The intriguing Star Plus programme “Imlie” has won over viewers and is frequently ranked among the channel’s top shows. The show has had sustained success on the TRP charts because to the outstanding pair of Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra in the major roles.

After viewers learned about Kairi’s sad injuries in the previous episode, Atharva approached Imlie for help. Due to the severity of her injury, doctors said Kairi needed a considerable volume of blood. Knowing that Imlie and Kairi share the same blood type, Cheeni was confronted with the difficult decision of what to do next.

But when Imlie tries to enter Kairi’s chamber, she encounters opposition from Atharva, who blocks her way and stops her from meeting Kairi. This causes tension.

Will Atharva eventually understand Imlie’s true nature is the unanswered question. We cordially welcome you to express your ideas and viewpoints in the space below.


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