnings, JDC made a name for himself in this industry by doing what he loves and using his potential to the fullest. He is an expert at going above and beyond the call of duty to meet customer needs. Jorgedian has truly accomplished great things while maintaining a positive attitude that is contagious among his teammates. He has also faced a lot of obstacles to get where he is now.

Businesses trying to survive the current economic crisis need to pursue competitive advantages and empower them and JDC Is very well updated about the market conditions in today’s world. He knows about the competitive advantage results from matching core competencies and right to the opportunities.

He uses his experience, quality, consistency and overall learning what the customers really need and demand. Being a PR manager in the biggest wellness and aesthetics clinics in Dubai is no exception. And with the consistent growth in the business, JDC is all set to launch his new businesses but with a twist what to know what it is?

Jorgedian is all set to open his own boutique hotel in Havana, Cuba. Always interested in hospitality sector and wanting to make a name in the fraternity, Jorgedian had a dream of not only achieving a big name in the business world, but also wanted to achieve greater heights. And now his work has been featured in many magazines and international news portals as well.

He has always believed that it’s important to be open-minded and not get attached to a particular idea. The best ideas are formed through exploring other ones. We shouldn’t let ourselves limit our thinking by falling in love with just what we have now. It is also crucial to never stop learning from our mistakes and failures.

JDC has been a key component for success! He has taken over the wellness and fashion niche across his Instagram page. With over 55k followers on his Instagram page, he is all set to showcase more of his elegant lifestyle as a fitness enthusiast and as an entrepreneur to more people.

“We all need to spread more kindness and understand our own selves as we all have issues to deal with in life. Also, everyone must know that hope and positivity can give more courage to them and can help in getting things easier.” – Jorgedian Dihigo Caro

Follow JDC on Instagram 


Netflix has added audio-only mode to its Android app

Netflix is allowing watchers to overlook the visuals of shows and movies totally and go full audio. In an update originally spotted by XDA-Developers and afterward Android Police, Netflix has begun revealing a audio-only mode for its Android application clients.

When viewing a video, subscribers will see a “video off” button at the highest point of the full-screen video player. When the video is turned off, a clear screen will show up alongside the entirety of the playback controls, similar to a scrub bar, forward and in reverse buttons, and speed changes. You can see that screen below, thanks to Android Police.

There’s likewise a audio-off choice in the application’s settings, which allows watchers to choose whether they generally need the sound off or just when they’re utilizing earphones or outer speakers.

It’s unclear when all Android clients may get this update; two Verge staff members couldn’t get to the sound just mode presently.

This is an interesting update, however, on the off chance that simply because sound is having a second. There is, obviously, all the buzz around the podcasting business and Spotify’s efforts to overwhelm it, yet additionally Twitter launching audio tweets and applications like Clubhouse and TikTok focusing in on sound as basic to their prosperity. They wouldn’t have expected Netflix to incorporate a sound just mode, however on the off chance that it needs individuals to invest more energy on the application, that implies supporting them in circumstances when they can’t completely focus on a screen.


YouTube Music Animated Video begins showing thumbnails as you scroll

Media and substance companies truly like reviewing content as you look through their lists. Somebody must’ve concluded that this was more immersive and interactive at one point and now every application does it, from Netflix to YouTube, the Play Store, your Google Discover, and more. The element is spreading to YouTube Music, yet at any rate it just influences video thumbnails, not ordinary album art. Also, you can turn it off, clearly.

The alternative has been popping randomly for a year — it even went live on iOS before Android — yet it presently is by all accounts truly live for all with v4.07.51 (APK Mirror) of YouTube Music.

You’ll see it when you’re looking through your Home or Explore tabs: video thumbnails like the ones in the Recommended music recordings and Live exhibitions lines will show a vivified GIF-like see. I guess that can be helpful in case you’re searching for a specific exhibition or video variant and the cover thumbnail isn’t descriptive enough.

However, on the off chance that you’d rather disable this, you can go to the application’s settings and search for Show animated thumbnails. You can turn it off there, or just enable it on Wi-Fi.

In the event that you need to see your thumbnails become animated in YouTube Music, ensure you’re on the most recent v4.07.51 release, which is additionally accessible on APK Mirror.