Singh is a textbook of success that budding entrepreneurs must read about & try to follow & implement his ideals in life.

Learn & keep learning is the idea that Dilawar Singh, an astute entrepreneur professes very strongly. He advises many rising entrepreneurs of the world to keep their eyes, ears & mind open to lookout for new opportunities in life, catch hold of them & transform them into something that can benefit them in growing their business or excelling in their work. Singh learnt five languages while growing up in different countries like India, Norway & Germany. His family had a sports background & naturally, Singh developed an affinity towards the same.

His dream was to become a sports personality, but time & destiny perhaps did not support him & he started preparing for becoming a sports teacher. He kept working on his dreams & so he studied in the morning at a sports school in Hamburg, Germany & in the evening did other jobs & trainings only to increase his knowledge & experience. He struggled a lot, but even after gaining his first-month salary as a sports teacher, Singh felt something was still missing & to know what that was he decided to step ahead in network marketing. With the help of his friend & school trainer, he got an opportunity in the same & even without less knowledge kept going on the path that would make him reach success. Singh told to himself, “Dream big and settle big goals because one day I will find a way to achieve them”.

The journey for Singh in network marketing was not easy, many people demoralized him & he saw a lot many failures, but that was the thing that actually kept him going ahead. His first small success came in the form of an opportunity related to his sports career through a person Singh did not know before. He worked very hard for a few months & even became successful at it. Singh understood that it is always the hard work that beats even the talent. With this, he carved his career for the next 12 years of his journey till today.

His first success in the field of sports came with an unknown man who contacted him through social media & presented him with an opportunity. With his continued efforts, Singh achieved his goal & that gave him the confidence to push himself more towards the next level.

Singh’s life changed when he became an entrepreneur after gaining so much knowledge over the years in different work areas. He became the co-owner of five companies working in five different industries. These companies are interconnected & based on FOREX, BROKERAGE, EXCHANGE, TRADING and BANKING. He is one of the co-founders of the world’s fastest growing forex trading company Omegapro ( It has been in the business for the past two years only & still has managed to spread across more than 100 countries with a rich list of approximately 100000 clients worldwide. He is also the co-founder of OMP Money ( which is an online banking platform & which has been planned to work worldwide in more than 100 countries based in the UK. It is for providing banking solutions to thousands in the coming years.

Singh feared nobody in all these years & has believed in the thought that fear kills more dreams than failures ever will. Hence, he encourages everyone to take on the right opportunities at the right time & fear no one in life to carve their own success story.

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