RetroCube – A highly celebrated Mobile App Development Company

RetroCube, the name itself defines credibility and reliability and is a top trending name in the app development market. It is one of the most recommended and highest-rated application development firms. They have successfully catered to over 2500 customers and welcomed more customers to join them, it is the dedication and hard work of RetroCube that took them to heights of success. They promise to deliver 99& results and they have managed to do it.

RetroCube is the epitome of mobile app development whether gaming, iOS, or Android. RetroCube has the vision to create and develop visionary applications. They initiate, develop and execute staggering apps that are faultless. It is one of the reasons RetroCube is an acknowledged name in the mobile app developing industry.

They have a full-fledged crew of experts who are fully skilled in the app development arena, they have the skills to craft an innovative and seamless application that is blended with the latest app technologies and designs. They listen to the ideas of the clients including the tiniest details. RetroCube, keeps the clients updated with their project and conducts a model analysis before going into the final round. They convert the ideal models into creative and dynamically quintessential application.

Services of RetroCube

RetroCube, is the hub of app development, as well as is now upgrading itself with the latest technology advancement and trends. RetroCube makes sure their experts are up to date with the latest trends and they train and assist them to have a better vision and ideas for developing applications. They have integrated a chatbox with another website that helps in assisting and getting a quote to have an idea of how RetroCube works.

RetroCube has not limited its services, they provide their services to various industries such as e-commerce, entertainment, enterprise, news, and sports. RetroCube, under their dynamic services, creates an app that is integrated with AI, blockchain technology, virtual reality, and chatbots.

RetroCube is a firm that offers its services at cost-effective rates. They have made sure that big and small enterprises can avail services from them with market competitive applications. RetroCube is the place to join if a business is looking for goal-oriented results with strategic approaches.

Robust Android App Development

 Developing android applications is what RetroCube masters at. They know the tips and techniques to counter an excellent and provoking android application. RetroCube develops the applications by using the latest programming languages and software development kit (SDK). The SDKs help in developing applications with highly enhanced features and functions.

Spectacular iOS App Development

Where no one can perfectly cater to iOS users, RetroCube can do it. They take pride in serving iOS applications. They have the talent to achieve the target by countering difficult challenges faced in developing iPhone applications. They sketch an idea for creating applications, create models and develop unparallel applications.

Today, RetroCube is moving ahead of all its industry fellows and is looking to make commendable changes in the app development business


Samsung Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 reservations go live in front of launch

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2022 is by all accounts generally set for its early February schedule, which isn’t altogether is business as usual on the off chance that the organization’s custom is anything to go by. Preceding that event, the organization has started accepting reservations for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy Tab S8.

The reservation permits you to save a spot to pre-order the gadgets after they are reported. It ought to be noted, however, that this isn’t yet the pre-order period. More forthright, reserving permits you to receive an email notification when pre-orders for the two gadgets start.

A Samsung agent said the organization “has just opened its Reserve Now offers for its next Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy tablet. Customers who reserve early will be among the first to get the latest Galaxy devices and are eligible for exclusive perks, including extra $50 Samsung credit toward other Galaxy products during pre-order, plus more exclusive offers when it’s time to pre-order.”

It’s conceivable that the bonus is on top of different advantages that might come when pre-orders start. Samsung will divulge these additional advantages when it’s an ideal opportunity to pre-order. Head over to this link to place your reservation.

The reservation comes a few hours after Samsung’s president and head of MX Business, Dr. TM Roh, published a blog post teasing a few enhancements we can anticipate from the organization’s forthcoming Android phones. Roh indicated enhancements in nighttime photography and AI features, among others.

He likewise composed that the South Korean tech goliath will disclose “the most noteworthy S series device” one month from now, a subtle reference to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Android Central’s Alex Dobie depicts the higher-end model as “a spiritual successor” to the Galaxy Note, going by the new leaks.


Microsoft has suspended all Xbox One consoles

Microsoft has quit producing all Xbox One consoles. The product goliath initially ended the Xbox One X and computerized Xbox One S in front of the Xbox Series X send off, then, at that point, unobtrusively quit fabricating the Xbox One S toward the finish of 2020, passing on retailers to sell out their staying stock.

“To focus on production of Xbox Series X / S, we stopped production for all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020,” says Cindy Walker, senior director of Xbox console product marketing, in a statement to The Verge.

Microsoft’s affirmation comes similarly as a Bloomberg report proposed Sony had wanted to end PS4 creation toward the finish of 2021, yet that the organization will presently fabricate around 1,000,000 PS4 consoles in 2022. Sony has affirmed PS4 creation is as yet continuous, in the midst of battles by both Microsoft and Sony to satisfy need for their most recent Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles.

However, microsoft appears to be ready to satisfy need for the $299 Xbox Series S. At the hour of distributing, the Xbox Series S is available at both Amazon in the UK and Best Buy in the US. Talking soon after the send off of the Xbox Series X/S in 2020, Xbox boss Phil Spencer let The Verge know that the organization had fabricated more Xbox Series X consoles than Series S, however that eventually the lower sticker cost of the Series S would win out.

“We can actually build more of the Series S [chips] in the same [chip] die space as we can the Series X,” said Spencer. That’s a key reason for why we’re seeing steady Xbox Series S stock, alongside Microsoft’s decision to quietly discontinue the Xbox One S in favor of its next-gen consoles.


When did you create Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®?

I created Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® in 2016, I was still in high school.

I never thought that what, initially, was created for fun shortly thereafter, would become my only work.

We created the Facebook page “Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®” (over 550,000 followers) in May 2016; about a month later we created our official Facebook group “Ora et Ignora” and then the official Instagram page which, to date, boasts more than 2,100,000 followers.

As the days went by, we noticed more and more that the adhesion of our audience was increasing. The more content we published, the more it became viral.

This has allowed us today to be one of the most followed and appreciated Italian communities on social networks.

What is Nasce, Cresce , Ignora® today?

Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® today is a company with a registered trademark, a communication agency and the usual community, which has always entertained on social networks.

Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® is now a Network of vertical Communities, each aimed at a specific audience.

For example: Nasce, Cresce, Respawna® is currently the largest and most followed Community in Italy in the GAMING field.

Nasce, Cresce, Streamma is a community on CINEMA & TV SERIES. And again: Nasce, Cresce , Calcia; a page aimed at all lovers of the world of FOOTBALL.

The latest project recently launched is our official website ““. An exclusive space for all our fans who have grown fond of us over the years. Inside there are many articles that tell the world around us in a clear and impartial way.

How does one become a point of reference for hundreds of thousands of young and very young people?

I think you can become an example or a point of reference only if you deserve the trust of your audience. To gain trust, consensus and approval, you must behave in a fair, transparent and clear manner.

Since the first months of the creation of the Facebook and Instagram pages, we have established a transparent and sincere communication with our public, always and in any case.

This still allows us to have a special relationship with our followers; it allows us to always launch new projects, with the certainty that a large part of our public now knows us, knows how we work and trusts us. (Reason why he follows us in every activity launched).

All this is the result of years and years of correct behavior on social media, always maintained and on every platform. Fortunately, our audience is also aware of this.

Follow Nasce, Cresce, Ignora on Instagram.


Artists and Publishers Can Now Create Bundled NFT’s On CollectorsMint Marketplace

So, you’ve heard all the buzz around the crypto world, but is it really worth the hype?

The digital marketplace has skyrocketed in recent years with the global blockchain market expected to reach $23.3 billion by 2023. There has been an influx of businesses wanting in on the action, but uncertainty remains for many people. After all, Bitcoin, arguably the largest and most well-known cryptocurrency available, was only invented in 2009.

However, with the recent attention given to blockchain and the popularity garnered by cryptocurrency throughout the world, new and exciting opportunities have begun to appear. Debuting on Halloween night, CollectorsMint is one of those industry-defining opportunities dead set on revolutionizing how digital assets are traded, managed, and protected. CollectorsMint allows users to discover and purchase rare music, videos, digital sports memorabilia, digital art collectibles and rare digital publications.

What makes CollectorsMint stand apart from the pack is they allow creators to create bundled NFT’s. What does that mean exactly? A “Bundled NFT” is a collection of more than one file combined to make a single NFT, for example a complete music album, film series, a book or magazine can now be created and minted directly on CollectorsMint.

Not sure what any of that means?

Understanding the technology

CollectorsMint is on the Ethereum blockchain which is an open-source, public blockchain network similar to Bitcoin. However, the network introduces a few key technologies, most notably the introduction of smart contracts and a tuning-complete virtual machine.

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs, are unique tokens that cannot be replaced or replicated. For example, original artwork is a one-off. You can make a copy of it; however, nothing can replace the original. And if you traded that art piece you would receive something different, perhaps money or another piece of artwork. The idea is that an NFT gives the buyer a one-of-a-kind digital experience. While someone may try to make a copy, buying an NFT makes you the owner of the original piece by imprinting the transaction and item into the blockchain, solidifying ownership and authenticity.

So, who is CollectorsMint and why should you take note?


About CollectorsMint

CollectorsMint is a creator-centric marketplace, founded by music composer and CEO Shane Cormier. Looking to “put the power back in the hands of the artists, “Cormier stated, “The music industry, specifically for the independent artist, has taken a few beatings over the last 20 years, but CollectorsMint is the solution to the music industry’s woes.”

Not the first NFT marketplace to host and feature music centric digital assets, The international music industry has its eyes on CollectorsMint as potentially holding the most expansive audio NFT offering of any digital marketplace.

Additionally, book and magazine publishers now have a way to experience the future of digital collectibles with CollectorsMint’s first in class Bundled NFT option.

The outlook of CollectorsMint is to host the most novelty based NFT’s of any marketplace and to squarely compete with blockchain heavyweights OpenSea, Mintable and Coinbase. So, it will be exciting to follow CollectorsMint in the coming months.


Wofret: Innovative E-Commerce Application

The ultimate in online shopping with Wofret! Above all, customer satisfaction is aimed!

Yunus Emre Kelkitli, who was born in Trabzon in 1985, moves to England to establish his future and to receive language education. After completing his language training in 2006, he returned to Turkey and fulfilled his military service. He develops himself by jumping into many fields such as internet cafe management, computer repair and social media method.

He returns to England in 2011 and establishes his own brand. Its brand named Natorheal has the first Turkish food patent. While achieving great success in a short time, he establishes his own software company. It started with a large team of 112 people, and its team has grown to reach 243 people. Kelkitli, who will bring him to even greater heights with his new project, is working hard with his teammates.

In e-commerce, which he thinks will be the profession of the future, Wofret was born by thinking of customer satisfaction above all else. Wofret is the number one e-commerce application in both Turkey and the UK. However, it is a huge trade bridge for these two countries. It prioritizes customer safety, thanks to the cyber security measures it carries out with its teammates.

Wofret, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, constantly renews itself and rises so much that it cannot be compared to other applications. None of the deficiencies found in other online sales and shopping platforms are found in Wofret. Alongside Wofret, there are always new applications to support.


Tips For Starting a Successful Blog From UnicornGo

In this digital age, blogging has proven to be one of the best ways to show expertise and promote businesses or brands. By creating a blog and publishing content on a regular basis, you get to show not just the search engines, but also the audience, both existing and potential that you have something to offer that they might be interested in. This contributes to more exposure and ultimately, more sales if you’re running a business.

In this read, we are going to provide a few tips to keep in mind if you are just starting out.

1. Begin by Introducing Yourself

As with any new situation, it is imperative to introduce yourself and give the audience an opportunity to know you. In your initial post, tell people who you are, what the blog is about and the reasons for blogging. A brief introductory paragraph is enough to give the readers an idea of what they should expect.

If you want to host different authors or publish guest blogs, consider mentioning it and even introducing the various authors. Also, do not forget to include relevant keywords in the title such as ”Welcome” or ”First Post”, letting the readers know where they are from the onset.

2. Establish an Editorial Plan

The decision to start blogging is an easy one. Coming up with new and original topics on a regular basis, however, is no walk in the park. Once the blog is ready to launch, take the time to create an editorial calendar. Map out the first several weeks of blog post topics, but keep in mind nothing is written in stone. You can always adapt or teak the calendar as necessary.

One great way to get into blogging is by going through other blogs. This way, you will get to know what content is already there and if you can publish something in a new perspective or a refining angle that makes your content original and worth reading.

Another secret is to read blog posts that take different takes with yours or you just don’t agree with, and writing an article with the opposite perspective. This is a great way to get your audience engaged and make a buzz around your initial days in blogging.

3. What is Your Voice?

One of the most challenging aspects of blogging is finding your voice. Your personality and identity need to shine through as you write. What makes your blog distinct? Some bloggers are newsy while others find their voice in tech, comedy, etc.

Of course, the voice you create will boil down to your blog’s purpose as well as the target audience. If you have a professionally focused blog, your tone will come out as formal. If you’re writing a more personal blog, then you have the chance for some leeway in what can be considered appropriate. Utilise an unlimited graphic design service to personalize your blog. Take the time to know your audience and then hone your voice so that you speak to them. Knowing your audience also helps you come up with new topics in your niche that they will find interesting.

4. Link to Social Media Platforms

As time passes, your blog is bound to create momentum and concrete readership. Ensure the blog features share buttons for all your social media platforms. This eases the ability for visitors to share posts, which in turn builds more interest and engagement. Before you hit that ‘publish’ button on your first article, ensure you check that all social links are functional.

4. Add Images, Videos and Other Forms of Interactive Content

Large text blocks, no matter how engaging you are can sometimes, if not often, tiring and overwhelming for readers. So, consider segmenting your text into digestible sections by adding videos, images and interactive content such as slideshows, quizzes and infographics.  This is an excellent way to create more engagement and chances for readers to share your content.

Also, do not forget to add a photo of yourself, in addition to a brief biography. All this creates authenticity and trust in your site, which contributes to attracting new readers and visitors who might end up being your customers or partners.

5. Link to Great Sites to Earn Authority

Yes, your blog will need to stand on its feet, but there is a way to make it more credible or stronger by linking to relevant, high-quality websites. You get to show your visitors that you care by providing relevant or valuable resources on the web with them. Don’t settle by just linking to Wikipedia, delve in deeper and provide a robust experience through your blog posts.

6. Encourage Comments & Feedback

Your new blog should never be a one-way street. This implies to those who simply post content and never get to know what their audience has to say and their views on the same. Engage with your audience by facilitating dialogue. This can be done by including a comments section, providing the ability for readers to ask questions and replying to their comments. Ensure you always respond to feedback whenever necessary or appropriate, even if the comments are negative.

Take the time to show your audience that you appreciate their comments by engaging with them after every post. This will help build a stronger relationship, which further improves your blog.


The Global Reliance on Technology is On the Rise

Since Covid-19. Everyone wants a piece of the technology sector… and it’s no wonder.

When Coronavirus struck the world ground to a halt. From China to the US, goods, services, and supplies all stopped. Intermittent disruptions to the supply chain meant that each business had to struggle. Even now, nearly two years on, the global economy hasn’t recovered, and the world bank predicts slow growth that is ‘uneven’[i].

Amidst all this confusion, there was one industry that managed to keep us going. When all seemed lost, when the world economy was on its knees, it was the technology industries that held us together. When we couldn’t get to work, it was Zoom that connected us and hosted our meetings.

Our Dependence on Tech has Kept us Going

In more ways than one, this dependence on tech to get us buy has benefited everyone. The economy, although barren, was able to tick over via the world of video meetings. Companies such as Hays Technology, Zoom, Microsoft and others, led the way in keeping us connected. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to find jobs in IT, connect to meetings, log in to work, or see our family members face to face.

While many people bemoan the way kids nowadays are chained to their computers, these are the same kids that are setting up these technology companies and therefore keeping us connected. This dependence on tech hasn’t let us down yet, even when face to face meetings have. It’s time to stop tormenting the kids of nowadays for their reliance on computers because it is this reliance that has got us through the global pandemic[ii].

Other Industries that Helped Out During Covid-19

There were plenty of other industries that did OK during the pandemic. Although restaurants had no clients and many closed (roughly 110,000 across the Us and 10,000 in the UK), the fast food business expanded exponentially. Where people couldn’t eat out, gourmet home dining surged in popularity.

The housing market skyrocketed. Back at the beginning of all this, Realtors were worried that the housing market would have to be frozen to stop the bottom falling out of it. This ended up being far from the case, the opposite happened. Housing prices surged as more and more people decided they needed more space. The same can be said for DIY supplies and home improvement services, all of which got a real boost from the numbers of people staying at home all day.

Sales in tablets and phones took a leap, people bought more leisure equipment than ever before. If you had an outdoors hobby and a garden to perform it in, you bought equipment for it. Things like bike sales shot through the roof, and laptops and personal computers sold so quickly that we are still suffering from a shortage to this day.

The Way Forward

With a slow and uneven recovery on the cards, we can only postulate that it will be some time before things are completely back to normal. On the other hand, we now know that if lockdowns do strike again, we can get through it with the help of technology.


Amid increasing security risks, promising future for counter technology against aerial robots is foreseen

The significance of counter technologies against aerial robots cannot be overstated, especially at a time when these robots are increasingly being used for tackling the pandemic – from delivering medical supplies to daily essentials. Owing to their growing significance across various facets of society, the market for counter technologies against aerial robots is estimated to reach over billions by the end of 2025.

According to Market Reports World, the key players in global remote aerial robot identification system market include AirMap, Aaronia AG, CerbAir and DroneShield among others. Cerbair, for one, has been developing a wide range of solutions – stationary, portable, mobile, etc., that facilitate security of sensitive sites. Though established in the year 2015, the company, owing to its avant-garde technological solutions, has drawn investments from various VCs including Boundary Holdings. The latter is a Luxembourg-based firm, founded by Rajat Khare that invests in AI and deep tech industries.

Based in France, Cerbair has been one of the pioneers in this sector and for the past five years, its mission has been centred on protecting airspace security of its clients by offering high-performing solutions that are cost efficient, simple and convenient to use yet extensively upgradable.

By investing in a company that has the potential of taking the global anti-drone technology market to greater heights, Rajat Khare’s Luxembourg based firm aims to buttress the security of vulnerable sectors where aerial robots are involved.

Similar to Cerbair, Dedrone, a California-based company also uses advanced hardware and software technology to protect organisations from malevolent aerial robots. The tech leader has partnered with Blackberry Ltd and integrated the latter’s AtHoc software into its products to enable real-time security alerts detected in an airspace.

Such innovation and fruitful associations by companies like these, are the need of the hour especially amid the increasing occurrence of security vulnerabilities against unidentified aerial robots.

By spearheading the industry with advanced technologies that are constantly upgraded, these companies have provided time-tested solutions to some major operators.


What to do if your car is stolen, report it and then register it in an International Stolen Car Database

Stolen cars are being shipped globally, Africa is a key destination for stolen cars, if your car is stolen it’s a huge loss to you and your insurer, some initiatives exist to help with the tracing and recovery. Digitpol’s International Stolen Car Database, this registry is an active database of stolen cars, boats, motorbikes, and trucks. Digitpol is responsible for the upkeep and registration of this Stolen Car Database and registers stolen, wanted, and embezzled vehicles for USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Pacific, all vehicles listed in this database are wanted as stolen objects.

If your car is stolen, report it to the Police and then register it with Digitpol

By registering a vehicle to the stolen car database, an alert including information about the vehicle is sent out across social media and is resent every few hours, the vehicles chassis number (VIN), Vehicle Identity Number, Make, Model, Color and License Plate will be listed on the first page of google as stolen. This is vital when a stolen car is shipped out of your country or is checked by customs, police or import authorities or potential buyers. If your car is reported to the local police, the serial number, VIN and license plate may not show up in a public Internet (google) search as stolen therefore this stolen vehicle database provides the public with additional resources to combat vehicle crime and increase the chances to recover a stolen vehicle.

It is proven that many buyers have searched a VIN online before buying a vehicle, therefore the existence of a vehicle in this database is vital to alert the police, customs, public, a potential buyer or a vehicle import / export office.

If your vehicle / car is stolen you need to report the theft immediately to the nearest police station and then contact Digitpol to assist in the search by listing the car stolen or searching for the vehicle. As soon as the theft is reported to the police, the Police issues an International warrant based on the VIN and License plate. The vehicle is then wanted internationally and on the Interpol SMV database.

In some cases, Digitpol provides operational support with the Search and Recovery.

What to do if Your Car is Stolen

  1. Contact the nearest police station immediately to file a stolen car report.
  2. Contact your insurance company to file a claim as soon as you discovered your car was stolen. Provide the insurance company with the theft report number.
  3. Inform the Police if you have any GPS tracking systems installed and provide the Police with the login information.
  4. Report the stolen car to Digitpol and request the car to be entered to the International Stolen Car Database. Request Digitpol to conduct a search for the car.

What Happens When You Report a Vehicle to Digitpol?

If you report a stolen vehicle to Digitpol we will examine the data, if the VIN / Plate is listed as stolen, we will send an alert on the vehicles information such as photos, make, model, license plate and the VIN to our international vehicle crime investigation network which consists of Border crossings, customs, ports authorities, shipping agencies, Police and private investigation teams. An alert is sent out across social media and is resent every few hours. The stolen vehicles serial number, (Vehicle Identity Number) HIN, FIN, VIN and license plate will be listed on the first page of google as stolen

When Will We Search for The Vehicle?

The SEARCH for a stolen vehicle is a specific service and its only possible when certain parameters are met. If we can apply the SEARCH procedure, we will notify you.


If you list a vehicle to this database, Digitpol will share all object data such as the vehicle make, model, color, manufacturer year, engine variant with Police, Customs, Port authorities, Investigators, and our Partner network.  No personal data will be shared such.


Each case that is reported to Digitpol, the license plate is entered into an ANPR system and if a HIT is detected, Digitpol notifies the Police in the region responsible for the detection.

Search Team:

If a vehicle is reported to the Police and the Police handling the case agrees, in some cases,  Digitpol provides operational support with the Search and Recovery, this includes, depending on the location of the theft, a response team may attend the area and search for the vehicle, this is due to the fact that many stolen vehicles are often parked up for a few days before been moved elsewhere. If your vehicle is stolen in a region that Digitpol operates a search and recovery service, we will contact you.

Stolen Car Database:

Report a Stolen Car

Contact Digitpol’s Stolen Vehicle Crime Unit

Digitpol HQ, Boogschutterstraat 1, 7324AE, The Netherlands

Ph: +31558448040



Stolen Car Database coverage, Digitpol takes the responsibility to register stolen vehicles from following countries and states:

USA: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, IllinoisIndiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island
South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Global: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, South America, Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Dubai, India and Africa.