In honor of Sushmita Sen’s 48th birthday, her sister-in-law Charu Asopa sent the actor a number of never-before-seen photos.

On Sunday, Sushmita Sen will celebrate becoming 48 years old. Sushmita’s ex-sister-in-law Charu Asopa has written an emotional message to the actor on Instagram and shared a number of never-before-seen photos with her to commemorate this momentous event. Rajeev Sen, Sushmita’s brother, and Charu were once wed, but they are no longer together. “I and Ziana love you the most, didi,” she said.

The Instagram post by Charu

Charu Asopa shared a number of old photos of herself with Sushmita on her Instagram account. Sushmita is pictured grinning with Ziana and Charu in the first two images. Charu, Sushmita, and her parents can be seen in the third photo. In a another photo, Sushmita is seen holding newborn Ziana in her arms. Additionally, a photo of Sushmita and Charu during her pregnancy is shown. The candid photo shows them grinning together.

Charu Asopa said “Happy birthday to the most amazing person I know” in the caption. I’m not sure where to begin, but I want you to know how much I’ve learned from you. I believe the most important lesson I’ve learned is to face life head-on with courage and grace, no matter what. You are a real source of inspiration for all women. Ziana’s bua deserves a happy birthday. Didi, Ziana and I love you the greatest.

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The most recent Aarya Season 3 Part 1 starring Sushmita. “Sushmita becomes a roaring lioness in Season 3, changing from the terrified mother she was in the first two seasons,” the Hindustan Times wrote in their assessment of the show. Nevertheless, she gives the role with an authority that arises from recently gained power, which makes the change believable and natural. In the meantime, she ensures that traces of the vanished Aarya appear when needed, helping us to remember her origins.”

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