Introducing ‘Optimus Gen 2’, a new generation of Tesla’s humanoid robot capable of carrying out tasks similar to those of a human. Elon Musk posted a video demonstrating the robot’s notable advancements since its initial unveiling at the Tesla AI Day earlier this year. Optimus Gen 2 is 30% quicker, lighter by 10 kg (22 lb), much smoother, and more powerful. The enhanced robot can now walk more quickly, move its hands more freely, sense touch on its fingers, and do a lot more.

The billionaire posted a video demo of the robot on X on Wednesday and captioned it “Optimus.” The company’s Cybertrucks are parked everywhere, and Optimus Gen-2 can be seen in action at a Tesla facility in the video. A sleek robot with a bright white exterior, the robot’s ability to squat is attributed to “improved balance and full body control”. Additionally, the humanoid’s new hands—which feature “tactile sensing on all fingers”—allow the Optimus Gen-2 to boil eggs.

Two Optimus Gen 2 robots can even be seen dancing at the end of the video.

Among other technological advancements, Tesla stated that the humanoid had superior torque sensing, articulated toe parts, and better human foot geometry.

This “bipedal autonomous humanoid” is intended to replace humans in dangerous or routine duties, according to Tesla’s website.

“Building the software stacks that enable balance, navigation, perception, and interaction with the physical world is necessary to achieve that end goal.” To address some of our most difficult engineering problems, Tesla stated that it is employing experts with expertise in deep learning, computer vision, motion planning, controls, mechanical engineering, and general software.

According to the corporation, it intends to use the robot in its manufacturing processes shortly.

Speaking about the humanoid robot during a 2022 Tesla shareholder meeting, Elon Musk predicted that it will “turn the whole notion of an economy on its head, at the point at which you have no shortage of labor.” It is a profound shift in the nature of civilization as we know it.

A few months ago, Tesla released another video of its humanoid robot carrying out a range of activities, such as yoga and self-organized color-sorting of blocks.

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