How beautiful it is to look back into the past and just reside there in the memories and relish in there for a while sometimes. Memories are aided or triggered through the photographs, videos of that time. And here a Cameraman plays a huge role and one talented in the domain like Marwan Boulghalegh is thus a blessing. He helps time travel by beautifully capturing the cherishable moments in life.

France is the world’s most travelled country and obviously the city of love, Paris , is there. And a talented photographer in this magical land is a blessing for the residents as well as tourists there and for Marwan Boulghalegh the location he belongs comes as a topping to the immense camera talent he has.

Quality of a camera is an important factor that determines the quality of a picture. But, the skill of a photographer can create wonders. Collaborating both, your moments get frozen like real. Marwan Boulghalegh’s skill in photography and choice of lenses with specificity for different kinds of shots is perhaps a reason behind the vividly amazing snaps he takes.

All who can afford a dSLR Cam and most have the phones with good cameras equipped. However, excellent pictures are not everyone’s cup of tea. Marwan’s observational skills and the accuracy in the snapping timing altogether results in jaw dropping quality pictures.

Videography is the other stream where Marwan has excelled and gained enough fame. His beginning was experimenting with urban videos and he did it with such proficiency that they were eulogized over social media platforms like TikTok, Snapchat.. His instagram page also stands as a testimony to the quality of his works.

The magical eyes of Marwan Boulghalegh had been behind the camera lens that made the aesthetic photographs and videos of more than a hundred artists. He has thus tried his skills in portrait photography and related videography too. He had collaborated with well known rappers around France and that opened more opportunities and eventual fame to him obviously because of his talent.

He didn’t settle with that and dived into perhaps the most celebrated opportunity in the photography-videography career- Wedding photography. He has become a pro photographer that when the wedding bells start ringing Marwan’ phone also starts ringing and he has now covered a bunch of weddings each looking better than the other.

He has excellently portrayed every nuance of emotions in a wedding from the Bride’ and groom’s to that of their parents’, siblings’, cousins’ and even the cheerfulness of the bridesmaids’ and boys team. Every laughter, every happy tear, every surprise, every blush.. Marwan Boulghalegh never missed any. And hence he has become a very famous wedding photographer too, another feather in his crown.

Marwan Boulghalegh’s brand ‘Marwan Video’ now has a decent fan following and he commissions ample works. His domain is now wide that he has experimented in different departments of photography- Urban shoots, Artist Portraits, Still Photography and Videos, Rap- Party Coverage, Wedding Photography, Pre and Post Wedding Photography in even cinematic quality.

Marwan Boulghalegh is a photographer and moreover a man driven by passion. He followed his dreams and his efforts reached him to heights. He is an example for enthusiastically following your passion and doing what you love to do in a world where people grapple with random jobs of their least interest.

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