RetroCube – A highly celebrated Mobile App Development Company

RetroCube, the name itself defines credibility and reliability and is a top trending name in the app development market. It is one of the most recommended and highest-rated application development firms. They have successfully catered to over 2500 customers and welcomed more customers to join them, it is the dedication and hard work of RetroCube that took them to heights of success. They promise to deliver 99& results and they have managed to do it.

RetroCube is the epitome of mobile app development whether gaming, iOS, or Android. RetroCube has the vision to create and develop visionary applications. They initiate, develop and execute staggering apps that are faultless. It is one of the reasons RetroCube is an acknowledged name in the mobile app developing industry.

They have a full-fledged crew of experts who are fully skilled in the app development arena, they have the skills to craft an innovative and seamless application that is blended with the latest app technologies and designs. They listen to the ideas of the clients including the tiniest details. RetroCube, keeps the clients updated with their project and conducts a model analysis before going into the final round. They convert the ideal models into creative and dynamically quintessential application.

Services of RetroCube

RetroCube, is the hub of app development, as well as is now upgrading itself with the latest technology advancement and trends. RetroCube makes sure their experts are up to date with the latest trends and they train and assist them to have a better vision and ideas for developing applications. They have integrated a chatbox with another website that helps in assisting and getting a quote to have an idea of how RetroCube works.

RetroCube has not limited its services, they provide their services to various industries such as e-commerce, entertainment, enterprise, news, and sports. RetroCube, under their dynamic services, creates an app that is integrated with AI, blockchain technology, virtual reality, and chatbots.

RetroCube is a firm that offers its services at cost-effective rates. They have made sure that big and small enterprises can avail services from them with market competitive applications. RetroCube is the place to join if a business is looking for goal-oriented results with strategic approaches.

Robust Android App Development

 Developing android applications is what RetroCube masters at. They know the tips and techniques to counter an excellent and provoking android application. RetroCube develops the applications by using the latest programming languages and software development kit (SDK). The SDKs help in developing applications with highly enhanced features and functions.

Spectacular iOS App Development

Where no one can perfectly cater to iOS users, RetroCube can do it. They take pride in serving iOS applications. They have the talent to achieve the target by countering difficult challenges faced in developing iPhone applications. They sketch an idea for creating applications, create models and develop unparallel applications.

Today, RetroCube is moving ahead of all its industry fellows and is looking to make commendable changes in the app development business


Jeremiah Whyre aka Jeremiah the Tycoon Has an estimate Networth of $150-$200 Million Networth through his cryptocurrency investments

Jeremiah, The Tycoon, is around to show you that success isn’t as easy as it sounds it is! Since Jeremiah was a child, he witnessed his family’s struggle to provide for him and his siblings, which fueled his desire to achieve greatness in his own life and encourage others to do the same. During the most challenging moments, the recent millionaire was confident Jeremiah would one day achieve his dreams. Fans and followers alike can benefit from learning more about his life story and the lessons he has learned along the way.

Cryptocurrency investments

Jeremiah was raised in a middle-class home by his mother and father. He had grown up witnessing his parents’ unrelenting efforts to provide for their family since he was a small child. Following their example of working hard for little to no reward, Jeremiah decided to pursue a career in business instead of settling for a salaried position. As a result of his cryptocurrency investments, he became a multimillionaire.

Jeremiah first used the money he obtained from cryptocurrency investments to aid his family, then invested the rest. In the next step, he realized his dream of becoming a successful businessman. He has invested in several large corporations, which have paid him millions of dollars in dividends. It’s essential to work hard no matter your financial situation, Jeremiah taught us.

Jeremiah Whyre began his adventure with nothing, but today he is a multimillionaire, only 30 years old! With his business-minded approach to Cryptocurrency investing, it all began. When most people dismissed Cryptocurrency as a viable investment, he saw it as a game-changer. Jeremiah not only invested in CryptoCurrency, but he also researched it. To become one of the most significant persons globally, he accumulated as much information and knowledge as possible. One of the most amazing things about knowing Jeremiah’s story is that he started from nothing and has built multiple 8-figure organizations.

Self-made multimillionaire at the age of 30

Jeremiah the Tycoon, a self-made multimillionaire, has already been investing in real estate, investing in bitcoin, and owning 18 businesses, all of which have led him to a successful road. To date, he has hired around 150 individuals in his many businesses. People look to him as an example of expanding their enterprises in the same way he did. They try looking up to Jeremiah as a role model for attaining your goals and for tips on how to do it.

It’s safe to say that he owes his success entirely to the tireless efforts he puts forth at his job. As long as he didn’t lose on himself, he’s ready to help others, too. To be where he is today, Jeremiah The Tycoon had to fight and overcome numerous obstacles during his life. The financial security he has offered his family, which previously seemed unachievable, is a testament to his success as a generational change agent. About being such a terrific person, he remains humble, showing the kind of person he is: fabulous from the inside out. All of the world’s wealth was at his disposal because of his tireless efforts, determination to work more, and faith in his abilities.

Hard work and determination

In addition, Jeremiah is eager to grow both his organization and his education. He hopes that individuals who come from the same backgrounds as him will be able to transform their lives for the better through hard work and determination, just like he did. He uses social media to disseminate all of his cryptocurrency knowledge.

Jeremiah Whyre, also known as Jeremiah, the Tycoon, was one of the first young people to understand the value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Jeremiah’s critics accuse him of spending cash and effort on it. Jeremiah kept investing regardless of the consequences, and today he is a multimillionaire with an estimated net worth of 150$ to $200 million. Jeremiah the Tycoon has been given the distinction of Florida’s wealthiest under-30-year-old and the honour of being the state’s wealthiest under-30. For him, it’s all about wise investments and avoiding waste.

Facebook and Instagram users have reached out to him for assistance and help on various business ideas, such as Cryptocurrency. Through his social media networks like Instagram, he exposes his cryptocurrency knowledge and life story from nothing to an eight-figure income. He wants to share his knowledge so that individuals who have a similar history to his own might benefit from his experience.

Check out his website where he discusses Cryptocurrency and business possibilities. 


What is the average income of a makeup artist in Iran? Says Tahmineh Chizari

Characteristics of a makeup artist

In a general sense, it should be mentioned that regular facial makeup used to increase its beauty and cover its possible defects is meant by the term makeup. Based on this, the beautician who does women’s makeup is a makeup artist. A skilled makeup artist puts unique and special makeup on every face besides working with cosmetic products and awareness of people’s faces. 

It is worth saying that the subject of makeup artists is very different from the subject of cosmetics. Based on this, the application of cosmetics in a way that causes drastic changes in women’s appearance is associated with the concept of makeup. In other words, the process that is done to improve the appearance and make it more beautiful is interpreted as makeup. Often the services provided in makeup are nail services, hair braiding, chignon, color and mesh, and face makeup. On the other hand, cosmetics are used to beautify and highlight the beauties of the face while no drastic changes are made on the main components of the face. A successful makeup artist can achieve great honor and fame by creating their particular style. 

Income of a makeup artist

The income of a makeup artist varies according to the specialized courses they have participated in and the skills and experiences they have acquired. Based on available statistics, from 2010 to 2020, the industry will experience 14% growth. Customer satisfaction, knowledge, being up-to-date, capability, and skills affect the income of a makeup artist. Accordingly, in countries like the USA, Australia, and England, the payment of the makeup artists is around 23150, 31200, and 30500 dollars, respectively. In Germany, it is about 27720 to 30310 euros. 


Cambodia’s Young Entrepreneur Kimsa Sok Reveals Secret To His Success

Cambodia’s Award-winning entrepreneur Sok Kimsa, better known as Kimsa Sok, is among the influential youths in Cambodia who are advocating for economic growth through entrepreneurship.

The young businessman who has achieved tremendous success has tasked himself with the responsibility of educating the youth to be also independent by creating their own sources of income.

Mr. Kimsa was recently a subject of discussion among business stakeholders, particularly those dealing in the chef executive of KimsaFeed, with his strategy of incorporating entertainment in his commercial activities. 

It has been a tradition among business stakeholders to advertise their businesses on online platforms. Mr. Kimsa, on the other hand, holds the belief that business cannot succeed without entertainment.

He explained that as a business person, he has been forced to think out of the box in his marketing strategy, but was also quick to add that his new venture will create employment opportunities for the jobless youth. Speaking at a popular media station, he reiterated his belief and trust in the power of the youth.

“I believe a lot in the power of the youth and self-dedication but more so in long-term goals in everything that they do,” Mr. Kimsa Sok stated.

In recent days, KimsaFeed is a Cambodian website that publishes articles about news and entertainment with a focus on digital media. It was established on March 1, 2019 by Kimsa Sok he is the co-founder and CEO of KimsaFeed, an international tour guide for the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia.

Mr. Kimsa said that his main objective and motivation in various sectors of news and entertainment is to see that his fellow youth succeed.

“I have a plan to ensure that every region in Cambodia gets new knowledge and general information so that Cambodians get to benefit from my company that be affordable,” he noted.

Over his short period in entrepreneurship, Mr. Kimsa Sok has been nominated for various Cambodia’s top awards.

In 2020 Kimsa Sok was nominated at Cambodia Digital Awards (CDA) as “Best Male Entrepreneur on the Digital”. While also getting a spot in Cambodia Consumer Choice Awards (CCCA) 2021 nomination this round as the “Most Preferred Upcoming Male Business Icon of the Year 2021” in the category of Corporate and Business Professionals.

Kimsa who runs a chain of KimsaFeed company across Cambodia has been a big dream to share general knowledge around the world, with the kind of investments is he pumping into the media industry.

In 2019 Kimsa began investing in the-then growing web industry in Cambodia. As of 2020, Kimsa remained the CEO of the company.

In early 2019, he founded KimsaFeed, Inc. in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He is now the most inspiring young entrepreneur in Cambodia with over 5 employees in his company, and in 2021 he won Cambodia Consumer Choice Awards in the Most Upcoming Businessman of the Year category. The name of his company was split from “Kimsa Sok” to “KimsaFeed, Inc.”, he said.

“Business Without Entertainment is not complete, so I have to think outside the box to bring motivation to my customers, but also this is a job opportunity for my fellow young people with dreams and goals far” says Kimsa Sok.


Radmila Lolly: A formidable artist having a passion for music and fashion

Each individual’s definition of success is unique. One can resolve any situation by changing one’s state of mind and being focused on achieving their own vision of success.  

Radmila Lolly expresses herself through several artistic genres, including but not limited to music, fashion, and writing. There is no one, in her opinion, who is better than anyone else. We are all born with a different set of abilities. It wasn’t easy for her. However, trials and tribulations make us all stronger, and one has to keep going no matter how difficult the task at hand.

Ms. Lolly will perform the National Anthem in the FTX Arena on January 23, 2022;  before the Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers game (which will take place in Miami).

The opera soprano, who is well-known for her stunning theatrical performances, will be accompanied by an octet of string musicians and the First Miami Presbyterian Church Choir, among others.  All of the clothing worn on stage will be designed by Radmila Lolly under the name Eltara Casata.

Working on a unique outfit

Preparing for the performance, Lolly is working on a unique outfit that will weigh an incredible 50 pounds and embody the essence of her couture creations. The garment will be unveiled at the performance and available for purchase afterward.

In addition to rooting for her hometown team, the Miami Heat, she is excited about the prospect of bringing her operatic and fashionable flair to the court, fusing all of her passions for music and fashion with her devotion to sport.

Remember to mark your calendar for the live event in Miami on January 23, 2022, where you will be able to see Radmila Lolly’s operatic rendition of the National Anthem.

Follow Radmila Lolly on Instagram/Radmilalolly and also visit her website to get more information.


Description of Mr. Mohsen Kalhor, an Iranian actor, about characterization using the body movements of an actor

Currently, many studies and trainings are done on the body movements of actors in the theater. Today, most study methods are based on the movement and body language of the actor. Because this is the only strength of the actors’ body, which has a more dynamic ability and flexibility than the words and dialogues of a play (whether theater or cinema). Many actors are now being trained in an evolved version of a series of approaches in an attempt to create a common language. Basically, the repetition and practice of acting body language increases the possibility of visualization and experience of a person with a close relationship with his body and mind. The importance of this knowledge will be through the expansion between the practical training of body movements, in stages and its analysis, to the impact of a particular movement culture in theater, on how researchers and spectators interact with the performance of the actor. Basically, outside of practical classes in this field, acting body movements are generally recognized as a major component of the performing arts. Many traditional theater courses focus on movement analysis, sound technique, and emotional character analysis, as do some forms of acting training. Because each contains a fully developed, and separate, acting body language. By analyzing the body movements of an actor in a variety of theater classes and identifying a clear identification language, based on current languages ​​that are based on movements and body language; Everything will be available to the actor. But what is the first step towards these trainings? The first step in analyzing an actor’s body movements for more access is to examine the actor’s body language and teach movement skills based on gesture and action.

The physical manifestations of the human condition are at the heart of all functions in this context. Around the world and over time, this statement applies to most types of dramatic movements. In the case of Western theater, one can refer to the ancient Greeks who formed the orchestra. Where they used various dances and movements, where the choir was also performed. Mimos, Greek for imitator, eventually became mime; Which was a committed format in theater, for physical storytelling, and the use of acting body movements.

Ancient arts were practiced in Central Asia, including Japanese kabuki, Chinese opera, and Sanskrit; Which culturally displayed symbolic movements individually. For example, walking in a small circle represents a long journey in traditional Chinese theater. And shaking the handles with all the fingers indicates rain in the Sanskrit theater. Ancient and traditional arts from countries such as India and Africa make no distinction between dance and theater; All movements in them are considered as part of the executive function. Primarily, the importance of the performing arts, by increasing the discourse between the practical training of the actor’s body movements in stages, and its analysis, will lead to the influence of the culture of analyzing specific movements in theater, on how possible interactions with its main performance.


A talk about Arabic music and its evolution from the language of Ahmed Almuhandes, the top Arabic arranger

Singing and poetry The main source of Arabic music is singing. In the tradition of Arabic music, we rarely come across music without singing. Music and poetry are so intertwined that it is difficult to find the names and addresses of the composers of Arabic classical music. We often only know the names of singers and poets. And if sometimes the instrument was played alone, it was just a prelude to singing. For this reason, polyphony in the style of European music has not become popular. The singer is the main focus of the band. The mood that the singer creates with his group in the listeners is called “tarb”, which means “ecstasy” in Arabic, and it is the mood that is created by the instrument and the song.

 It leads to an intoxicating feeling of happiness. The trick is for the listeners to cry out in agony or sigh and moan when the singer speaks of his lost love, or to stand up and praise the singer out loud. The intensity of the tarb depends on the sound and the way the song is performed. Depending on the atmosphere and the occasion, the singer is free to use his artistic creativity for improvisation. Studying singing is usually based on teaching the exact recitation of the Qur’an according to the traditional rules of singing. There are few famous singers who have not taken Quran recitation lessons, because Quranic musical recitation is part of the cultural heritage of Arabic classical music, just as many European singers who want to specialize in Baroque music first study church music. Renaissance and Baroque. For this reason, almost all singers and musicians until the fifties were called “sheikhs”, which is usually the title of religious figures. The traditional Arabic classical music orchestra is called Al-Takht, which consists of three main instruments: oud, canon and reed, which are later completed with the fiddle.


The First Steps in Becoming a Teacher According to Morteza Javid

To begin teaching, pay attention to the shortcomings and obstacles that prevent you from achieving success. For example, make a list of what a teacher needs to enter the field of teaching and lecturing. You can write down a list of tutorials, courses, and books for becoming an instructor and make a schedule to read them. The following is a list of tasks that a teacher needs for their professional activity:

  1. What training do I need?

Never stop teaching and learning. One of the ongoing tasks of a successful teacher and speaker is to participate in training courses and use educational resources such as audio files, books, specialized magazines, etc. Taking classes on self-esteem enhancement, body language, and teaching methodology can also help you become a professional teacher.

  1. Proximity brings similarity.

Since I believe no one can go beyond the average of the people around them, to achieve great results, change your circle of friends and be around prosperous, optimistic people in your profession. After a while, you will see that you have set high standards for your life and developed your abilities. I remember Ali Daei responding to the interview question: “how did you achieve this financial success, and are you satisfied with it?”, he said, “I have friends whose wealth and success are way greater than those of mine, and I am quite average among them.” So, if you are in a group of average or failing people, you have to change your circle of friends.

  1.  Obtaining licenses and educational certificates

Once you have determined your field of activity, go to the educational or supervisory bodies such as the Culture and Islamic Guidance Office, Welfare Organization, Technical & Professional Training Organization, and NGOs and provide them with the necessary documents and try to organize and hold courses with the related unions and organizations. For example, a person who intends to teach about online business can attend the coach-training courses in this field and obtain the relevant licenses to establish her/his institute.


Phil Phanatics Latest Single ‘Know The Type’ Is Creating Waves On Musical Streaming Channels

Popular indie artist Phil Phanatic starts 2022 with a bang. His latest single, ‘Know the Type,’ has created waves across the online musical streaming platforms as soon as it was released. And in case you want to listen to this song once, I can assure you that you can’t. ‘Know the Type’ is an incredibly addictive song that you’ll have to play on loop.

The song makes a marked departure from various other musical genres that we experienced before. You can consider it a mixture of Pop, RnB, and Hip-Hop, making it a one-of-its-kind genre invented by the artists themselves. 

The single will be featured on Phil Phanatic’s upcoming album “Quiet Hours,” which will hit musical streaming platforms on February 11, 2022.

“Know the Type” is a unique song with everything listeners want to listen to. Mixing and mastering are of high quality. Also, we can’t undermine how its peppy tunes and great composition, plus lyrics make it a must-listen track this new year. You can listen to the song on Spotify, Apple Music, and various online music streaming platforms. “Know the Type” already garnered over 20.000 streams within the very first week of its release.

Who Is Phil Phanatic?

Philipp Jonathan Bossert, who goes by Phil Phanatic, is a Berlin-based artist famous for his eccentric compositions, beats and songwriting skills. Within his career, he’s worked with many artists from around the globe and now works as an indie artist, mainly focusing on creating his genre in the world of creative music. 

He’s also helping several emerging musicians and artists who want to create their own identity in the world of music to gather the exposure they deserve. Phil Phanatics helped many of them launch their EPs and new tracks. 

Phil’s groovy tracks connect well with music lovers scattered across the globe. You can find him on various online streaming platforms — Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify, and others. 

“I am elated and excited about my upcoming album ‘Quiet Hours’ for which I collaborated with my long time friend Jack Jacobs. It’s the project for which I have been working day and night for the last two years. I have great expectations for this project, and I am sure that my fans will like my work and creativity” Phil Phanatic explained.

Phil Phanatic has joined hands with his partners: Levvi, Pbads, Jack Jacobs and others in his recent past. Interestingly, most of Phil Phanatic’s musical projects have been a big hit among his fans. His tracks have clogged over 590,000 streams on the major streaming platforms. 

The Future Ahead

Phil Phanatic has also been mentoring a group of Vancouver-based musicians for quite some time. He assists them whenever they need his help. Starting from explaining to them the nitty-gritty of the music genre to composing tunes, release planning or fine-tuning lyrics, Phil Phantic is ever ready to help people who are passionate about music.
Phil Phanatic just launched his professional recording studio in Berlin, Germany which can be booked with him as an audio engineer. This is how he makes his talent and creative ideas accessible to everyone. You can book it here.

Fake Kings was the result of such collaboration between Phil and Levvi. It was a big hit among music lovers and recently passed 23,000 streams on Spotify.

Phil Phanatic has over ten years of experience in the musical industry. Phil and his style of working have highly inspired Jack Jacobs. The duo has worked together for various projects, but ‘Quiet Hours’ is a dream project. Both of them spent countless nights fine-tuning tracks for the album.

Phil Phanatic is an extremely talented musical artist. He’s quite proficient in playing the Piano, Synthesizer, Guitar and other musical instruments. He likes Jazz and Hip Hop, but he follows his creative instincts while composing tracks or adding his creative and unique touch to his songs.

You can follow Phil Phanatic on Instagram to keep a tab on his latest musical announcement. 


Theadina Von Seyfried: Who Never Lost Sight of Her Goal

Theadina Von Seyfried, the most beautiful person on the inside and out, has amazed the world and the business with her exceptional acting and modelling abilities. Theadina Von Seyfried is not just a talented actress and model, but also a caring individual. From Los Angeles, California comes this multi-talented artist. Art has always been an important part of her life, and her parents infused in her a love and respect for it since she was a youngster, which expressed itself in amazing ways later on. They encouraged her to visit museums and theatres in Los Angeles to learn about various sorts of cultural art. She became interested in modelling and acting as she grew up, seeing a variety of films, movies, and dramas. As a result, she decided to pursue it as a career. She continued to improve her abilities, though, by taking ballet courses at the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio in North Hollywood, California, as well as other disciplines and schools.

Theadina is at peace in both worlds: the beautiful world of Hollywood and the real-life difficulties that exist outside of it. Now that Theadina is a well-known actress and model, with a large platform, she can easily impact people’s lives, help them, and solve their problems. Finally, Theadina Von Seyfried achieved perfection and was cast in important and minor roles in national and international advertisements, movies, films, magazines, and television. She has achieved milestones along the way, like becoming an alumna of the Beverly Hills Playhouse, which has helped her become a more skilled and strong performer.

As previously said, she is also an excellent human being. In the year 2020, Theadina’s father died. Although it made her unhappy, it had a positive effect on her personality. She recognized the value of connections after losing someone important to her, and she began to help and support others in whatever way she could. Theadina Von Seyfried, a rising star, used her celebrity and influence to help the public by resolving their problems and improving their lives. She followed in her father’s footsteps, pursuing what he left behind: philanthropy and humanitarian activities.

Theadina Von Seyfried has said that she will launch a skincare brand as soon as 2022. She wishes to develop a low-cost but high-quality product to assist women who cannot afford more expensive products. This together with her loving nature has set her apart from other current rising stars. Her goals highlight her inspirational attitude, as she sees herself dominating European and French movies in five years, possibly directing a film or short film, and establishing an orphanage or NGO. She just wants to help others and make the world a better and more attractive place.

She believes that taking risks is necessary for one’s personal growth. It’s even more critical to take calculated risks, knowing when to strike and always keeping in mind that things happen when they’re supposed to. With her work and acting, the queen of acting and, of course, the queen of everyone’s hearts, has always and will continue to inspire the audience.

If you want to know more about her then follow her on instagram and facebook