According to reports, Apple is developing inexpensive MacBooks to compete with Chromebooks.

It appears that Apple, which is no stranger to innovation, is prepared to make a huge move in the laptop industry. According to reports, Apple is diligently developing a line of inexpensive MacBooks to directly compete with Google’s Chromebooks, which are praised for being cost-effective, especially among students. The latter half of 2024 is when these affordable MacBooks are expected to go on sale.

A New Generation of Budget MacBooks

Apple’s budget MacBooks will have “different materials,” making them a departure from their present lineup. The recognizable metal case will remain, but the inside hardware elements are expected to be less expensive than their more expensive counterparts.

It makes sense to assume that these MacBooks will have lowered specifications given their low cost. Apple appears to be focusing on the educational market with the goal of giving students easily accessible but functional gadgets.

Taking on Chromebooks

Apple’s entry into the low-cost laptop market indicates a desire to compete with Google’s Chromebooks, which have become well-known for their accessibility and user-friendly features. Google alone distributed an astonishing 33.5 million Chromebooks in 2021. Most Chromebooks use the ChromeOS operating system, which gives users access to the Google Play Store and a number of Google apps. Chromebooks are an appealing choice for consumers on a tight budget in India because they can be purchased for less than Rs 20,000.

Apple’s pricing for its budget-friendly MacBooks is still to be determined, but considering their reputation for high-end quality and design, it seems doubtful that they are going to compromise on these standards.

The Flexible History of Apple

Even though Apple is frequently linked with high-end products, they have shown some flexibility in their selection. To satisfy consumers looking for more affordable iPhones, they created the “SE” model in the smartphone market. The iPhone XR was popular in nations like India and was recognized for being more affordable than other Apple products.


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