A man from Noida claims that his Ather scooter’s morning updates caused him to be late for work. A video that Pratik Rai posted shows the scooter’s software update in progress.

Unquestionably, technology has brought us unmatched luxuries and conveniences. Its advantages are undisputed, ranging from expedited productivity to immediate communication. But there are some disadvantages to this advancement as well. Consider the unusual instance of the Noida man who arrived at work late due to a software update on his scooter.

A problem that has never been seen before was presented in a now-viral tweet by video producer Pratik Rai, who is based in Noida. Rai claimed that the software update for his scooter started right before he was set to head into the workplace in the morning, thus keeping him there until the update was finished.

While it’s very uncommon for people to be late for work due to traffic or car problems, Rai’s circumstance has opened up a whole new range of justifications for workers who arrive late. The producer from Noida, who rides an Ather Energy electric scooter, posted a video to demonstrate his particular problem.

It’s a VERY NEW issue. When I turned on my Ather in the morning, it began to update. I was unable to walk or go to the office,” he wrote on X. “It seems like my scooter was updating, so I’m running late for work,” he continued.

On X, his tweet and the related video had been viewed about 4 lakh times. There were lots of humorous answers to his dilemma in the comments section.

“Activa best only,” someone commented. “Windows update prevents me from joining the meeting. Can’t make it to work, scooter update,” jokingly said another person. Numerous additional people reported having experienced such issues with their electric scooters.

In response to the widely shared post, Ather stated that it has noticed the problem.

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