Somewhere down in Baldurs Entryway 3’s Shadow-Reviled Terrains, you’ll track down the Thorm Tomb and the Glove of Shar inside. Heading there is important for a few missions including “Track down Ketheric Thorm’s Artifact,” “Track down the Nightsong,” “Kill Raphael’s Old Foe,” “Lift the Shadow Revile,” and Shadowheart’s “The Picked of Shar” buddy journey. Those journeys, however, expect you to finish The Glove of Shar, and arriving at it expects you to move beyond the principal puzzle: Contacting an Umbral Diamond on the highest levels.

When you’re past that obstacle, our Baldur’s Entryway 3 Glove of Shar guide will walk you through the means of the Glove of Shar including meeting Balthazar, tracking down the Quiet Library and the Lance of Night, finishing the Delicate Step, Equivalent, and Confidence Jump Preliminaries, Tracking down the Nightsong and Keheric Thorm’s Artifact, and finishing the Picked of Shar sidekick journey.


When you’re past the Umbral Pearl puzzle, you’ll head somewhat more profound into the Thorm Catacomb. Go up the steps on the west side of the Umbral Jewel room, and afterward utilize the mushrooms to bounce your direction farther along.

At last, you’ll come to a room loaded with Balthazar’s undead workers. Clear them out, and the way to Balthazar’s lab will open. Conversing with him will give you some additional background info about Ketheric’s Artifact (yet not much). You can agree with him, kill him, or simply disregard him altogether.

Travel east to track down your direction to a higher level of the Glove of Shar.


The Glove of Shar is at last about gathering a sum of four (more) Umbral Pearls that you will put in two platforms. You’ll gather the pearls from the preliminaries and from a fiend — Raphael’s Old Foe.

You can do the preliminaries (and different missions) in any request you need, so we’ll simply go in the request you contact them.

Delicate STEP Preliminary

The main preliminary you reach is the Delicate Step Preliminary. You want to go through it without getting spotted by the watching Shadows. A Druid with Wildshape has somewhat of a benefit while stowing away, yet surprisingly better is simply projecting Intangibility on somebody. Simply ensure they can pick locks.

Separate somebody from your party, and ensure they are stowing away; in any event, while undetectable, concealing makes you calmer. Take the furthest right (northern) entryway, and follow the wall straight forward. You’ll come to a button on the wall to one side. Push it, and move ahead. Pick the lock on the entryway, and afterward get the Umbral Pearl.

Similar Preliminary

Only north of the Delicate Step Preliminary, you’ll track down the Similar Preliminary. This one is the most clear: You’ll need to overcome yourself (indeed, yourselves). In particular, you need to overcome duplicates of the four individuals from your party. The downside is they have similar capacities.

At the point when each of the four are crushed, snatch the Umbral Pearl starting from the earliest stage the last mirror-variant fell.

Confidence Jump Preliminary

Beyond the Similar Preliminary, travel north once more and down the steps. At the base, you’ll find a way to the Confidence Jump Preliminary. This one is less about exacting jumping, and more about an act of pure trust (in the Indiana Jones and the Last Campaign sense). At the special stepped area, change the camera to Strategic View with O. The tiled example in the floor is a guide of undetectable ways you can stroll to arrive at the opposite side.

Separate somebody from your party, and lead them along the course to the far side and guarantee your Umbral Jewel.


The nearby toward the south is the Quiet Library — so named on the grounds that there’s an item called The Custodian in the focal point of the room projecting Quietness over the whole room. That implies you can’t project any spells inside.

Get out every one of the baddies inside — including The Curator so you can project spells once more — and afterward begin looking around. You’ll find a ton of traps, a couple of spell parchments, and a few books that depict the preliminaries, yet the main thing you’re after is a book called Lessons of Misfortune: The Nightsinger. You’ll track down it in the upper east corner of the library on a caught shelf.

Make a beeline for the west side of the library and lockpick the entryway there — it’s DC 21, so you’ll require a decent Skillful deception expertise to move beyond it. Inside, you’ll find a platform called the Enigma of the Night that requests a thing. Place the Lessons of Misfortune: The Nightsinger book inside to open a mysterious entryway.

Go through and get the Lance of Night.

RAPHAEL’S OLD Adversary, Otherwise known as YURGIR

You actually need another Umbral Jewel before you can finish the Glove of Shar. Back on the highest level, head as far as possible east. You’ll detect a Displacer Monster down a wrecked steps toward the north. Bounce everybody across the hole in the steps and follow the Displacer Monster as it drives you toward the east.

In the room it drives you to, you’ll meet Yurgir the Orthon (a sort of fiend). This is Raphael’s Old Foe from the journey of a similar name. There are a couple of ways of finishing the journey; you can kill him (and his flunkies), or converse with him to track down a proviso in his evil agreement.

Anyway you handle it, you’ll gather the last Umbral Jewel from him.


Go to the platform and spot one of the Umbral Jewels in the raised area. This will open a stage that will take you more profound into the Glove.

At the base, you’ll track down another platform and special raised area. Place the excess three Umbral Diamonds, and an entryway will open. Inside, you’ll find the Edge of the Shadows waypoint and a gateway to the Shadowfell.

Through the entry, utilize the low gravity to hop right down to the base. There, you’ll meet Ketheric’s Artifact — the Nightsong. Anyway the cooperation works out, you’ll get the Evening glow Glaive as a prize lastly figure out Ketheric Thorm’s everlasting status. It will likewise finish Shadowheart’s “Picked of Shar” friend mission.

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