Google Meet’s new feature allows clients to consume YouTube and Spotify together

As Google proceeds with the extraordinary consolidation between its Duo and Meet video communications apps, the organization today declared that it’s presenting new Apple SharePlay-like live-sharing features to Meet, settling on it easier for call-participants to engage with content together progressively.

Important Google previously presented a few live-sharing features (for example watching YouTube videos together) to Duo back in February, and presently it’s carrying them to Meet as the part of the merger.

The live-sharing feature will allow clients to watch YouTube videos together, for example, and listen to songs on Spotify or mess around, for example, Heads Up!, UNO! Versatile or Kahoot!.

These new features will be accessible under a new Activities tab — which additionally hosts Q&A and polls options — and is open through the three-dot menu. From that point, clients can begin a shared activity – – for example, if they want to stand by listening to a Spotify track together, they would tap on the Spotify icon and Meet redirects them to the Spotify application where they can join a group session. Outstandingly, the group session feature is just accessible for Spotify Premium clients, with help for two to five members.

Last week, Google made the next step of merging both video calling applications by updating the icon for Duo and renaming it Google Meet. Concerning Google Meet, it will presently be designated “Google Meet (original),” with a green icon — indeed, it’s all exceptionally confounding. The tech monster has been adding other new features to Meet, as well, for example, instant and schedule meeting options, in-meeting chat and virtual backgrounds.

While these most recent updates function admirably for Meet calls across various platforms, buyers embedded in Apple’s ecosystem will currently be know about this kind of social content consumption through SharePlay, which works across a more extensive array of applications like Apple TV+, TikTok, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, NBA, Twitch, TikTok, MasterClass, ESPN+, Paramount+, Pluto TV, Apple Fitness+, and Apple Music.


Google decided to have two applications called Meet was really smart

Google is pushing ahead with its consolidation of Duo and Meet, while perhaps not exactly as exquisitely as some would like. Google is rebranding Duo for Android and iOS as the Meet application, complete with the video calling-driven logo. The organization had proactively moved a considerable lot of Meet’s elements. Nonetheless, the old Meet application isn’t disappearing until further notice — all things being equal, it will be rebranded as “Google Meet (original).”

All Duo clients ought to see the rebrand by September. You’ll need to utilize your Google represent any gathering highlights, yet recognizable components (like impacts and contacts) will stay in salvageable shape. The first Meet application will keep on working, yet will not get specially appointed calling and will ultimately vanish.

As a representative made sense of in June, the consolidation is intended to adjust to the “evolving needs” of video calling, including meetings, by giving a brought together experience. Somewhat, likewise further affirmation Google’s communication application blend had become excessively complicated. The tech firm intends to close down Hangouts this tumble to zero in on Chat, for example, and it dropped Allo in mid 2019. While the old Meet’s presence may as yet demonstrate confounding, it ought to before long be more clear as to simply which Google applications you ought to use for work meetings or staying aware of companions.


Google created one of its best search shortcuts considerably more helpful

Google look with statements just turned out to be considerably more valuable on the off chance that you’re searching for the specific put words show up on a page. The internet giant has updated quote-based searches with page snippets that show precisely where you’ll find the text you’re searching for. You probably won’t need to look at a giant document just to track down the right phrase.

There are limitations. Searches with quotes could turn up results that aren’t noticeable, (for example, meta description tags) or just appear in web addresses and title joins. You probably won’t see the notices in a scrap on the off chance that they’re all excessively far separated. You’ll “generally” just see bolded specifies on work area, and you won’t see the bolding by any stretch of the imagination for specific quests and results, (for example, picture searches and video boxes). You might need to utilize your program’s on-page search feature to jump to the relevant keywords.

The organization described the change as a response to feedback. It wondered whether or not to make scraps for these searches previously, as records didn’t necessarily create lucid depictions. This is an affirmation that individuals utilizing statements to look are here and there “power users” more interested on pinpointing words than reading site descriptions.


Gboard themes presently color the route bar on more Android gadgets

Google’s latest plan changes to Gboard presented different Material You prospers. A little update as of late changed Gboard subjects so they presently stretch out to the route bar on more Android phones.

This UI conduct isn’t new on Pixel phones, or even OnePlus/Oppo gadgets. It includes a variety Gboard subject stretching out to the nav bar with the goal that the foundation of this dainty strip appears to be identical for a more consistent visual experience. This is most clear on vivid foundations — particularly Dynamic Color, while the thing that matters is negligible on dim/light subjects.

On different phones, the route bar (signal or 3-button) would stay dark or white (contingent upon the framework theme) for a to some degree jolting bungle.

Gboard as of late changed this so the console colors route bars on a lot more Android gadgets. Companion of the site RKBDI takes note of that Gboard began getting ready for this change back in May.

It’s live on Samsung (Android 12) gadgets we really look at today running the most recent Gboard beta (12.0).


Chromecast with Google TV is on sale for $40 indeed

While numerous modern TVs as of now have streaming services heated in, you could in any case need (or need) a committed gadget for getting to any semblance of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The Chromecast with Google TV is a strong option and it’s at present on sale once again at a record low cost of $40. That is $10 short of what it ordinarily costs.

We provided the gadget with a score of 86 in our survey in the wake of being dazzled with the voice remote. The dongle has Google Assistant help, obviously, and alongside let a brilliant speaker know what you need to watch, you can just bark directions at the remote. It’s a snap to explore the Google TV interact with the remote, which incorporates committed buttons for sending off YouTube and Netflix. Furthermore, the dongle gives admittance to YouTube TV, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, Apple TV+ and HBO Max, among numerous other streaming services. There’s support for 4K HDR content, as well as Dolby Vision and Atmos.

You can likewise utilize the gadget to mess around through Google Stadia on the off chance that you have a viable regulator. In spite of ongoing tales in actuality, Google has said Stadia isn’t disappearing. What’s more, you’ll have the choice to really involve your TV as a shrewd showcase when you’re not streaming something. Chromecast with Google TV can show live feeds from some surveillance cameras, show weather conditions estimates and assist you with controlling brilliant home gadgets, all with the guide of Google Assistant. The Ambient Mode, in the mean time, can show your Google Photos when you’re not effectively watching, playing or paying attention to anything.


Apple extending its list of providers in front of the iPhone 14 launch this fall

Apple has been preparing to start mass production of the iPhone 14 lineup before very long as the new gadgets are supposed to be officially declared this fall. Be that as it may, as the organization faces supply issues, Apple is currently growing its list of providers for the upcoming iPhone 14 models.

As per expert Ming-Chi Kuo on Twitter, SG Micro’s parts have passed the quality certification for the high-end iPhone 14 models. Accordingly, the Chinese organization having some expertise in integrated circuits joins Apple’s list of providers that will give parts to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple will utilize SG Micro’s power management integrated circuitry (which deals with the battery and level shifter) in the current year’s iPhones. Kuo takes note of that this is the first time SG Micro will supply components for Apple’s high-end products, which will assist the Chinese organization with expanding its revenue and furthermore decidedly affect iPhone 14 shipments.

The expert additionally says that the arrangement with SG Micro infers that the technical abilities of its chips “have reached the tier-1 level,” which is expected for components used by more costly, high-end electronic gadgets. Recently, Apple likewise collaborated with new providers for camera components expected for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Might iPhone 14 shipments face a delay?

Back in May, a Nikkei Asia report uncovered that iPhone 14 production was postponed by three weeks because of COVID-19 lockdowns in China. These reports were substantiated by investigator Jeff Pu, who uncovered that iPhone 14 Max (the new 6.7-inch mid-range model expected to supplant the iPhone smaller than normal) was the most impacted by the postponements.

All the more as of late, Kuo likewise said that Apple will confront supply issues with the large scale manufacturing of the iPhone 14. Nonetheless, the examiner accepts that these issues will have a “restricted influence” on shipments of the new telephones. That is on the grounds that Apple orders a huge number of parts a long time in front of the authority send off of the new items, which gives the organization time to deliver an enormous amount of units.

In any case, with the continuous chip lack, the accessibility of the iPhone 14 may be very restricted at send off. All the more as of late, transporting gauges for the new M2 MacBook Air slipped to late August not long after the new PC hits stores a week ago. Different items, for example, the iPad have likewise been confronting supply issues.

Apple is supposed to present four new iPhone 14 models in September, albeit significant overhauls like another screen configuration ought to be selective to the new Pro models.


Samsung has a new AI-powered photo editor application with many features

Only a few months subsequent to releasing the Expert RAW camera application for Galaxy gadgets, Samsung is once again at it again with one more interesting photography application accessible in the Galaxy Store.

Named Galaxy Enhance-X, the application is portrayed just like a “one stop AI solution for all media enhancements” which examines your pictures for imperfections, upgrades them, and upscales the picture to a higher quality, all with the power of artificial intelligence.

Right now, the application can do these features:

blur removal
reflections removal
resolution upscaling
detail sharpening
brightening a low-light image
HDR effect improvement
moire pattern removal

Definitely, the application offers a seriously charming program of elements and functionalities. In fact, we’ve seen the vast majority of those in various outsider applications, similar to Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop Express, however having a first-party solution is generally perfect.

The best thing about the Galaxy Enhance-X application is that it’s fundamentally non-damaging to the original picture – all alters and improvements are applied to a duplicate of your picture. As other Galaxy Store-restrictive applications, this one probably won’t be accessible in certain regions. It’s additionally focusing on Android 10 phones, making it inaccessible for older gadgets.


What we know about the upcoming Apple iPhone 14 series

In spite of the fact that Apple has made any dates official yet, the. iPhone 14 series is supposed to show up in September. This year, spills have recommended a ton about the new iPhone 14-series as of now, including significant contrasts between the Pro and non-Pro models, the absence of a ‘mini’ variation and furthermore, another plan decision for Apple’s unique indent. Here’s beginning and end we are familiar the forthcoming iPhone 14 series up until this point.

Spills have recommended for quite a long time that the iPhone 14 series will accompany no smaller ‘mini’ variation. Apple has evidently chosen to jettison the little size iPhone because of unfortunate deals and won’t keep on making them from the iPhone 14 series. While the leader number-series centers around bigger telephones, Apple fans who need a minimal gadget could now just be left with the iPhone SE-series.

In spite of the absence of a ‘mini’ variation, Apple will in any case make four particular iPhone variations this year, similarly as the iPhone 12 and 13 series. Be that as it may, another iPhone 14 Max is set to make a big appearance this year close by the standard arrangement of a vanilla Apple iPhone 14, an iPhone 14 Pro and a 14 Pro Max. This will leave purchasers two decisions for an enormous iPhone, as they’ll have the option to get a bigger iPhone without placing in more cash behind a getting a ‘Pro’ variation only for the size.

The most current section in the setup, the non-Pro ‘Max’ variation, is supposed to need more units because of supply requirements. Investigator Ross Young proposed that show board shipments for the new Max variation are “way behind” plan. This likewise recommends we will be seeing an exceptional showcase board for the iPhone 14 Max, one that is supposed to include about a similar size as the reputed 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max, however with an alternate indent execution.


The best Amazon Prime Day Deals on cell phones in the US

Amazon Prime Day is here you actually have for the rest of the day to gather up certain discounts. We glanced through what’s on offer and picked out some of the best cell phone deals (with a occasional accessory sneaking in).

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is down to $840 for a 8/128GB unit and this is without any trade-ins (dissimilar to the ordinary discounts). It comes packaged with a S Pen – the Ultra has the best cameras in the S22 family, but on the other hand is a replacement to the Note series. The Galaxy S22+ doesn’t get a pointer or the 108MP 1/1.33″ primary camera or the 10x periscope, however it is less expensive at $700 (8/128GB). There is additionally the somewhat reduced Galaxy S22 for $600 (8/128GB). The Galaxy S21 FE is using older hardware (Snapdragon 888, or more less fit cameras), however it is less expensive at $490 for a 6/128GB unit.

Yet, before you go spending $700 on a S22+, what about a Galaxy Z Flip3 for that equivalent $700 (8/128GB). The SD 888 chip might be old, however foldable phones are the future, most likely. There is the bigger Galaxy Z Fold3 too, it tends to be yours for $1,090 (12/256GB). Remember that the Z Flip4 and Fold4 are not far off (coming one month from now).

The Galaxy A53 5G is down to $325 (6/128GB) in the event that you’re searching for a 5G Galaxy phone at little to no cost. While we’re discussing Samsung, you can get a Galaxy Watch4 – 40mm for $175 and 44mm for $200. This is for the Bluetooth models, the LTE ones are around $30 more. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm is $260, the 46mm model is $283. The LTE renditions are $40 or so more.

Motorola as of now has some extraordinary incentive for-cash phones, yet the limits make the arrangements even more better. The Motorola Edge (2021), for instance, is $400 for a 8/256GB phone with a 144Hz LCD, Snapdragon 778G and a 108MP camera. You can have significantly more power – Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 – with the Motorola Edge+ (2022), which likewise changes its 144Hz presentation to OLED and the principal camera to a 50MP 1/1.55″ sensor and updates the ultra wide to 50MP too. The form with an incredible 512GB stockpiling is down to $720.

Need a pointer? The Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) has a 6.8″ 120Hz IPS LCD to compose on and a Snapdragon 695 and it very well may be yours for $330 (this one likewise packs 512GB of stockpiling). In the event that you can manage without 5G, the Moto G Stylus (2022) (6/128GB) is down to $200, however you just get 128GB capacity and less handling power.

Since organizations with camera organizations are popular, what about the OnePlus 10 Pro, which has a Hasselblad identification on its back? This Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phone costs $800 (8/128GB) and offers a 48MP primary (1/1.43″), 50MP 150° ultra wide and 8MP 3.3x tele cameras. The more established OnePlus 9 Pro has a ultra wide with just 123° FoV, yet different modules are something very similar (counting the Hasselblad marking). Joined with the more established SD 888 chipset, its value tumbles to $700 for a 12/256GB model.

More modest financial plans are obliged by the OnePlus 9 at $500 (8/128GB), which comes up short on fax camera of the Pro and the QHD+ show, yet that saves a couple of bucks. The least expensive 5G phone from the organization is the OnePlus Nord N200, which goes for $180 for a 4/64GB unit. You can likewise examine the OnePlus Buds Pro at $90 and OnePlus Buds Z2 at $60 (we have looked into them both).

Google quit depending on Qualcomm and planned its own chipset with Samsung’s assistance. The Pixel 6 (128GB) can be yours for $492, which incorporates a free defensive case. The Pixel 6 Pro (128GB) is $682, likewise with a free case. Both are ensured OS refreshes until October 2024 and security patches until essentially October 2026.

Prime Day is a worldwide occasion, we take care of as of now bargains in the UK and Germany.


Huawei presents Freebuds Pro 2 with dual drivers and IP54 resistance


Huawei prodded recently the Freebuds Pro 2 on its Twitter page, and only hours after the fact, the new flagship audio wearables made their debut at an event for Central and Eastern European media. The new TWS mini headphones have dual drivers, three amplifiers for 47 dB noise suppression and extremely long battery life.

On June 23, 2022, Huawei launched FreeBuds Pro 2 headphones in the global market. The organization has revealed this new age of FreeBuds Pro earphones with an up-to-date plan and vivid noise cancellation that intensifies a delightful audio quality for your ears.

The Hi-Res Dual Sound system is most certainly the bestselling feature of the Freebuds Pro 2. It upholds the greatest frequency range for Huawei earbuds, going from 14 Hz to 48k Hz. Huawei likewise brought an adaptive equalizer that figures out how the client wears the buds and changes the audio to sound perfect in all situations.

As far as Active Noise Cancelling, the Freebuds Pro brought down the encompassing sound by up to 40dB, and presently the Pro 2 case 47dB decline. That is accomplished through a three-mic exhibit (up from 2 in the first FreeBuds Pro).

The Freebuds Pro 2, as most headphones, can get outside commotions and counter them during calls. What Huawei further developed here is another profound brain network calculation that learns and adjusts with time. Sound ought to likewise sound extraordinary thanks to the association with Devialet.

Huawei didn’t uncover the battery limit at the hour of send off yet guaranteed as long as 30 hours of battery duration with the case. Play time on a solitary charge is supposed to be 4 hours with ANC turned on and 6.5 hours with the outside sound blocking off. The headphones are likewise IP54 agreeable for water and residue opposition – something the ancestors weren’t affirmed for.

The Huawei Freebuds Pro 2 can be tracked down in certain business sectors for what might be compared to €200. Variety decisions are Silver Blue, Silver Frost (which is really dark), and Ceramic White. Huawei for the most part tosses in a present or two with each buy from its store, and this time a few clients can get a Band 7 for nothing.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 is sent off in three tones Silver Frost, Ceramic White, and the new release – Silver Blue, which looks totally exquisite.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 is evaluated at CZK 4999 (201 EUR, 1423 CNY, 173 GBP, 11608 PHP, 796 SAR).

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 will begin deals from July 11 in Europe, while the pre-offer of these astonishing headphones will start tomorrow onwards alongside unconditional gifts (Huawei Band 7) and offers.

Clients will get the gift on the off chance that they pre-request until July 10. Real shipments start on July 11.