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Lucid Motors has radically decreased its production target, once more

Extravagance EV startup Lucid Motors changed its yearly production target once more, bringing it down to an expected output of somewhere in the range of 6,000 and 7,000 vehicles, the organization declared today. That is just a fraction of the 20,000 vehicles that Lucid at first vowed to deliver in 2022. The Tesla competitor has just created 1,405 vehicles up to this point this year, giving it a simple four months to build thousands of new vehicles.

Supply chain burdens and a deficiency of parts and raw materials are to be faulted for the slow result, the organization claims. In a call with investors, the California-based organization’s CEO Peter Rawlinson said it is planning various structural changes to amp up production. “Our revised production guidance reflects the extraordinary supply chain and logistics challenges we encountered,” said Rawlinson. “We’ve identified the primary bottlenecks, and we are taking appropriate measures – bringing our logistics operations in-house, adding key hires to the executive team, and restructuring our logistics and manufacturing organization.”

All on top of ongoing production battles, this May the organization had to review its 2022 Air EVs because of wiring issues — a total of over 1,000 vehicles. Such challenges haven’t seemed to affect demand for the luxury vehicles. Up until this point, there have been 37,000 reservations for Lucid Motor’s all-electric car, the Lucid Air, the organization unveiled in the call. What’s more, Lucid plans to sell over 100,000 vehicles to the government of Saudi Arabia — which emptied more than $1 billion into the organization and claims a 62 percent stake.

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ESBYAH ( Eliyahu Shmuel Ben Yah) on the Move

Dr. Eliyahu Shmuel Ben Yah is an Author, Writer & Publisher Highly Spirited, Anointed Charismatic Hebraic Teacher, Life & Mental Health Coach,Social Media influencer, Exorcist, Educator, Historian, Poet, Entrepreneur, Socialite , designer, philanthropists, Noted Public figure, National Recording Artist, Scholar, Blogger, philosopher, Member of the NRA, Member of ACC counselors, Member of PWA, Community activist, Father, Husband, currently resides in TEXAS, USA—- ESBYAH ( ELIYAHU SHMUEL BEN YAH) is a Trademark registered with USA Government. 

More information: ESBYAH


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Could you give me a head with long, beautiful hair?

For many of us, our hair is an extension of our personality. And while bald is stunning
For some, it’s not the look they want to present.

Royal Luxs, a collection of all-natural products for male and female enhancement, weight loss, and hair growth, may have the answer. While the company’s most popular product is a male enhancement cream, “We also specialize in hair growth products that work wonders, providing a whole hair care line which has been changing the lives of our clients”, says Royal Luxs’ owner Mikerlenda Pongnon.

A decade of care Pongnon founded Royal Luxs 10 years ago. Since then, her hair care line has expanded significantly, so there is a product for virtually any hair loss problem you might be experiencing. “Each of our products is designed to help the growth process be faster, most importantly to give your hair strength, volume, and length. Who said your hair couldn’t grow? With Royal Luxs Hair Collection, you see results in just seven days,” Pongnon says on her website. “Our products are 100 percent natural and Vegan.”

For those wishing to control the toxins absorbed through the scalp, these products are a Godsend. (At least that’s what the deeply religious Pongnon would say.)

The products include:
• Chella Haitian Hair Growth Oil. A mixture of natural oils providing essential Omegas including 3, 6, and 9 help stimulate hair growth and promote a healthier scalp with stronger hair follicles.
• Chella Haitian Hair Growth Balm. This blend of oils and butters provides nutrients that help encourage blood flow and oxygen to the scalp, which can trigger hair growth.
• Chella Haitian Hair Growth Gel. The special ingredient in this natural hair-growth product is flax seed oil, which is rich in nutrients including vitamin E, which helps protect against free radicals that can damage skin cells while encouraging scalp circulation.
• Chella Hair Growth Lotion. This is for all hair types, and it offers black castor oil to moisturize existing hair while encouraging new hair growth.
• Chella Edge Control. Expect results in seven days with this unique hair growth product, explicitly designed for edges.
• Alopecia Edge Growth Kit. This bundle includes shampoo, conditioner, hair vitamins, a hair follicle opener, and Chella hair growth oil. Never again will you suffer from pesky edges or the lack thereof.
• Chella Beard Oil. With beards all the rage, from hipsters to country folk, the right beard oil can help you grow a thick, luscious beard that you and the ladies will both love. It contains a blend of sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil, along with vitamin E and other more common oils.
• A King’s Time Grooming Set. In addition to Chella Haitian Hair Growth Balm, this set includes grooming supplies, beard growth oil, beard balm, beard moisturizing oil, beard shampoo, hemp and goat milk facial cleanser, and goat milk and shea butter lotion. The kit also includes a product to control shaving bumps, making a close shave virtually impossible.

• A King Set. This small kit includes three products of your choice. Shampoo and conditioner, as well as additional sets and products for kids, are also available, each designed to further Pongnon’s mission to help keep new hair healthy, strong and beautiful. Hence, her clients feel their very best.
For more information, visit her website here.


OZ Clement Knight: Seasoned Entrepreneur Helping Businesses See the Bigger Picture

Working as a proprietary strategist, Mr. Clement Knight has been able to enjoy a dynamic career where he adjusts his services to fit the needs of different businesses. As an experienced proprietor strategist, it is of great importance that Clement Knight and other professionals in the industry adapt to changes taking place in their respective fields while consulting business owners and investors who are always looking to improve specific areas of importance.

Popular in the industry for executing commitments to both clients and the public alike, Clement Knight has helped a number of people get the desired result. Knight is an entrepreneur, licensed stockbroker, and securities principal and worked in fund management and Capital markets for a considerable period of time. With an experience of more than 25 years in the financial industries, versatility is his strongest pursuit. What makes Mr. Knight so immaculate in his business is his ability to execute short-term strategies as well as identify opportunities for long-term gains by studying underlying market trends.

Born in Brooklyn, Mr. Clement Knight’s family is from Panama and moved to New York for a better life. He is a former High School and college athlete.It is so inspirational to see what Mr. Knight has been able to achieve in his business endeavors.

Nothing is more inspirational than talking to a hard-working individual has already established multiple businesses and could help you multiply your results as well. As of now, Mr. Knight is putting his hard work and financial knowledge into venture capital investments. Ozmarq Holdings Limited, a venture fund management company known for managing private wealth and making the right investments.

Ozmarq Holdings Ltd is the manager of OHL Ventures Fund, his private equity venture capital fund. This fund is for accredited investors only and provides investments into late-stage private companies before they come public. OHL Ventures fund also provides access to Private Debt offerings with a steady rate of return for income-seeking investors who wish to invest in short-term high-yield investment opportunities.

He also runs the Sova crypto index fund which makes it easier for people to invest in crypto. Mr. Knight has developed strategies that help capitalize on broad market shifts because he uses micro and macro trends to do so. Mr. Knight has helped clients gain access to a platform that offers retail investors many of the same opportunities as institutional investors by working through the ins and outs of the industry, both current and potential.

Supervisory Jurisdiction with over 30 licensed representatives at one point. He has trained developed and sponsored many successful financial consultants. Created presentations training and marketing materials for his staff of brokers. He organized seminars related to product recognition and organization in the branches he supervised. Mr. Knight was responsible for hiring administrative personnel, interns, broker trainees, and licensed representatives.

He oversaw all expenses for his branch offices, including financial records and budgeting. All while maintaining and building his personal clients assets. Mr. Knight is a recipient of the Annual Diamond Achiever Award for Top Producing Brokers. In addition to this honor, he also holds series 7, 24, and 63 securities licenses.

Mr. Knight also devotes his time and efforts to philanthropy and helps the youth of today to lead better lives. Mr. Knight is deeply rooted in his community with political and financial ties. His company FBO Investments is a financial literacy company that helps economically underserved urban minorities by encouraging them to take advantage of market trends, geopolitical and cyclical events, and cycles so as to improve their lives. We hope that Mr. Knight’s business thrives even more and continues to impact the lives of many individuals.
You can follow Mr. Knight on Instagram here: @therealtheoz, @fboinvestments


JetBlue consents to purchase Spirit in a $3.8 billion deal to make the fifth-biggest U.S. airline

JetBlue Airways arrived at a deal to purchase Spirit Airlines, hours after the discount carrier rejected plans to converge with Frontier Airlines.

The New York-based carrier said it will pay $33.50 a share in cash for Spirit in a $3.8 billion deal.

A JetBlue acquisition of Spirit would make the country’s fifth-biggest carrier and, whenever supported by controllers, would leave Frontier as the biggest discount carrier in the U.S.JetBlue’s past surprise, all-cash bid for Spirit in April had thrown Spirit’s plan to consolidate with fellow discounter Frontier into question. For months, Frontier and JetBlue vied for Spirit, each improving their offers, until the original merger plan fell apart Wednesday, making room for JetBlue.

Spirit had said it wanted to proceed with converses with offer itself to JetBlue in the wake of finishing the Frontier agreement.

JetBlue leaders have contended for months that purchasing Miramar, Florida-based Spirit would assist it with rivaling enormous carriers like American, Delta, United and Southwest, which control the greater part of the U.S. market, and fast-track its development by giving it access to additional Airbus jetliners and pilots, the two of which are hard to find.

JetBlue wants to renovate Spirit’s planes in JetBlue style, highlighting seatback screens and more legroom.

Spirit recently repelled JetBlue’s offers and said such a deal wasn’t probably going to be endorsed by controllers, to a limited extent since JetBlue’s alliance with American, which the Justice Department sued to hinder a year ago. The deal faces a high hurdle for regulatory approval.

Spirit shares were up over 4% in premarket trading after the deal was declared, while JetBlue was up 0.5%.


Unexpected Benefits Of Yahoo Finance Press Release For Your Blockchain Startup

Blockchain stores the information electronically in digital format just as a finance press releaseis giving amazing advantages for your Blockchain company startup.

Today the world is becoming Blockchain-savvy increasingly. This is a promising blockchain startup as there are almost 10,000 cryptocurrencies in the world in 2022 compared to 2013 when there were just 66 cryptocurrencies. An increment in the number of cryptocurrencies ensures that there is also an increase in the awareness rate of the majority of people. But no confirmation is here that this set up of Blockchain Startup will thrive or not .So here  yahoo finance press release comes in which is the solution for the successful Blockchain startup.Let’s have a look that how yahoo news press release  could be beneficial and helpful for your Blockchain Startup.

Basically the  press release on yahoo financeprofessionally deals with establishing, maintaining, and making the best public image of a brand as well as reorganizes programs and activities with the help of which you can create a buzz around your brand. Moreover, it deals with the customers based on social perceptions, and if you can convey social perception in your approval and you also know how to maintain it, there will be more chances that the buzz around your brand will last for a longer time.

So in the modern age, when almost thousands of Crypto startups are struggling for minute attention, how will your company thrive here?The answer is  yahoo finance press release However for this emerging technology means for Blockchain Startups there is a sub-niched  yahoo news press release . Here the traditional PR is so-so. But if we talk about the digital one, it would be absolute, but on Blockchain ads, the big data companies like Google have been damaged..

Blockchain Press Releases exist for the best Blockchain startups. It is also true that you can make a press release by yourself, but there is a disadvantage: you have to spend a lot of time and money. So for your blockchain startup, you can hire a Blockchain Press Release company

There are many ways that a  press release on yahoo financewill give benefits to any Blockchain startups.


  1. Raise Brand Existence and Reputation
  2. Construct and Maintain a Powerful Community
  3. Interrelated Commercial Efforts
  4. Valuable Source for gaining the attention of investors

Raise Brand Existence And Reputation

 yahoo finance press release  is one of the exact and surest ways of raising your Blockchain startup’s existence and its reputation in the crypto industry. Moreover, the press releases on both small and big named websites helped Blockchain to boost its startup for its first optimistic growth.

Construct And Maintain A Powerful Community

yahoo press release  will construct and maintain a robust community for your Blockchain startup in the crypto world because the communities in the crypto world can never be underestimated. When your project is at its peak so your community every time would be there and show strong belief in the vision of your project.

Interrelated Marketing Efforts

Not all companies can run PR, but it is advised to the companies to get expertise in Marketing as marketing is a part of Press Release. If you hire a press release company or agency so it will make a translation of Interrelated Marketing Efforts for your Blockchain Startup

These interrelated marketing efforts will help you both in the short and long term.

Valuable Source for gaining the attention of investors

press release on yahoo financeproves a valuable source for gaining the attention of the investors. Investors always love to invest money where they find strong potential to get an outstanding return. Thus, if you are using a solid Press Release strategy for your blockchain startup, you will get many benefits. So your blockchain startup needs a trustworthy Blockchain or Yahoo PR agency that will help you create enough buzz and gain the investors’ attention.


Online shopping platform offers back over P900 M to PH clients

Online shopping and rewards platform ShopBack said it offered back P927 million to over 5.2 million clients nationwide after seven years of operating in the Philippines.

As of now, ShopBack has more than 600 partner dealers in the country, across industries going from travel, fashion, tech, and marketplaces.

Up to this point, its online shopping partner vendors, including Lazada, SHEIN, Shopee, Agoda, Klook and Samsung, have acknowledged over P23.5 Billion in Gross Merchandise Value.

Last year, ShopBack additionally launched its vouchers product offering to permit customers to save more and acquire extra cashback when they buy vouchers from dealers like FoodPanda, Metromart PureGo, and more.

“Since our launch in 2015, our primary goal has always been empower customers to be smarter shoppers,” said Prashant Kala, ShopBack Regional Director, APAC.

“With the ongoing travel resurgence, new brands onboard, and vouchers being launched, we are happy to continue serving our Filipino customers in the years to come,” he added.

“Partnering with ShopBack, you are able to use their channels to communicate your campaigns to a different set of users, and that in itself, is a very big value,” according to FoodPanda’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, Amer Bakshi.

“Because you are able to cross-promote on their channel, there’s a certain monetary value added to it where you could actually bring their customer onto your platform, which is the best part of it,” he elaborated.

“What we actually saw as the winning factor was integrating a lot of various channels,” confirmed Karla Suguitan, the Director of Brand and Community of Edamama Philippines.


DepEd will launch National Science and Technology Fair 2022 in August

The Department of Education (DepEd), through the Bureau of Curriculum Development (BCD) declared that it will direct the National Science and Technology Fair (NSTF) 2022 in August.

“This year’s NSTF continues to empower the youth and cultivate innovation and creativity amid the changing world. The NSTF also aims to showcase the competence of the learners in addressing community problems for sustainable development and to maximize their potential of being inquisitive and creative in dealing with real-life problems,” DepEd’s Memorandum No. 38 read.

With the theme “Expanding the Horizon: Futures of STEM,” the virtual NSTF will cover the accompanying events and competitions: Siyensikula, a unique video creation competition; Likha, a competition on Research Proposal; #SteMTokperiments, a TikTok science experiment; AghamBayaniJuan, a public community exhibition of partners in Science, Technology, Research, and Innovation; as well as STEM Academy, a conference for learning and development of students and teachers.

In the interim, the department, on Friday, July 22, invited the public to join the said virtual fair. Interested members might visit DepEd’s website and official social media pages to register.

The virtual fair will be held from Aug. 2 until Aug. 5, 2022, said DepEd.


In the book “Happiness and Sadness in the View of the Qur’an and Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them),” written by Mr. Arshianfar

In the book “Happiness and Sadness in the View of the Qur’an and Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them),” written by Mr Mohammad Arshianfar and revised by Dr. Farooq Safi Zadeh, the role of happiness and sadness from the perspective of the Qur’an and the Ahl al-Bayt has been documented. In Islam, “joy” is semantically equivalent to two words, “Farah” and “Soroor,” which are Arabic.

In many remarks of Imams, peace be upon them, the necessity to spread and create happiness throughout society is emphasized and regarded as the most beloved to the God. In the view of Islam, “happiness” is noted as the intellectual army, and sadness is the army of Satan.

Making people laugh by telling funny jokes with no disrespect is one of the most welcomed ways of demonstrating happy manners. It is narrated about Imam Sadiq (peace be upon them) that he asked his companions, “do you joke with each other?” and they responded, “occasionally.” The Imam said, “it is not right!” Because by having a sense of humor, as it is an excellent moral, you make your brother happy, and the prophet always used to joke with people and intended to spread happiness. Several impressive points are included in this narration. First, joking and speaking with attractive language (verbal or written or behavioral) and generally “humor” is a good character based on Islamic remarks. Secondly, the manner of the prophet of God was to instill happiness into people through joking constantly. The third and last point is that charming speech is an example of “instilling delight,” which is the most precious to God. One of the apparent qualities of Amir Al-Mumenin Ali (peace be upon them) was his “sense of humor.”