The journey of a young entrepreneur, Brandon Odam

Brandon Odom an entrepreneur who loves to stay grounded and be surrounded with his loved ones. and went on to earn his Master’s in Leadership Studies. He served as an Active Duty US Army Officer for 7 years. A few years later, he left the military and became an affiliate marketer. 

After overcoming the failures, he finally found his stride and achieved the lifestyle he envisioned for himself and his family while investing his time into projects he cares deeply about. 

Skills which Brandon developed during his journey

Brandon has learnt a lot of things about digital marketing such as copywriting, email marketing, media buying, sales funnel design and optimization, and sales system creation have contributed to his success in multiple verticals. Brandon also said that every person in this world should learn the basic norms of the digital market as it is going to be very useful for everyone to earn a good livelihood by staying close to their family.

Some mistakes through which Odam learnt

Odam made at least 3 million dollar mistakes in the last 4 years and had to shut down several companies as well. Those failures were caused taking on too many opportunities at a time, scaling systems too soon without properly optimizing, and neglecting parts of the business that were doing well and allowing them to lose momentum. “The good news is now I know what to watch out for and can help many new entrepreneurs avoid those same pitfalls along their journey”, Odam remarked.

What makes Brandon different from the rest

The digital marketing space and in particular the health niche is rife with massive competition. The water ionizer market has a lot of different brands but Enagic is the industry leader and the only one that is an OEM. It’s also certified as a medical device in Japan. In selling it, Brandon and the team have never competed for the price because it’s the premium product in the industry and demonstrably has the most value because of its features. 

Here is what Brandon looks forward to

Odam expects to another 10,000 customers and has the blueprint to $1,000,000/month. He also says that he would like to just enjoy the time with his kids while they’re very young and work on more passive income investments. One of the major goals Brandon has is to purchase or construct his ideal dance club and event space in Phoenix or Scottsdale that he has envisioned. “What I have in mind would take about $5 million and would bring a smile to a lot of peoples’ faces including my own”, says Brandon.

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